Polygon of forces and condition of equilibrium


The polygon of forces represent batch of forces taking in a at the same time to one point so all this forces moving will do a figure or they are call Vector such as force, that has magnitude and way and can be resolved into constituents that are uneven maps of the co-ordinates.

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“ A vector is a directed at an angle to the horizontal ( or the perpendicular ) can be thought of as holding two parts ( or constituents ) . That is, any vector directed in two dimensions can be thought of as holding two constituents. For illustration, if a concatenation pulls upward at an angle on the neckband of a Canis familiaris, so there is a tenseness force directed in two dimensions. This tenseness force has two constituents: an upward constituent and a rightward constituent. As another illustration, see an aeroplane, which is displaced north-west from O’Hare International Airport ( in Chicago ) to a finish in Canada. The displacement vector of the plane is in two dimensions ( northwest ) . Therefore, this supplanting vector has two constituents: a northbound constituent and a westbound constituent. ”

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“ Newton jurisprudence assortment of ways by which gesture can be describedwords, graphs, diagrams, in this unit Newton ‘s Laws of Motion the ways in which gesture can be explained will be discussed. Isaac Newton a seventeenth century scientist put forth a assortment of Torahs, which explain why move objects or do n’t travel as they do. These three Torahs have become known as Newton ‘s three Torahs of gesture. The focal point of Lesson 1 is Newton ‘s first jurisprudence of gesture. ”

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Attaching four lengths of strings to the block of all right cord and seting the weight of F1: 850g F2: 800g F3: 800g F4: 800g to the upper limits to the twine and them put a sheet of paper record all the line on the sheet of paper to assist you to make all the computation did this experiment.


The values was in gms so this values as to be convert to Newtown so to change over kg to Newtown you multiply by the value in kg by 9.81

My value are F1: 850g = 0.85kg ? 9.81 = 8.34N

F2: 800g=0.80kg? 9.81 =7.85N

F3: 800g=0.80kg? 9.81 =7.85N

F4: 800g=0.80kg? 9.81 =7.85N

Ten axes

Yttrium axes

F1= 8.34N cos 42 & A ; deg ; = 6.20N

F1= 8.34N wickedness 42 & A ; deg ; = 5.58N

F2= 7.85N cos 136 & A ; deg ; = -5.65N

F2= 7.85N wickedness 136 & A ; deg ; = 5.45N

F3= 7.85N cos 224 & A ; deg ; =-5.65N

F3=7.85N sin 224 & A ; deg ; = -5.45N

F4= 7.85N cos 313 & A ; deg ; =5.35N

F4=7.84N sin 313 & A ; deg ; = -5.74N

SFx= 0.25N

SFy= -0.16N

R = 0.192N angle Q =20 & A ; deg ;


This consequences are equilibrium but they was same human mistake that ‘s why the consequences are non equal to zero but it ok so the per centum mistake of are 0.41 % .

These lines of action produce a closed polygon that ‘s why a drawing of polygon of forces as been draw from caput to chase to turn out that the consequence of this equation and the drawing as a consequence angle of 20 & A ; deg ; .

The analytic of forces show that these forces are equilibrium but the consequence shows that there is an mistake in the computation this mistake is duo to free of fiction, this can go on by the loop move or human mistake.

The possibility of losingss friction experiment are the blocks when it running can do losingss of clash, the overseas telegram was usage in this experiment could be one of job is good and another possibility is that the individual Ho reassign the line in to the sheet of paper did non tag the follow the line.

Looking to this experiment the difference between inactive clash and kinetic clash is that inactive clash when it applied force is less than the confining clash, the organic structure remains at remainder It is the clash experienced by a organic structure, when it is at remainder, or when the auto is at full halt or non traveling.

Kinetic clash When it applied force exceeds the restricting clash the organic structure starts traveling over the other organic structure and the Friction of opposition experienced by the organic structure while traveling and if you are running for you to halt kinetic clash will use.


Clashs can benefits to our life because clash it happen to Olmos every think we do in our day-to-day life, exp: when forcing a babe baby buggy these clash at that place, when we slip clash is at that place, when we agitating custodies clash is at that place to and it of import utilizations in some state of affairss, clash is really of import and good. There are many things that you could non make without the force of clash. Clash and weight are common experiences and taken for granted, but were non ever understood. Aristotle believed that objects that contained Earth fell because in Earth was at the centre of the existence, and that was the natural order of things. We know that weight, which is the force of gravitation between objects, non merely makes apples fall from trees, but keeps the Moon circling the Earth, and the Earth circling the Sun. Aristotle besides believed ( and some pupils still believe ) that the natural province of an object is to be at remainder. That is, without a force forcing it, an object will decelerate down to a halt. This position overlooks clash, which is the force that causes most objects we see to come to rest. Now we know that there is nil forcing planets along their orbit, and that without gravitation to keep them in orbit, they would go on to travel in a consecutive line until interfered with Friction.

The disadvantage of clash is that you could non walk without the clash between your places and the land as you try to step frontward ; you push your pes backward Friction holds your shoe to the land, leting you to walk Consider how hard it is to walk on slippery ice, where there is small clash when you playing a football lucifer it makes clash and clash besides cause as to utilize batch of energy so we are playing a large object on clash Writing with a pencil requires clash You could non keep a pencil in your manus without clash It would steal out when you tried to keep it to compose The black lead pencil led would non do a grade on the paper without clash.

A pencil eraser uses clash to rub off errors written in pencil lead Rubing the eraser on the lead wears out the eraser due to clash, while the atoms worn off gather up the pencil lead from the paper.

The agencies of cut downing clash when traveling a big object is that if two people move the object with the same forces they will be less clash and you need to cut down clash between the box and the tile floor so that you can travel the box easy, you can increase clash on your places to assist you travel the box.

Inactive clash

Inactive clash is friction between two solid objects that are non traveling comparative to each other. For illustration, inactive clash can forestall an object from skiding down a aslant surface. The coefficient of inactive clash, typically denoted as ?s, is normally higher than the coefficient of kinetic clash.

Kinetic clash

Kinetic clash occurs when two objects are traveling comparative to each other and rubs together ( like a sled on the land ) . The coefficient of kinetic clash is typically denoted as ?k, and is normally less than the coefficient of inactive clash for the same stuffs. In fact, Richard Feynman reports, “ with dry metals it is really difficult to demo any difference. ” Finally, new theoretical accounts are get downing to demo how kinetic clash can be greater than inactive friction.A surface can ever provide a normal force, perpendicular to the surface. However, a surface rather frequently besides supplies a fiction force analogue to the plane. Clash forces ever oppose the gesture — or forestall the gesture.


Clash is necessary in many ways to forestall stealing or skiding but besides, it can be a nuisance because it can impact many thinks in our life by in world clash is really of import, in this study the really of import key is that the experiment went good as harmonizing to be after the computation was right but the was a little mistake in the all undertaking that we count turn out that this equation was equilibrium but the mistake did came from many ways exp: human mistake and many thinks.


hypertext transfer protocol: //www.physics247.com/physics-homework-help/dynamics8.jpg

hypertext transfer protocol: //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Static_friction


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