POST MODERNISM freedom of creativity or pollution of art?

Post modernism, does it be? If it does so what does it intend? Is it a pattern or merely a construct?

Knowing more or less what modern agencies than we are able to state what post-modern means when modern and station prefixed together. Beyond modern. Post modernism is hard to depict as its detonation of art with legion different mediums. The overall feeling of postmodern art is one of medley and appropriation, frequently advancing lampoon or sarcasm. First we have to place what is postmodernism is or what is post modernism is n’t. There is non a one manner of replying the inquiry of what is post modernism as it could be answered in more than one manner, in fact assortment of ways. To some it ‘s a name of the epoch, at the same clip it ‘s a doctrine to some or a new manner of thought, beyond a manner beyond the modernist motions, the name of a new term. For some of the authors twelvemonth 1943 was the twelvemonth that modernism has come to an terminal in that times regulations of modernism was broken, everything that is made in the name of scientific discipline, tehnic, art, societal freedom had the common intent of liberating us worlds.

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Forms of modernist art theory in the field of postmodernism argument and allegedly interrupting a series of practical mediums, placing a cultural architecture, literature, images, etc… Areas began as the marks of new postmodern cultural signifiers. Ethical standard of postmodernism is called relativism which is the belief that no society or civilization is more of import than any other.

There was an detonation of varies art motions, schools, which through many modern-day creative persons came interrupting traditional boundaries.

Great Art historian Erwin Panofsky one time said, ” there is no replacement for information ” ( From expressionism to postmodernism, manners and motions in twentieth century western Art, Edited by Jane Turner ) as I would wish to state for now yearss there is no replacement for why, how, where and what organize the art is.

1960 ‘s and after architecture and the humanistic disciplines, that what post-modernism term is used to qualify developments in these countries. First clip the term was used by Spanish author Federico de Onis around 1934, from so on it was n’t used until ‘A survey of history, 1938 ‘ by Arnold Toynbee, which was published right after the II. World War.

Tonybee and some others looked at post-modern phenomenon chiefly in a negative footings, they thought that post-modernism was an irrational reaction to modernist rationalism. Post – modern term subsequently took clasp in the picture, around mid 1980’s.Unlike Arnold Toynbee and others, declaration of Claes Oldenburg in 1961 “ I am for an art that is political, erotical, mystical… I am for an art that embroils itself with mundane crab and still comes out on top ” ( From expressionism to postmodernism, manners and motions in twentieth century western Art, Edited by Jane Turner ) , embraces the post-modern art.

Post modernism developed after coming against all of the elements of modernism, architecture, art, political relations, instruction, society. Early rejection of modernism came in most perceptibly in the United States of America around the 1960 ‘s by the work of Robert Venturi and Aldo Rossi in Europe. Venturi ‘s irrational and contradictive manner in architecture ( 1966 ) was assailing the international manner of corporate modernism. Examples Guild House retirement place 1960-62, Philadelphia, besides Vanna Venturi House ( 1962 ) chesnut hill.

More and more European creative persons started to tilt towards abstract art due to a combination of fortunes in the old ages towards World War 1. Artists were encouraged to be free from conventional methods by gap of ethnographic museums and besides involvement in different civilizations and civilisation ‘s art.

What does post modern art intend to make is to concentrate on the emotions that arouses in the perceiver by detecting the artifact.

Art review Maurice Denis one time said “ it is good to retrieve that a image, before being a conflict Equus caballus, a bare adult female or some anecdote, is basically a level surface covered with colorss assembled in a certain order ” .

Examples from the mainstream |American post-modernists are as follows ;

Plants of Robert A.M. Stern, Charles W. Moore, Michael Graves.

Moore ‘s Capricious montage like Piazza vitamin D, itaira ( 1977-8 )

Grave ‘s abstract painterly composing for the public services edifice ( 1978-82 )

Marcel Duchamp ‘s typewriter screen, urinal, bike Wheel reproduction 1963.

Andy Warhol, Mao 1972.

Andy Warhol, Do it yourself ( landscape ) 1962

What makes this an art piece? Is it because it ‘s showcased in a gallery infinite or is it because the creative persons ‘ intent behind it all. is it merely a large old gag that badgering us viewing audiences, to see every bit long as its offered by a well cognize name from the universe of art, we will demur it as a piece of art. Somehow it ‘s difficult non to inquire if the creative persons are deliberately forcing the spectator to see how far they will travel. Will they accept anything and everything without a inquiry merely every bit long as it ‘s signed by an of import name in the universe of art and eventually is the gag is on us! My reply to this is that, what do art significance full is non merely the aesthetics but every bit good as the content behind the aesthetics. Some times less is more.

Why choose black and white when you can hold the rainbow! My point is to experiment with new manner, new topics every bit much as possible so that one will come to cognize who one ‘s ego is as an creative person and what better manner to accomplish that through a station modern return.

Many traditional art reviews does depict the postmodernism as ‘ empty and meaningless ‘ , I can understand this to a certain extend but it should non be prosecuted because there is less aesthetics but more content and besides doing of the work should non ever be valued because of the hours that was put in to do merely because it is a readymade object that show instances as an installing piece that does non do this less arty. But Duchamp ‘s ready-mades ‘ had already showed that the difference between the art and nonart non firmly experient, was conventionalised difference. It besides shows that status of being art was non needfully an honorific one. The impression of art proves to intend, non merely adept doing but an act of mental distancing. The captivation of it all is more cultural, historical and theoretical than its aesthetics.

In Post modernism art is non valued because it is dateless or cosmopolitan but for being accessible, disposable and aesthetically imperfect.

Motion encourages the sociable of different thoughts, signifiers and Medias to make lampoon, temper and sarcasm. Post-modern allows creative persons to be freer, it allows them to be diverse, at the same clip rejecting hierarchy, besides enables them to be rebellion against the well-ordered constructions of the classical art. Now we have freedom, freedom of holding been able to experiment with new engineerings, with abstraction and with non traditional stuffs. All of this is the rebellion of modern creative persons, through it liberating themselves from the traditional ways, holding the freedom of showing in their ain alone visions. Interventions are an branch of art that refuses to obey the regulations of conventional practises. It ‘s a freedom of look.

Post-modernism besides explores power and the manner societal and economic forces exert that power by determining the individualities of persons and of their civilization.

Unlike how the unconscious plays a large portion in modernism, in post-modernism there is a small religion or about no religion at all put in a unconscious as a beginning of originative and personal genuineness. It ‘s all been good thought through, gets done by deliberately.

Post modernists has frequently been criticised for being pessimist but how can one be optimist when for illustration seeking to make an consciousness of mass ingestion, as we live in a consumers society. One of the taking illustrations of post-modern return on mass ingestion is the plants of ‘Andy Warhol ‘ .

His plants on commercial civilization showcases the random drama of a consciousness. Its shows the struggles between the selling and art.

I want to speak about Andy Warhol ‘s response when given at an interview with G.R. Swenson in twelvemonth 1963, he said ; “ I want everybody to believe alike ” and besides “ I think everybody should be a machine ” . What he was really seeking to work was that American Consumer civilization. He was seeking to indicate out the difference between the copiously satisfied capitalist West and the want of communist East. “ Russia is making it under rigorous authorities. It ‘s go oning here all by itself… Everybody looks likewise and acts a similar and we are acquiring more and more the same manner ” . ( Modern Art in the common civilization by Thomas Crow ) . His most celebrated portrayal series that of Marilyn Monroe falls in to this class, his reading of adult females ‘s decrease to a mass-commodity fetish.

Post-modernism and Consumer society

Even today construct of postmodernism still is non accepted widely or even understood. Its maybe that some of the hesitancy to it comes from the deficiency of cognition to works that it covers. We can name Numberss of assortments that can be called station modernism which can be found in all the humanistic disciplines, for illustration ; pop edifices by Robert Venturi, poesy by John Ashbery, pop art by Andy Warhol, in music toilet coop, in movie Godard… ext through this list there are two of import points to do, most of the postmodernism that I mentioned on the list, we could state that they are specific reactions against the signifiers of high modernism of which conquered the university, art gallery, foundations and museums and we can state that postmodernism seeks to displace modernism. Second cardinal point is the disappearing of the older differentiation between high civilization and mass-popular civilization. It seems it ‘s progressively hard to pull the line between the high art and commercial signifiers.

One of the most important patterns in postmodernism is Pastiche. Both medley and lampoon involved to copy and made apery of other manners. Parody Bankss on the singularity of those manners, seizes on their eccentricities and produces an imitation that mocks the original piece. Even though, great lampooner should hold some kind of secret understanding for the original, merely to be able to set themselves in the topographic point of the individual imitated but still regardless of whether in understanding or with maliciousness that the lampoon is taken topographic point, general consequence of it is to project ridicule on the nature of those manners, inordinateness and their eccentricity. In a manner medley is the clean lampoon that has lost its sense of temper, modern pattern of clean sarcasm.

Why classical modernism is the thing of the past and why postmodernism has taken its topographic point because it ‘s the terminal of individuality. As great modernism were the finger print of persons, but now individuality and personal individuality is the thing of the yesteryear, in fact there are two places to all of this, the first 1 is, in the yesteryear, where authoritative age of competitory capitalist economy, outgrowth of the middle class as the hegemonic societal category, in the flower of the atomic household there was individuality as single topics but now in the age of corporate capitalist economy that older businessperson single capable no thirster exists.

The 2nd place to this is that there was no bourgeois single topic of the yesteryear, it ne’er truly existed in the first topographic point, instead it is simply a philosophical and cultural bewilderment which sought to carry people to believe that they had single topics and possessed this alone personal individuality.

Importance is non to make up one’s mind which of these places is right, that is non the point, the point is that we have to admit from this is instead an aesthetic quandary, if the political orientation of the alone ego is an experience and the political orientation that informed the pattern of classical modernism that is over and done with, so it makes it that is no longer clear what artists and authors of the present are suppose to be making. Lone thing is clear that the older theoretical accounts like PICASSO, PROUST and T. S. ELIOT, since no 1 has that sort of alone manner and universe to show than What is the odds of creative persons and authors of the present twenty-four hours contriving new universes and manners that have n’t been invented earlier, as the most alone 1s already have been though, merely a limited figure of combinations are possible.

So that a new stylistic invention is no longer possible, all that is left to pastiche dead manners. This means that the postmodern or modern-day art is to be about art itself, so that one of its indispensable messages will include necessary failure of art and the aesthetics.

Now let ‘s look in to the plants of and the adult male its ego so called the “ Leonardo ” and generative “ Grandpa ” of postmodernism, important beginning of postmodern art, Marcel Duchamp. Marcel Duchamp has inspired younger creative persons in their review of Greebergian modernism and the modernist establishment of art.

Here are some of the expressions about the creative person himself ;

“ Marcel Duchamp is all but impossible to compose approximately. Anything you mat state about him is at the same clip untrue, but when I think of him I get a sweet gustatory sensation in my organic structure ” . ( Robert Rauschenberg, 1973 )

“ In 1915 he arrived in New York… to contrive the hereafter of American art… The more he insisted his picks were made for amusement, without sense, without intending or significance, the more it -became necessary to explicate him. The more he has been explained, the more incomprehensible he becomes ” . ( Kim Levin 1977 )

“ And so there is that one-person motion, Marcel Duchamp… a motion for each individual and open for everybody ” . ( Willem De Kooning 1951 )

( Postmodernism and the en-gendering of Marcel Duchamp by Amelia Jones )

Judging by the citations above Duchamp has been the obsessional object of desire for the art authors and the creative persons in the United States of America.

Here is the Duchamp ‘s ain Citation about his readymade works ; ” This Neo-dada… is an easy manner out, and lives on what daddy did. When I discovered ready-mades I thought to deter aesthetics. In Neo-dada they have taken my ready-mades and found aesthetic beauty in them ” ( Marcel Duchamp 1962, Postmodernism and the en-gendering of Marcel Duchamp by Amelia Jones )

Barbara Kruger is another of import name that gives one of the good illustrations of postmodern art, in her work she was turn toing the issues of dealingss between adult females and the patriarchate, feminism and besides estranging cajoleries of the consumer universe. Barbara Kruger ‘s work besides go a standard for many women’s rightists throughout the eightiess

One of the creative person ‘s work called ‘your comfort is my silence ‘ she leaves up to the spectator to decrypt the gender designations of the pronouns “ your ” and “ my ” marks out, self consciously. So the possibilities are that male with the chapeau in the image speaking to a female or male spectator or the other manner around the viewer male or female speech production back to the image, it recognizes that spectator needs both gender and the political relations in order to face it all.

Barbara Kruger, ‘ Your comfort is my silence ‘ , 1981 Photograph with added text

56×40 ” ( 140x100cm ) Private aggregation

“ Barbara Kruger exhibition 1991 ” Mary Boone gallery

Last but non least I would wish to give illustrations of the twenty-first century modern-day creative persons that their work falls in to the postmodern pattern ; plants of Matthew Barney is challenging, upseting and screaming at the same clip and the plants and Hagiographas of Matthew Collings. Their work influences non merely me but besides many modern-day creative persons to be freer and be a hazard taker.

The Sacred Cows of Art

by Matthew Collings

Stating by Matthew Collings ; ” Art has knowledge and accomplishments, and to come to cognize them is to be implicitly against a civilization that is against cognition – today ‘s mass civilization, which aims to bring forth a batch of devouring idiots ” .

( Matthew Collings, hypertext transfer protocol: // authid=616 )

Matthew Barney, Cremaster 3, 2002

Canadian critic Bruce High Russell says “ Barney ‘s work evokes the crisis of his coevals from the position of a presumptively heterosexual male creative person in an epoch obsessed by individuality political relations… its success addresses our ain jobs, ” ( Art today by Brandon Taylor )


Throughout this study I have tried to trap indicate the two sides of the statement, being chiefly on the defensive side of postmodernism, I am still non dismissive about the methods of the yesteryear. Keep concentrating on being unfastened minded, So to talk being plural about it. There is a manner in which postmodernism reproduces, replicates or even reinforces the logics of consumer capitalist economy but so are we non safe to state besides in a manner it resists that logic merely by showcasing the sarcasm of it all!

I agree with most facets of the postmodern review of modernness and its theories, but are non ready either to disregard all the other theories and methods of the yesteryear or even to give up on modernness wholly. I am non an advocate or celebrator of the discourse of the postmodern, nor am I entirely dismissive. Alternatively, I am exceptive of its demands and reviews, while non convinced of some of its overemphasis and ostentation.


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