Political Social Economical Legal And Technological Of Russia Economics Essay

This papers is an overview of political, societal, economical, legal and technological of Russia. The federation of Russian or Russia is the state which located in the North of Europe and Asia. It is considered as the span between those two continents. The state was found in the twelfth century, in the history of this province, the state had been through different government of politic, from Russia imperial epoch to the Soviet Union, station Soviet democratic boulder clay the federation of Russian today. The state portions boundary lines with 14 different provinces such as Norway, Finland, China, North Korea and so on. Russia besides portions the marine boundary line with America and Japan. It is the biggest state in the universe with 17,075,400 square kilometers. Russia is one of the states which are truly rich in natural resources. Russia is the land of winter but it does non intend that they have snow all over the twelvemonth. Russia has assortment conditions, depends on the part. It can be decease cold in the far north to dramatically hot in the desert of the south portion. In the state, there is merely two distinguish conditions which are winter and summer, the other two does non last for long and is non truly good defined.

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The capital of Russia was named after the Moskva River which starts from East Europe and flows into the Russia ‘s cardinal. The name Moscow was found by Goerge I, Yuri I Dolgorukiy in 1147. Even Russia is a large state ; the population is merely in the rank of 9th in the whole universe with 141,927,297 people. In each part they have their ain linguistic communication but Russian is the official linguistic communication of the winter land. Peoples here follow dissimilar faith, even though there are four chief faiths which are Orthodox, Islam, Buddhism and Judaism.


Interest Rate

Growth Rate

Inflation Rate

Idle Rate

Current History

Exchange Rate

Soviet union

7.75 %

2.70 %

8.10 %

6.70 %



The currency of Russia is Rouble. Comparing to other currency such as US dollar or Europe, this currency is presently non a strong 1. The natural resources, agribusiness and engineering play an of import portion in the economic system of this state with the appraisal of GDP in 2010 is $ 15,807. The chief spouses in export are CIS, China, The US and Japan. Harmonizing to the development of the economic system, Russia is considered as the strongest growing amongst the developing states.

The populating criterion of Russian decreased after the prostration of the Soviet Union, but it started to better from 2007 and now it rank at 65. It is the consequence of the development in economic system and politic scheme. The life anticipation for work forces is 59 old ages old and 73 old ages old for adult females. Further more, the civilization side of this state is really comparable to others developed states. Russia becomes a finish which attracts tourer and other societal and civilization activities with international graduated table such as the winter Olympic 2014 in Sochi which will lend an of import portion in constructing up the image of the Russia. From all points of position, Russia is one of the strongest development states. With the policies which focus on pulling investors, on the close hereafter, Russia will be on the list of new developed state. This is the chief background of the state with some interesting fact of it, farther on in this papers ; each sector will be discussed in item.

Reason of chosen:

Russia is a underdeveloped state with rich in history and tradition. This state in this new century has tonss of chances and challenges. It plays an of import function in the societal and political of the universe. Russia is the member of different of import organisation in the universe such as World wellness Organization ( WHO ) , United Nation ( UN ) , G8 and G20. This gives Russia a possibility to lend every bit good as give out its sentiments for the development of the universe in term of societal, wellness attention, political and economic. In this study, I and my group mates chose Russia as our state for the international trade undertaking is because of three chief grounds. First of wholly, it is a large state with more than 14 1000000s of population, this state have the policies in economic which are supportive for the national every bit good as the international investors. They update the policies bases on the development of their economic in order to facile and do Russia ‘s economic system more attractive to investors.

Further, looking to the growing of the concern every bit good as their competitory currency, it is truly a promises land for people who want to make wealth and concern. Not to advert the fact that they have a large betterment in the economic system despite all the natural catastrophe that happened during summer 2010 and the economic system crisis that affects the economic system and trade of states all over the universe. Below is the graph which shows the growing of GDP in Russia over old ages.


From the graph we can see that even 2010 is non a successful twelvemonth for Russia ‘s agribusiness because of the conditions and climate issue ; the extension of GDP in the 3rd one-fourth of the twelvemonth is at 2.7, which differentiate the state from others which play chief functions in the economic system. This figure is a strong proves for all the investors about Russia ‘s economic system.

Last but non least, Russia has an advantage of their geographical location. As being mentioned in the first portion of this papers. Russia is the connexion between Europe and Asia. This is the advantage that non all the state can hold. It enables Russia to merchandise easy with states in Asia such as Japan, China and North Korea every bit good as other states in the North of Europe and states in the European Union. It brings good chances for Russia to exchange and addition experiences from the developed states in Europe. It is an chance and besides a challenge for this state.

PESTLE analysis:


In 1993, after the crisis in the fundamental law of Russia and with the support from most portion of the population, the 12th Dec 1993, Russia was officially became the federation of Russia with semi presidential democracy. They keep traveling with the same government until today. It is really of import to hold a changeless government and policy to pull more investors. It is besides of import to hold the policies which provide more benefit and advantages for people who want to lend or acquire into the concern. The current president is Mr Dmitriy Medvedev and the premier Minister is Mr Vladimir Putin.

Harmonizing to Mr Putin, they do non desire to hold the transcript of the US ‘s political system. Russia ‘s authorities has it own system which closes to its convention and state of affairs. The advantage of Russia is that it is consider as the state which will take charge of all the functions of the Soviet Union in different international organisation. Russia continues the committedness of the USSR with United Nation Security Council and the seats of USSR in other international organisation. Even though Russia is a federation but there is still the engagement between the chief authorities and the part or local authorities. Harmonizing to the Human Rights Watch, Russian citizens do non hold freedom. Despite the fact that they have a really strong judicial system, the rate of captives in Russia is still high at 628 out of 100,000. It leads to the fact that the prison is non in the good status and sometime over loaded.

Russia has an unfastened foreign relationship scheme. Until the twelvemonth 2009, they have official relationship with 191 states and 144 embassies. It is a good chance for the trade and economic of the state, non reference to the fact that Russia is playing a really of import function in continuing peace and safety of the universe. Another advantage of Russia is that they implemented the engineering and the armed forcess force from the USSR. This state has the biggest shop of atomic arm with the military which includes navy, land force and air force. Russia is one of the states with good developed and home-grown weaponries industry. They besides have the program of turning their military and put more invest on that until 2015. Russia is in the universe foremost rank of bring forthing and exporting arms. They are non merely bring forthing plenty for their ain demand but besides for selling to 80 different states around the universe. It contributes a considerable portion in the gross of this state. The development of engineering in military is besides support to the place of Russia in the World.

Under this government and maintain the same foreign relationship policy play the major function in the stableness and growing of the state ‘s economic. With the strong and peaceable relationship with others states, it is push factor for Russia to expanse the economic every bit good as attract more and more investors from inside and outside of the state. The political side takes the chief function in order to run the concern of the whole state. It is the chief characteristic to maintain the stableness of the societal every bit good as the economic. The investor demand to hold the feeling of safety and security every bit good as the infinite to growing inside the state in order to carry them to put in the state.


The economic of Russia depends chiefly on the natural resources. There are two major resources are oil and gas. This state has the GDP in the rank of 10th.biggest in the universe. Russia is the state with the advantage of natual resources, the large country with the country for agricuture 4th largest in the universe and a perfect location between Europe and Asia. Despite all the advantage that the state has, its economic is non comparable to other states in Europe. It is because the growing of the economic system of Russia is depending the monetary value of the oil in the market.

Russia-GDP-per-capita — Constant-Prices-Since-2000 — Chart-000001.png

It is shown from the chart that the economic system is turning immediately. The job of Russia ‘s economic is that it is excessively dependent on the monetary value of rough oil. In order to get by with this state of affairs, the authorities demand to hold a conventional budget to cover with the productiveness of the lalor. Along with that, they should hold a sensible revenue enhancement system and a suited pecuniary policy that make the ruble go the competive currency but besides make certain the monetary value is non to moo.

In order to hold a strong economic system state of affairs, they besides need to pay more attending on the instruction of the new coevals. The alteration of the political government and the economic system lead to the fact that they need more people with unfastened minded, flexible and willing to larn and be active in the econmic. It is another failing that make Russia place is lower than others European states.

Another challenges for Russia ‘s economic system is that the procedure of tranforming from communism to free market was subsequently than the other states in the West. Russia got into the station – industrial economic after other so that there is the spread between Russia ‘s economic growing compare to other developed states.

Russia is the state with resources, high engineering and lobor. In order to carry through the infinite between Russia and other contries, Russia need to hold a policy that acquire them out of the Soviet Union ‘s shadow. They need to take the right market for their merchandise.


From 1990, with the alterations in the government of politic, the society stepped frontward. They convert from a society with bossy construction to a society with democratic character. This alteration enlarges the spread between the hapless and the rich people in the society. Even there is no obvious categorization construction in society, the stratification is judged by wealth. The most obvious evident of capitalist economy in the society is that people started to pass in a otiose graduated table with expensive autos, apparels and outfit that a normal Russian can non afford. The revolution in society construction leads to the alterations in outlook and mentality. For illustration, Peoples have different perceptual experience toward the household program. From 1990, the rate of birth is diminishing unusually, along with that is the increasing of decease rate. The decease rate is raising cause of the wellness attention system. In Europe continent, Russia is one of the states that being affected strongly by HIV and intoxicant toxic condition.


Birth rate

Death rate

Natural growing rate

A portion from that, we can non advert to the development of the societal activities. The development of amusement and societal activities contribute a chief portion in the betterment of Russian ‘s populating criterion. Russia is good known with literature, music, concert dance dance with all the celebrated creative person, composers, and philosopher such as Leo Tolstoy, Tchaikovsky, Pushkin and Lenin. Russia is besides known for all the athletics even with international graduated table such as summer Olympic in 1980 and winter Olympic which will be hold in 2014. The life in some of the large metropolis such as Moscow, St Petersburg is every bit lively as the life in New York. Moscow and St Petersburg are the most popular locale for MICE industry ( Meeting, inducements, conferences and exhibition ) with professional service, high technique support, good installations every bit good as societal activities. Russia is a folklore state which is ever a enigma for everyone to detect.


Russia is a state which is rich in scientific discipline tradition. The engineering sector of Russia started to be recognized from the early of eighteenth century and go on to develop until today. Russia has a good repute on scientific discipline and engineering with the part of Mikhail Lomonosov, Pafnuti Chebychev and so on. They many impressive work of art in different filed such as Mathematic, Chemistry, Structural applied scientist, Earth scientific discipline and aerospace applied scientist which contribute a important portion in the development of the state ‘s engineering. Because of the progress in this field, it contributes to the place of Russia in many different international organisations. The well developed in military stuffs and arms add a stronger voice to the function of keeping peace and security of Russia and all the states around the universe.

In the twentieth century, the whole universe was surprised because of their progress in aerospace applied scientist. Russia was the first state who sent people in the infinite. Not to advert the fact that Russia ‘s air trade is on the list of the most produced air trade. The twentieth century is non merely the notice minute for the development of engineering for Russia itself but besides for the whole universe with a new coevals of cognition. Even they have a good base and singular success in engineering but somehow it does non lend much to the gross of the state. In contrast with the development of the engineering is the economic. They have the economic which chiefly depends on exporting oil and other natural resources. The development and success of the economic is wholly depending on the monetary value of the merchandise in the market. Russia can non take the enterprise on the growing of economic and which way will it travel. In order to be more active in the economic, it is the must for this state to concentrate a merchandise where they are truly in advanced comparison to other states.

Detecting the of import function of engineering and its consequence to the development of economic, the presedent, Mr Medvedev has paid more attending on the modernisation and progress engineering such as Rosnano and Nano engineering. The authorities started to set more fund on this field and they are ready to back up any of Russian who want to develop their calling in this field. The purpose of this is to acquire the best out of the Russia. Looking back to the Soviet Union epoch, comparison to now, and the engineering industry of Russia is far behind other states. Technology has to be things that made in Russia and by the invention of Russian. The most of import thing at the minute is that they need to actuate people, they need more invention which can be leapfrog their ain success in old ages behind and besides to suppress with the well developed scientific discipline and cognition of other Western states.

The president wants to develop the engineering side which already has the strong base, thanks to the Soviet Union ‘s cognition and development in this field. With all the work of scientific discipline from old ages ago, it is really positive that Russia will take back its topographic point of taking in the engineering industry. He believes that with the engineering of Russia can take advantage over the western with the progress engineering. The success of this will force the enlargement of trade and industry. It opens a new chances to turn in economic, which make the trade of this state becomes more and more inaugural and be more active with the alterations of market. With the success in this program, there will be the large betterment in populating criterion, help the state out of rising prices and the addition of unemployed rate.


On the manner of developing and transforming itself from a communism to a capitalist state, Russia besides changed it jurisprudence in order to be match with the new government. The new jurisprudence is more Western attack, really systematic and market oriented. It is wholly different from the jurisprudence of the Nordic states. The new jurisprudence of Russia is chiefly base on the statute law, so that why there are still some spreads on the jurisprudence system. The corruptness rate is still high in the last few old ages:


Harmonizing to the transparence international organisation, in 2010 the corruptness rate of Russia is remaining at the rate of 2.1 which consider as one of the state which have really high corruptness rate. This takes into consideration for people who think about puting in this state.


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Business Freedom

avg 64.3


Investing Freedom

avg 50.2


Trade Freedom

avg. 74.8


Fiscal Freedom

avg 48.5


Fiscal Freedom

avg. 76.3


Property Rights

avg 43.6


Government Spending

avg. 63.9


Fdm. from Corruptness

avg 40.5


Monetary Freedom

avg. 73.4


Labor Freedom

avg 61.5

Above is the chart to cipher the grade of freedom in the trade and industry of Russia. In order to pull more investing, the authorities pass the jurisprudence which make no different between alien investors and national investor. Even thought there are some countries that alien must hold the betterment of the authorities in order to acquire into the concern. It is the schemes that focus the investing of alien in some of the sector which are in demand of it. There besides some other limitation in term of ownership every bit good as payment. However, there is the demand of alterations to cut down the corruptness every bit good as to be more unfastened to investors.


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