Pol Pot

Pol Pot insane with power Pol Pot, the leader of the Red Khmer, ruled Cambodia from 1975 until 1979 and during that time he killed 1. 7 million of his brothers and sisters by starvation, overwork and executions (CGP). Pol Pot wanted his idea of an utopia in Cambodia and he forced his ideas on his whole country and people. When I first heard about Pol Pot in high school, I could not believe that anybody would do this to their own people and country and wondered why Pol Pot would do this to his people and country.

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Pol Pot has to be the worst dictator in history because, he forced everyone to farm the land, he closed all the schools, universities, temples, and he forced his idea of a utopia on his whole country. When Pol Pot came into power he forced everyone to the countryside to farm the land. Pol Pot did away with currency was not paying any of these people to farm the land and he was forcing them to live fifteen to twenty-five people to a shack. Pol Pot wanted to produce three tons of rice per hectare or 10,000 square feet.

He was going to use the money from the sale of the goods to finance light industry, and eventually heavy industry to make more money (Chandler 121). Pol Pot and his colleague had never farm before and did not know that the most that could be produce was a little less than one ton per hectare, so millions of people was starving, dying, and slaving and they were not even getting half way to their goal of three tons per hectare. Comparing what Pol Pot did to the book Anthem, this was worse because at least the Council gave people different jobs like scholar, doctor, street sweeper.

Pol Pot wanted everyone to produce rice so he could get make money, but Pol Pot and the Council did not pay the people for doing their jobs. I think this is wrong because a person should be able to choose what, when, and where to work. I think if a person wants to be a doctor and is qualified to do the job then he or she should be a doctor and earning a living. Pol Pot did not stop at making everyone his slave, he also closed all the schools, universities, and temples. Pol Pot barred education and closed all the schools. Pol Pot wanted total control of his people and knew without an education his people would be easier to control.

Pol Pot went as far as killing anyone with an education, spoke a different language other than Cambodian, and former teachers and educators (Kiernan). Pol Pot did not want anyone other than him and his organization with an education. Pol Pot banned religion and emptied all the Buddhist temples, churches, and any other religious places. Pol Pot stated “There to be only one religion Khmer religion” (Kiernan). Pol Pot wanted his people to follow him with no disruption and would kill anyone he thought was conspiracy against him. This is very similar to what the Council did in the book Anthem too.

The Council moved the ones that were rebels to jobs that need little to no education. The Council did this to International because she asked questions and knew that she would be a problem. The Council wanted to keep the society as problem free as possible like Pol Pot did in Cambodia. The Council only wanted its people to follow them like a religion faithful and this is what Pol Pot wanted too from his people. The Council and Pol Pot wanted a utopia or a perfect world and forced these ideas on their people. The last reason Pol Pot was the worse dictator of all time is because Pol Pot wanted a utopia and forced these ideas on his people.

When Pol Pot came into power in 1975 he declared “This is Year Zero,” and that society was about to be “purified” (Ball). Pol Pot wanted to wipe out any existence of the past from his country history by force. This is the reason Pol Pot banned education and killed off millions of his people to complete his goal. Pol Pot did not want any influence from the outside world to reach his people, so he shut down all the television and radio stations. Pol Pot prohibited any foreigners from entering Cambodia and any foreign aid (Chandler 100). I think what Pol Pot wanted was what the Council had in the book Anthem.

The Council almost successfully erased the past from the society memories, but there was people still around that remembered the past. The Council would put anyone in jail that spoke of the old days for ten years to keep their society purified. Pol Pot wanted his vision of a perfect world, and like the Council would gladly kill to reach his goal. Pol Pot is the worse dictator ever because he forced everyone to farm the land, he closed all the schools, universities, temples, and he forced his idea of a utopia on his whole country. I cannot understand why anyone would starve and murder 1. million people of his country. I see a lot of similarities between Pol Pot and the Council from the book Anthem. Pol Pot wanted his vision of an utopia or perfect world and would gladly send his country back to the Stone Age to reach his goal. Work Cited Ball, Howard. War crimes and justice: a reference hand book. 2002. Print. “ CGP,1994-2011. ” Cambodia Genocide Program. Yale University, 2011. Web. 12 Jul 2011 Chandler, David. Brother Number One. 1st. Boulder 1992. 1-243. Print. Kiernan, Ben. The Pol Pot Regime. third. New Haven: Yale University Press, 2008. Print. Rand, Ayn. Anthem . 1250. 2008. Print.


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