Primarks Current Marketing Strategies Marketing Essay

Today, Primark ‘s scheme is to suggest an full construct through all these stores.Allowing to gain economic system of graduated table in the production and selling, Primark is able to suggest low monetary values. In the mark market analysis, it is relevant to analyze if the mark market of Primark in the UK would be suited and have an chance of growing in France. ( because altering the mark market would convey to much costs for Primark ) .

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While a survey about the buying power shows that 49 % that the under 35years old thinks that their buying power has strongly decreased the ingestion wonts of Gallic goes frontward the last chance to purchase cheaper. As a survey of vesture in France explain, the success of the gross revenues periods shows that the gross revenues bead chiefly due to buy power restraints but non as a manner rejection.

However, the consumer outgo on vesture is a batch more higher in UK than in France with an outgo for 2009 of 37805mna‚¬ diminishing in comparing with 2008 in France against 40472mn? in UK ( a‰? 46542a‚¬ ) increasing in comparing with 2008 While outgo in UK continue to growing when it decrease in France, it could do Primark believe that the vesture ingestion wonts between UK and France are different and so could stand for a menace to Primark execution.

Finally for the ingestion, harmonizing to the vesture in France study 2009, “ by 2013, dressing gross revenues are forecasted to make 26,980a‚¬millions, a 2,1 % rise in changeless value compared to 2008 ” which let hope for Primark a bright hereafter.

In malice of the fact that Primark is an Irish company, from a market research and informations point of position it is more relevant to analyze the handiness of the Gallic market through the comparing with the English execution which is more of import than the Irish 1 ( 144 stores in England alternatively of 38 in Ireland

However, from a fiscal side, it is more relevant to cover with the Irish headquarter company where the money is traveling because Ireland is in eurozone. Alhtough as a study of associated British nutrient explain, “ in a unsure economic environment, monetary value and exchange rate volatilities could be the major menaces to the group ‘s profitableness ” By covering with Ireland, Primark escape that sort of hazards.

In France, manner remains an of import portion of the civilization. Then, harmonizing to a survey, Gallic people are still attached to the trade name and the luxury in the manner sector and would prefer after use the gross revenues period ( 41 % ) , purchase cheapest trade name ( 33 % ) Then, even if that tendency does non automatically represent Primark mark market ( under 35 ) which can non needfully afford luxury trade name, Gallic civilization in the manner sector could stand for a menace for Primark.

France has to confront to the ripening of it population. Until 2050, 1/3 of the population will be ageing more than 60 old ages old. While some of Primark ‘s rivals such as Kiabi ( which proposes a manner for the whole household ) , could get down a A«A senior marketingA A» by suggesting vesture for senior, Primark could non bask this chance put on the lining to interrupt its scheme and placement and lost its mark. In an article about the factors of primark ‘s success, Susan Segal-Horn says “ The ‘focus ‘ portion of Primark ‘s scheme is the specific client section it focuses ” With a clear placement, Primark answers to a particular mark market needs. Its ripening of population represents an indirect menace for Primark because it does non concern its mark but it could benefice to its rivals which could derive a competitory advantage.

In malice of the fact that the technological facet is non the most relevant in the execution of Primark in France, it is of import to detect that the development and addition of the new engineering influence the consumers to buy more technological merchandise such as nomadic phones, cyberspace, or IT equipment to the hurt of others goods such as apparels.

In Primark ‘s instance, legal and environmental factors are linked. Harmonizing to a survey, “ manner industry remain one of the most exploitative in the word, both to people and environment ” However, consumers are more and more aware of the environmental facet of goods. Often critics for this workers conditions, Primark is now portion of Ethical Trading enterprise which guarantees the protection of workers and environment.

Analysis an environment, it besides analysis the competitory environment to be able to derive a competitory advantage.

Harmonizing to an article about the success of Primark, “ primark has got squads of purchasers in UK and Ireland travel internationally both to place manner tendencies and to seek out the most competitory providers ” Then, by ever looking to cut down its costs Primark prefers to distribute its production through a batch of little providers which made the power of providers low.

Highly competitory, the vesture retail industry is already full of participants. Furthermore, the costs to acquire in the market is really high which make the menace of new entrants low.

This extremely competitory market make the power of purchasers really high. Indeed, consumers tendencies in now to look after inexpensive monetary values. By holding multi pick, they can easy exchange from a store to another.

Still due to the multiplayer ‘s market, the power of replacements merchandise is high. Indeed, the competition is more based on the monetary value scheme but the merchandise scope that propose all the store follow the same manner tendency. Then, the merchandises are rather similar from a store to another.

Beginning: vesture in France, Euromonitor international, October 2009

As we can see with that figures, dressing industry in France does non hold a large driver participants but still hold some strong trade names such as Vivarte which groups 24 trade names such as LA HALLE, DEFIMODE.. which are, harmonizing to their monetary value scheme similar to Primark and could stand for possible rival.

However, trade name such as ZARA, H & A ; M “ really popular and perceived as tendency compositors among the Gallic population ” will stand for the biggest rival for Primark. But those trade name suggesting monetary value still higher than Primark, Kiabi, by it monetary value scheme similar to Primark could stand for a large rival from a monetary value scheme side. Add to that direct competition, the increasing of the online shopping. Harmonizing to the IFM group, “ on-line vesture gross revenues increased by 31 % in value between July 2007 and June 2008 ”

To acquire a good apprehension of the chance that Primark has in France, a SWOT analysis will be helpful:

Harmonizing to vesture in France study, A«A In footings of market portion, the leader have the ability to accommodate rapidly to market demand by offering many different aggregation ” By suggesting a fast manner scheme, Primark has the chance to go an of import participant in France. However, it will hold to confront to a high competitory industry with some participants already good established and some consumers wonts.

When a company is sing all possible channel schemes when come ining in a new market, there are three major manners: Export, Intermediary ( or contractual manner ) HierarchicalA ( or direct investing activities ) .

Harmonizing to Hollensen ( 2007 ) , the pick of the entry manner can non be stated flatly and depend on many internal and external conditions. By analyzing some of the Hollensen ‘s factors, we will analyze which manner should take Primark to its entry in the Gallic market.

As a director from Primark says in the corporate picture “ it ‘s quality travel, it ‘s value for money travel ” . Primark is exporting a whole scheme, concern and know-how. Franchising, one of the intermediate manners leting to utilize an full concern in compensation of money could convey the chance to Primark to command the major portion of it puting up in France.

However, by holding strong fiscal resources, Primark is able to take an entry manner market which could vouch it a entire control of it concern and get away the hazard nexus to an international franchise ( quality control, legal power… ) . A hierarchal theoretical account, even extremely hazardous and non flexible, seems to be in the puting up of Primark in France the most relevant. Harmonizing to Hollensen ( 2007 ) , A«hierarchical manner is the entry manner where the house wholly owns and command the foreign entry manner and organisation ” .

Conscious that few hierarchal manners are possible, the entirely owned subordinate seems to be the most altered for Primark puting up in France.

Through a entire control of it runing companies and by commanding the know how, the determination devising, the company ‘s trade secret, the entirely owned subordinate allowed to Primark which have for aims to go a European participant to be implemented more easy a co-ordinate scheme.

Furthermore by taking a Greenfield investing, which is defined as “ direct investing in new installations or bing installations ” alternatively of an acquisition which acquires an bing house, Primark would be able to maintain its production logistics scheme.

Although Primark production scheme is the base of cost economy, chief factors of its success. By covering straight with makers chiefly in Asia and by telling in immense volume, Primark is able to sell at really low monetary value notably thanks to the inexpensive labor cost and by gaining economic system of graduated table.

Puting up in a really high competitory market, Primark has to adopte a scheme which will let it to derive a competitory advantage.

Harmonizing to Michael porter ( 1985 ) , there are three rudimentss competitory advantage that a house can possess: Low cost, distinction, Focus.

Harmonizing to Johnson “ the low monetary value scheme, seeks to accomplish a lower monetary value than rivals whilst keeping similar sensed merchandise or service benefits to those offered by the rivals ” . Harmonizing to Lynch “ the low cost leader in an industry has built and maintain works, equipment, labor costs and working patterns that deliver the lowest costs in an industry ” .

By ever looking for the most competitory providers all around the universe and by distributing its production in developing economic systems which offered low cost labor, Primark is able to command it cost and at the terminal to suggest inexpensive monetary value to its consumers.

Harmonizing to a menswear accountant in UK in an interview “ We do conveying extraordinary value to our clients but we do it by conveying extraordinary volume to our mill “ In suggesting the same merchandise everyplace, Primark is able to order immense measure which allow to gain economic system of graduated table.

As the Associated British nutrient study in 2009 summarise ‘s “ Primark offers low monetary value because it purchases really big volumes and has low Markss up, minimum advertisement and low operating expenses ” . The full Primark construct is built around the control of its logistics, cost and scheme development which allows it to follow a cost leading scheme when it comes to it puting up in France.

By following its scheme, Primark would establish a “ Price war ” within the Gallic market compeling its rivals to cut down their borders as H & A ; M and ZARA already get down to make so

However, as one of the article highlighted: “ it takes a batch of money to look this cheap ” .and the control of the cost is really difficult to pull off which explain the pick of the entirely owned subordinate as market entry manner.


Developed by McCarthy ‘s around the four major P ‘s ( Product, Price, Place Promotion ) , the traditional selling mix has received unfavorable judgments. Including three others P ‘s ( people, physical grounds, Process ) suggested by Booms and Bitner ‘s, the 7P ‘s model is today the mention to analyze the execution of a scheme.

In favor of the globalisation, Levitt argues that, the demands of consumers are more and more “ homogenized ” making a individual planetary market forcing towards a planetary scheme ( standardization alternatively of version to the local market ) . Then, execution is all about whether adapt or standardize.

If we look at the factors favoring standardization such as the convergence of gustatory sensations and consumers demands, the economic systems of graduated table in R & A ; D, production and selling, so Primark would decidedly travel towards a standardization of its scheme when it is puting up in France.

Primark ‘s merchandise scheme is to suggest the same aggregation everyplace, with the same apparels in each of its shops which allows them to order in immense measure and at the terminal to suggest low monetary value. The other portion of Primark ‘s merchandise scheme is to set new merchandise on the shelf every week. “ A season is defined by Primark non as summer, winter or spring but as six hebdomad window ” When Primark will puting up in France, the construct and the merchandise will be the same than in Germany, in Spainaˆ¦

However there is bing differences between French and English vesture manner. Indeed as an article about the Gallic manner vesture explain, “ Bold and bright coloured apparels, loud prints or tonss of embroideries are something Gallic adult females avoid have oning ” In a general manner, the Gallic manner looks more classical and simple than the English manner. Harmonizing to my shopper experience, Primark ‘s vesture lines are for some of them flowery, with a batch of prints and truly colorful. Furthermore the size of the frock that English misss are have oning are really short in comparing with what I am used to seeing. An version of the merchandise could be wise for the puting up in France. However, any version bring costs which could increase the monetary value and make non match to Primark ‘s low costs scheme. Primark ‘s merchandise will follow a standardization scheme in a first clip and could wish in Spain adapt some vesture lines as the manager of the Spanish Primark ‘s explains when he says “ the gustatory sensation of the Spanish clients are similar from the British one, in malice of the fact that some vesture aggregations has been adapted with for illustration more coloring material for the Spanish market ” .

When it comes to the pricing scheme, some writers proposed a International pricing model which take in history the factors act uponing the Pricing strategyIn a general manner, as we saw manner industry are extremely competitory and the grade of comparison of Primark ‘s merchandise in the Gallic market is high as Primark ‘s scheme is to suggest the same merchandise than its rivals but at a lower Price. If we merely take in history that factors Primark would hold to be given towards a low Price scheme.

However the most influencing factors for the pricing scheme in France is the corporate and marketing aims of Primark. Indeed Primark ‘s scheme is to do their clients “ primark ‘s nut ” forcing them to come back every hebdomad ; ( Primark corporate picture, 2010 ) by notably suggesting a fast moving merchandise scheme. The mark market would be the under 35 which are characterised by a limited income. In order to pull that mark and do them come back, Primark has to set a low Price scheme.

As we saw in the 2nd portion, Primark ‘s scheme is focus on the control of its costs. In notably gaining economic system of graduated table and by bettering their accomplishments ( what Doole and Lowe called larning curve ) “ Primark has honed its concern theoretical account into a scientific discipline ” which allowed Primark to Proposed really low Price.

When it comes to the puting up of Primark ‘s in France, Primark will utilize an aggressive scheme such as market incursion Price that Hollensen ( 2007 ) defined as “ the usage of the low monetary values used by a house to quickly increase gross revenues by exciting growing and increasing market portion, but at the same clip detering competition. “ which will let Primark to establish a Price war in the Gallic vesture market.

Finally, it is of import to detect that Primark ‘s monetary value scheme is allowed by its communicating scheme about inexistent with the quasi absence of advertisement as an article highlighted when it says “ Primark is a high street retail merchant which has a household of trade names and focuses much more on purchasing, logistics and supply concatenation direction than branding ”

Harmonizing to Hollensen ( 2007 ) , standardization in the communicating requires that the house ‘s merchandise has a alone merchandising proposition that is clearly understood by clients. ” As we already see, Primark ‘s scheme is to sell a alone construct all over its shops which allow it to standardize it communicating ( even quasi inexistent ) .

When it comes to communicating, while its rivals such as “ H & A ; M or mango spend a batch on advertisement, tie ining their trade name name with celebrated manner interior decorators, creative persons or top theoretical account ” , Primark will follow the same manner of communicating as “ Zara which does non publicize at all and relies on word of oral cavity and it ‘s natural prestigiousness ” .

Indeed Primarks communicating is chiefly made through its simple and apprehensible “ look good, pay less ” motto which remain the same in every state even with different linguistic communications, through its blue Logo, through the visibleness of its trade name ( for illustration in the Primark ‘s bag that people will transport in the street ) , the agencement of it shops and the people on it. Primark ‘s communicating is made through the last three P ‘s of the selling mix which are People, Process and Physical grounds and non through the usual communicating tools such as advertisement, personal merchandising more expensive.

However as an article from the Irish times, Primark ‘s scheme is “ making the highest figure of possible clients at the lowest cost ” .

Specifying by Hollensen ( 2007 ) as a ” Online word of Mouth selling technique that seeks to work bing societal webs to bring forth exponential additions in trade name consciousness ” , the Viral selling is one of the tool for Primark in France. Indeed while Primark is non puting up in France, the societal web facebook already gets more than 20 groups inquiring for Primark In France such as for illustration “ For the gap of a Primark in France ” or “ We want Primark in France ” Matching its immature marks, frequently heavy users of cyberspace, basking from the enlargement of its societal web, and matching to its scheme of word of oral cavity to pull the upper limit of clients, Internet through the internet viral seems to be a existent possible manner of communicating if France every bit good as for the company as it is really inexpensive.

Harmonizing to a survey about retailing in France, “ Apart from Price, propinquity and convenience were among the big leagues demands of Gallic consumers ” .

While Primark is looking for main road and immense surfaces, industrial zone ( characterised by inexpensive rent but high frequentation ) or Large promenades ( which regroup a tonss of store and are frequently situated in main road ) seems to be the best topographic point for Primark. Furthermore a portion of Primark ‘s mark is the adolescents which are characterised by a low mobility and travel shopping in easy accessible place. ( E.g. : The adolescent do non hold driving licences and frequently go to large shopping centres where a batch of stores are together and with an easiest entree than the industrial zone ) .

However in order to specify what could be the distribution scheme for Primark in France, it is of import to look at the precedent execution of Primark in Europe. Except in Spain with five shops in Madrid and England with one shop in Oxford street ( London ) Primark do non puting up in the capital. If we look at the German, Belgium and Netherland execution, Primark has a shops in Frankfurt ( richest metropolis in Germany ) in Rotterdam ( 2nd metropolis in Netherlands ) and in Liege ( 3rd most populated metropolis in Belgium ) . In Portugal it has a shops in Rio Tonto and Amadora ( Lisbon metropolitan country ) .

We can see that Primarks execution in Europe and notably in the recent execution it besides made through “ test metropolis ” by non implementing it shops in the capital ( frequently more expensive than the others metropolis ) but in of import metropolis in the state or in the capital part which could be less expensive and so cut down the costs.

Sing the precedent execution in Europe and seeing the demands of Gallic consumers and particularly the mark immature mark market, a selective coverage in some “ test country ” could be relevant and so turn towards an intensive distribution ( which correspond better to a low monetary value and high turnover scheme ) , if the trial is reasoning like in Spain which has now 18 stores.

If we look at the Analysis of the first portion through the usage of Pestle and Porter five forces theoretical account, France market in malice of its high fight seems to be ready to welcome Primark. However those theoretical accounts give a “ snapshot ” of an industry at a certain point and the manner industry is fast moving and alter really rapidly. Furthermore the wonts of outgo in that sector are extremely affected by the external environment. As no 1 can foretell what will go on, the puting up of Primark in France seems to be an chance but the external environment if all of a sudden changed ( like the crisis in 2009 which slow down the outgo in most of the sector ) , could do the puting up of Primark more hard.

When Porter propose three distinguishable generic scheme, a company dreams would be to blend both of them. Indeed when Primark chief scheme is cost leading, it besides could be stating that it looks after distinction notably by non advertisement and through its high fast traveling merchandise scheme ( higher than it rivals ) . However the mediate scheme is extremely hazardous and non low-cost

The mix selling has to be seen as a basic for the execution of Primark seeing the current Gallic environment. However a selling program has to be flexible during the puting up and during the development of a company in a state harmonizing to the reaction and outlooks of new clients and in order to fit them. This high degree of flexibleness for a selling mix can non needfully be low-cost by Primark as every alteration generate new cost.

Harmonizing to the fiscal manager in Primark in a corporate picture, “ there is still a batch of topographic points where we ‘re non and where we ‘d love to be ” beginnings. Neighbors of UK, France could be one of those topographic point. Now environing France, Primark ‘s success narrative is it following a state trial scheme before its conquering of FranceA ?


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