Popular Culture In Ghanaian Society Cultural Studies Essay

Popular civilization is like a virus that insinuates itself into every nook of society, overwriting what is at that place with its ain plan, retroflexing itself, perverting bing files, and doing untold harm to the universe ” ( Pronk, 2006 ) . The universe is a planetary small town and through this, civilization has transferred from one topographic point to the other. Popular civilization as portrayed in the scientific discipline fiction film “ Transformers ” tells us much about our society. “ Popular civilization is by and large familiar as the slang or people ‘s civilization that predominates in a society at a point in clip ” ( Delaney, 2012 ) . Culture on the other manus is the recognized manner of life of a society or a group of people, which has farther been broken down into what some call highbrow civilization ( art, pictures, classical music, and literature ) and uncultivated civilization ( telecasting, soap operas, films, popular music and novels ) ( Pronk, 2006 ) . Popular civilization as manifested in movies, music, literary plants and telecasting Tells us a batch about our ways of life and our civilization, and our society as a whole.

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In old times when adult females were considered mediocre to work forces, the adult females of society were excluded from the chase of cognition, while their autonomies were limited and defined, non to advert granted to them by person else. The resulting consequence was that adult females had no autonomy at all ( Tolan, 2006 ) . This belittling position of adult females left a society where work forces were supreme to adult females and were the lone people permitted to get cognition ; in other words, the positions of adult female were regarded as irrelevant. Ladies of old epochs were non taken earnestly and were considered as generative movable or homemakers ( Tolan, 2006 ) . The film “ Pope Joan, ” which narrates a narrative of how a adult female in secret becomes a Catholic Pope, illustrates this misogynist position of adult females. In the film, it was considered a tabu for a adult female to larn how to read or compose and the supporter Joan was punished when her male parent found out she in secret learns how to read. The civilization as portrayed in the film tells us how adult females were treated and addressed in the society, and this sort of position of adult females was the prevailing civilization in those times.

In an attempt to stave off the increasing misogynous positions of adult females, Betty Friedan founded the National Organization of Women ( NOW ) in 1966, a feminist organisation to contend for the legal rights of adult females ( Tolan, 2006 ) . Feminism is a motion for economic, political, societal and cultural para of work forces and adult females ( Nair, 2012 ) . The feminist motion, which arose out of adult females ‘s demand to hold their voices heard every bit good as a craving to be a portion of the policymaking in society left adult females desiring to be educated people, alternatively of merely homemakers. This thought is on par with what Simone De Beauvoir imagined, as she believed “ the modern adult female… would be the equal to menaˆ¦ think and work and act like a adult male, and alternatively of deploring her lower status to work forces, she would declare herself their equal ” ( Tolan, 2006 ) . Through feminist motions, adult females are now recognized and they hold esteemed places in our society.

In add-on, the film “ Transformers ” , if viewed in a feminist angle, can demo how popular civilization can transform a society, as the character Mearing was in charge of sector seven and was superior to all the work forces in the installation. In old epochs, it would be unthinkable for a adult female to be portrayed in a place of power. However, thanks to the far-reaching effects of popular civilization and feminism, adult females are now being viewed much otherwise than they were in old epochs. “ Transformers ” can even state us much about our Ghanese society, as the talker of parliament Joyce Bamford-Addo is one of many females to keep such a place of power in the authorities. She holds a place that would hold been antecedently unachievable, as this place is every bit every bit powerful to many of the places that work forces hold because of the fact that she presides over determinations refering jurisprudence devising and amendments to the fundamental law.

Another manner in which to see the effects of popular civilization on the Ghanese society is through the effects of the English linguistic communication as viewed through postcolonialism. “ Postcolonialism addresses itself to the historical, political, cultural, and textual branchings of the colonial brush between the West and the non-West, dating from the 16th century to the present twenty-four hours ” ( Boehmer, 2006 ) . Ghana consists of assorted cultural groups, runing from the Akan, the Ewe, the Fante and many more, each of which has their ain alone civilization. As a consequence, it was hard for two people from different folks to pass on because they could non understand each other ‘s linguistic communications. However, in the nineteenth century, the British came to the Gold Coast ( Ghana ) , to merchandise and distribute Christianity, which allowed English to be introduced as a agency to do communications easier between the legion groups of people. Even after the going of the British and deriving independency in 1957, English has been a pillar of the Ghanese society. Since English is the national linguistic communication of Ghana, the bulk of Ghanaians across the state easy understand “ Transformers ” , therefore doing it easy to spot thoughts and subjects from the film. Therefore, English as a popular civilization that manifests itself in films is able to state us much about our society and ourselves.

Over clip, the English linguistic communication has metamorphosed into what we now know as Ghanaian Pidgin English ( GhaPE ) . Pidgin, which is a redevelopment of the English linguistic communication, is spoken in assorted West African states such as Kenya, Nigeria and Cameroon. In Ghana, Pidgin English is used by approximately a one-fourth of the population and is a blend of both English and a local idiom ( such as Twi, frafra among others ) ( Huber, 2004 ) . Pidgin, which originated from Nigeria, has been adopted by Ghanaians and has now become portion of our civilization. Nowadays in our society, Pidgin linguistic communication has become popular within us, as GhaPE was portrayed in the series “ Sun City ” , where characters used GhaPE to pass on. Advocates of the English linguistic communication effort to do the point that Pidgin is bad English and should be banned in educational establishments in order to forestall pupils from puddling their English. However, that merely will non be possible, as GhaPE is a linguistic communication for both the literates and nonreaders likewise. GhaPE serves as a span between the varying degrees of educational categories in Ghana, and it is merely every bit likely that leaders of esteemed houses and companies will be talking GhaPE as it is for a hapless adult male. Hence, English and the subsequent development of the linguistic communication aid to exemplify the effects that the linguistic communication is holding on the society, as English is assisting to bridge spreads between the assorted groups of people in Ghana, which brings people closer, and helps construct national integrity.

Furthermore, in our society more and more people are using curses in effusion of daze, choler or surprise, but more progressively as verbal tics of restlessness and irritation. In the twentieth Century, telecasting, wireless and other media were forced to take stairss to barricade the usage of curses on air, as they were regarded as unprintable and unfit for viewing audiences ( Dictionary.com LLC, 2012 ) . Popular civilization plays a manus in this every bit good, as the word “ screw ” is derived from “ a husbandman distributing seeds on his land ” ( ) . However, the original significance has been lost, and has been changed to what it stands for now. Now, these words are used in our day-to-day conversations, and have in kernel become a portion of our civilization. This peculiar popular civilization can be seen in “ Transformers, ” when Bruce Brazos used an expletive to depict how amazing the automaton Bumblebee is. Curses are particularly prevailing among the young person of our society, and do non look to be melting from use any clip shortly.

Popular civilization and manner are besides closely linked, as manner, like popular civilization, is dynamic and alterations over periods. This can be seen today, as the current manner tendencies are non similar to the manner tendencies of the 1970ss. Even in Ghana, manner alterations throughout clip. Once, the stylish frock “ kaba and slit ” , was a precious civilization in Ghana. Nana Odeneho said, “ Womans who wore kaba and slit were considered beautiful in the society ” . This manner was besides denoted as decent because it did non expose some parts of the adult females. Every coevals has its manner and its manner of dressing. Now the manner tendency has altered. Taking a good expression at our society, the adult females wear apparels that uncover parts of their organic structures ( chest and waist ) . The hip-hop music picture “ Tip Drill ” by Nelly is apparent to how adult females dress in our society. The adult females in the music picture wore practically no apparels. Because of popular civilization ‘s consequence and manner ‘s importance to many people, the manner people dress is now what would hold been considered indecent in any other clip.

Although films and other literary plants tell us much about our society, what we see is non one hundred per centum reliable. One merely needs to inquire, “ Do unnaturally intelligent automatons truly be? ” Well it is true that many fabricating industries utilize automatons in helping in production and piecing in order to acquire work done. The movie “ Transformers ” portrays tremendous technological promotion in society that are merely non imaginable in this current clip. Critics would state that the automatons portrayed in the movie “ Transformers ” fail to state us the truth about our society as these automatons were capable of astonishing efforts and come from a planet that does look to be or even been near to being discovered. Such engineering, if discovered, would be amazing, as it would alter the landscape of modern scientific discipline forever. Critics would go on to reason that such fiction in films fails to state us anything significant about our society and ourselves. However, what they fail to reference is that it is non the fact that these engineerings are impossible to us in current times ; it is really the fact that the film holds a particular message to every individual who watches it. As a consequence, films such as “ Transformers, ” do in fact state us much about our societies and ourselves, as they reveal certain jobs, but more significantly, they reveal to us the dynamic and invariably bettering nature of our societies and ourselves.

This paper evinces the fact that popular civilization as manifested in movies, music, literary plants and telecasting Tells us a batch about our ways of life and our society as a whole. First, I showed how English as portrayed in films Tells us about ourselves and every bit Ghanaians as a whole. Second, I discussed how our society viewed adult females and the esteemed places adult females have gained through feminist motions over the old ages. However, there is besides the opposing position that popular civilization fails to state us something about our society as portrayed in scientific discipline fiction films. I addressed this by demoing how the film “ Transformers ” tells us much about society and ourselves. To reason, popular civilization is relevant to the Ghanese society as argued utilizing the scientific discipline fiction film “ transformers ” written by Ehren Kruger.


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