Plagiarism And Unfair Practices For International Students Education Essay

Plagiarism has been a job for international pupils due to “ presuming ” the fact that non every international pupil is cognizant of or has the cognition of this act ( plagiarism ) is seen and has been recognised as a offense globally. The rate at which plagiarism is been practiced is really alarming and has given the instruction sectors and the society at big great concern. This act has made the society admiration and as inquire the inquiry “ is it just or legal for another individual to harvest from the perspiration of what another individual has worked for? ” and has besides made the educational sectors ask the inquiry “ do pupils truly derive cognition from the act of plagiarism? ” The fact is that no 1 will let any other individual to harvest from the fruit of his or her labour. In all this we do n’t inquire the inquiry “ Does the society at big i.e. the universe at big, have cognition of what plagiarism is and the effects for this act? “ And besides “ Does the educational sectors globally impact the cognition and effects of plagiarism to pupils right from their simple school twenty-four hours? ” Plagiarism is seen as a offense all over the universe and is been handled earnestly. The unjust pattern of plagiarism is a widely exhibited activity of pupils and professionals and it ‘s done deliberately or non-intentionally. There has been a batch of difference on what plagiarism truly is by different educational sectors and the universe at big.

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I will be looking at what unjust pattern and plagiarism truly is and ways to avoid it.

What is an Unfair Practice?

The University of Wales- Prifysgol Cymru defines unjust patterns as “ an offense whereby a pupil additions for him/herself an unpermitted advantage in an appraisal or scrutiny ” .

Prifysgol Aberystwyth University defined an Unfair Practice as “ to perpetrate any act whereby a individual may obtain, for himself/herself or for another, an unpermitted advantage. ”

Cardiff University defined an unjust pattern as “ any act whereby a individual might obtain for him/herself or for another, an unpermitted advantage or a higher grade or class than his/her abilities would otherwise secure ” .

An Unfair pattern hence which can besides be called a “ dishonest act or exercising ” can be defined as when person tries to take advantage or take recognition for another individual ‘s difficult work “ largely often on intent ”

There are assorted ways to which both pupils commit unjust pattern which includes:



Victimizing or doing up a bias consequence

Unauthorized ownership of forbidden points in an scrutiny hall or Centre.

Copying or discoursing with a fellow pupil in an scrutiny hall without mandate from the scrutiny officers or supervisor.

Impersonating oneself or person else in an scrutiny hall or Centre.

What is Plagiarism?

Random House Compact Unabridged Dictionary 1995 defined plagiarism as the “ usage or close imitation of the linguistic communication and ideas of another writer and the representation of them as 1 ‘s ain original work. ”

The Oxford English Dictionary defines Plagiarism as “ to take and utilize as 1 ‘s ain the ideas, Hagiographas, or innovations of another ” ( Oxford English Dictionary 1987 ) .

The University of Oxford defines plagiarism as “ the copying or paraphrasing of other people ‘s work or thoughts into your ain work without full recognition both published and unpublished stuff, whether in manuscript, printed or electronic signifier ” . ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

Ronald B. Standler 2000 ( Plagiarism in Colleges in USA ) defined plagiarism as “ In minor instances, it can be the citation of a sentence or two, without citation Markss and without a commendation ( e.g. , footer ) to the true writer. In the most serious instances, a important fraction of the full work was written by person else: the plagiarizer removed the true writer ( s ) names ( s ) and substituted the plagiarizer ‘s name, possibly did some re-formatting of the text, so submits the work for recognition ”

Out of all this assorted definition of plagiarism we can now specify plagiarism as “ the usage of research plants, definitions, articles, books, diaries, text editions, undertakings etc. of another individuals with small or no alteration without proper mention to the original writer or without proper citation bespeaking it as an already bing definition or remark of person else and reasoning or subjecting it as a echt work ( either deliberately or non- deliberately ) ”

Plagiarism can be done either be knowing or non-intentional.

Intentional Plagiarism: This is when a author has the cognition of what plagiarism truly means but still goes in front and commits the act with the chief intent of seeking to lead on every one that his or her work is original.

Non- knowing Plagiarism: This is when the author does non hold an thought of what it means to plagiarize or how to utilize other peoples thought or Hagiographas without falling victim of the act.


There are different constructs on the assorted signifiers of plagiarism but I will be composing on four signifiers of plagiarism which includes:

Direct transcript: This is a signifier of plagiarism some people will prefer to name transcript and paste. This type of plagiarism act is frequently committed by some international pupil some likely without the cognition of this act as a offense. This signifier of plagiarism is when a individual picks a sentence or a paragraph from a research work or from a diary and puts it on his or her work without admiting the writer right or seting the copied sentence or paragraph in a quotation mark.

Analogy: This is a manner of comparison something or person in a manner that gives more significance or understanding about a sentence or actions. It ‘s a manner of clarifying. Analogy helps in understanding hard thoughts. This type of plagiarism occurs when person quotes an analogy from another beginning for his or her diary or research in order to exemplify his or her thought without admiting the writer.

Word/sentence reciprocation: This signifier of plagiarism can besides be referred to as word interchange or word switch. This signifier of plagiarism occurs when an individual/person takes a sentence or a paragraph from an already researched work or diary and edit it i.e. bit in / add some words and take some words in order to do it to look echt.

Concept: This signifier of plagiarism is besides or can besides be referred to as thought plagiarism. This signifier of plagiarism occurs when person takes or states an already researched solution to a job or advice on a research job without admiting the original proprietor of the construct.

Examples of plagiaristic statements and un-plagiarized statements:

Example 1

Modern communicating engineering is driving workers in the corporate universe to distraction. They feel buried under the big figure of messages they receive daily. In add-on to telephone calls, office workers receive tonss of electronic mails and voice mail messages daily. In one company, in fact, directors receive an norm of 100 messages a twenty-four hours. Because they do non hold adequate clip to react to these messages during office hours, it is common for them to make so in the eventides or at weekends at home.A

Beginning: University of Portsmouth, 2008, Academic Writing Skills, University of Portsmouth, Portsmouth – p.18 ) A

A paraphrased statement will be as therefore:

Coping with communicating engineering has been a large undertaking for the on the job category globally. Loads of e- mails, voice messages etc. are been left unattended to twenty-four hours after twenty-four hours and this is due to tonss of duties they face day-to-day, and they have no other manner of go toing to them order than during the weekends or late at dark in their places ” .

Sourced: University of Portsmouth, 2008, Academic Writing Skills, University of Portsmouth, Portsmouth-p.18

Example 2

Mobile phones doubtless make it easier for people to work wheresoever they choose. ( An American advertizement features a adult male with a golf bag speaking on his Mobile phone, stating his foreman that he is working from place. ) They are a great aid for people on the move, and they make it easier for people to acquire in touch with each other whenever they need to. They are quintessentially personal devices. Nipponese adolescents used to hold to phone each other at place, with the attender hazard that the phone would be answered by a grown-up ; now they can chew the fat to each other at all hours without being intercepted.

Beginning: The Economist, 1999 in Slaght, J. 2004, English for Academic Study: Writing Source Book, Garnet Education, Reading – p. 14 )

A paraphrased statement will be as therefore:

Work has been made flexible with the usage of nomadic phones. Communication with other people at ain convenience has been made easier and faster for everyone. Teenager has ever had the job of pass oning with friends merely when they are at place through the usage of wired phones ( land lines ) but modern engineering has change all that and communicating can be done anyplace and at anytime.

Beginning: The Economist, 1999 in Slaght, J. 2004, English for Academic Study: Writing Source Book, Garnet Education, Reading – p. 14 )


There are different grounds why pupils plagiarize and I will be speaking on few of them

Context quandary: Some pupils find difficult to understand what the inquiry, undertaking or assignment is all about. It could be due to miss of sound cognition or such pupils need excess manus to expanciate or explicate more in broader footings what the inquiry is all approximately. When pupils have such jobs they find it even more hard to come up with echt thoughts for an reply thereby taking or go forthing them with the pick of copying other already researched thoughts.

Negligence: This could happen due to miss of inspiration to work hard and bring forth thoughts on the research inquiry or such student natural is been lazy to work thereby giving an unfastened spread to copy other peoples research and assignments.

Dialect Problems: This relates more to international pupils. Not every international pupil comes from an English speech production state and thereby happen it really hard to acquire along with, header with the or show their thoughts or even compose it down in their ain personal words and thereby go forth them with the pick of copying from other beginnings and go forthing out their thoughts and depending on others.

Ignorance: In this instance most international pupils are non cognizant of the term called plagiarism or cognize what it is all approximately. Most of them have non had a sound instruction or talk to admonish them on the effects of perpetrating such offense and they are non cognizant it ‘s been recognised as offense and happen it difficult to get by with composing up echt thoughts.

Desire for a Better Merchandise: The fact that international pupils will desire to hold high recognition or be graded high in their researches and assignments leads them to copying other yesteryear researched plants and they believe copying other past research works makes their work perfect.

Uncertainty: Some international pupils are non confident of themselves, their thoughts, works or research. They believe they do n’t hold the right words to do a point so thereby they believe copying another individual ‘s work or research will do them more confident that they have the right replies or have written the right remarks on the inquiry asked.

Assignment ‘s demand: sometimes pupils have a batch of work burden of different assignments from different lectors and researches and do n’t hold adequate clip to work on every one of them.

Detering Exercise: This can be because of the research or the assignment is or has nil to actuate the pupils to set involvement i.e. the assignment or research is tiring for them to hold involvement in introducing or coming up with echt thoughts.

Insufficient informations: Sometimes pupils may non be able to happen the information they need to work on the research and thereby expression for an already research information or research and transcript from it.


To avoid plagiarism and unjust patterns there are things that should be taking earnestly into consideration a few of these things includes:

Always guarantee that you write down Bibliographic inside informations of every note or from any beginning to which you are acquiring inside informations or jotting notes from.

Always use citation Markss when doing a quotation mark of person else ‘s researched remark so they stand out from the remainder of the text and in such act thereby bespeaking them as non your ain words.

When rephrasing any sentence guarantee you indicate/acknowledge the beginning of the thought.

When jotting note, ever guarantee you write down and divide your ain thoughts

Ensure you ever use words of your ain in sentences and paragraphs.

Know how to cite plants decently.

Ensure that your work, assignment or research is non been copied or given to another pupil to acquire information i.e. ne’er give it to another pupil to copy from.

Read the scrutiny instructions regulations and avoid taking in any forbidden points into the exam hall or Centre.

Never go forth your assignment or researches until the last minute in order to avoid haste.


Plagiarism is an offense and many international pupils still fall victim of this offense. Many of these pupils are non cognizant of this offense and it is the responsibilities of educational establishment to learn them and assist them in avoiding this offense in their twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours larning. It helps one to construct up self assurance in his or her work and helps to be advanced and originative.


Robyn Broyles andA T rent Lorcher, What Every Student Should Know About Plagiarism June 2009

Mr David McParlin, Mr David McParlin, Academic Regulation on Unfair Practice, 2010

Dr Hugh s Pyper, Avoiding plagiarism, Advice for pupils, GlyndAµr University 2000


Cecilia Barnbaum, Ph.D. Plagiarism: A Student ‘s Guide to Acknowledging It and Avoiding It, May 2002

See the following essay inquiry ; discuss the positive and negative effects of globalization on China.

Use Google or any other appropriate hunt engine to happen two articles. Then finish the tabular arraies.

Article 1


Effectss of globablisation on China.

Title of article

Globalization and China ‘s

Economic and Financial Development

Date ( current? )

September 2005

Name of writer or organisation

Gregory C. Chow

Writer ‘s certificates:

Qualifications, rubric, employer/affiliations

Professor of Economics Princeton University

Contentss ( brief sum-up )

It has been shown, that, contrary to the beliefs of the critics, globalisation so promotes growing and development. The state with the biggest positive alteration in globalisation from 1975 to 2000 has ever been China. Countries that globalized more experiences higher growing rates. The accusal that poorness prevails because of globalisation is hence non valid.

Is the article reliable?



Globalization has assorted facets which affect the universe in several different ways and after my research it is clear that China has had more positive consequence than negative in every facet of its economic system.

Article 2


Effectss of globalisation on China.

Title of article

WhatA doesA GlobalizationA bringA toA China

Date ( current? )

9th June 2009

Name of writer or organisation

Prof. Dr. Xuewu Gu

Writer ‘s certificates:

Qualifications, rubric, employer/affiliations

Director of the Institute of East Asiatic Politicss of Bochum University in Germany,

professor of the Shanghai Council for European Studies,

A Non-Residential Senior Research Fellow of the Center for European Integration Studies of the University of Bonn.

Contentss ( brief sum-up )

Globalization has assorted facets which affect the universe in several different ways. Globalization offers China chances every bit good as challenges. How should it endeavor to gain from the advantages and avoid the injury brought approximately by the disadvantages is what should be concentrated on.

Is the article reliable?



Out of my determination and researches there are clear grounds of what Globalization has brought into the investing infinite of China and therefore boosted China ‘s economic growing. Globalization, to a big extent has ensured that China ‘s economic system developed in a balanced manner by maintaining gait with the universe economic system.



Huawei is a private owned telecommunication company and has been a taking solution supplier since 1988 and for over 100 states. Huawei attained its first advancement into the planetary market in 1993 and has made great impact in the telecommunication market globally.

Huawei offers services of bettering informations communicating, nucleus web, web transmittal, value added services etc with low runing cost with high client precedence in head. The mission statement for Huawei is “ To concentrate on our clients ‘ market challenges and demands by supplying first-class communications web solutions and services in order to systematically make maximal value for clients ” , “ Huawei ‘ s vision is to enrich people ‘s lives through communicating ” . Huawei 2010

China ‘s largest telecoms cogwheel shaper, jumped 46 per centum to 23.3 billion USD. Huawei besides forecast gross revenues of more than 30 billion USD in 2009. Huawei Technologies was included in the World ‘s Most Respected 200 Companies list compiled byA ForbesA magazine in May 2007A one of the six from the telecom industry. In 2008, Business Week magazine included Huawei in their inaugural list of ‘The World ‘s Most Influential Companies. In 2009 World Intellectual Property OrganizationA ( WIPO ) ranked Huawei as the largest applicant under WIPO’sA Patent Cooperation TreatyA ( PCT ) and China improved its ranking by one topographic point, to go the 6th largest user of the PCT, with 6,089 filings. In 2010 Fast Company ranked Huawei the fifth most advanced company in the universe.


Huawei presently started marketing their new merchandises “ Huawei CX600 Metro Services Platform V600R001 ” which was made available December 2009.A

Huawei CX600 Metro Services Platform ( MSP ) is a Metro Ethernet merchandise base on the routing platform. It focuses on Ethernet services entree, collection and transmittal in metro country. It chiefly locates at metro entree and collection point.


The selling scheme is simple ;

They avoid the high-costs of purchasing shelf infinite at the major retail merchants and let them to come to us or travel around them.

Their end is to sell monolithic sums of merchandises, but without the insane up-front capital costs to develop instant trade name acknowledgment in the consumer market.

They run hard and run to win, and watch the hard currency flow.

The focal point of Huawei service is on companies in the public-service corporation industry. This market is peculiarly attractive due to the big figure of houses and the fact that the industry generates measures for indispensable services to over 100 million families on a revenant footing.

Huawei tries to supply important costs nest eggs and the ability to heighten its interaction and relationship with its clients.

Customer Focus Strategy

Serving their clients is the lone ground Huawei exists ; Customer demand is the cardinal drive force of their development.

High quality, first-class service, low operating costs, and giving top precedence to run intoing client demands to heighten their fight and profitableness.

Continuously executing direction transmutation to recognize efficient process-based organisation operation for guaranting high quality end-to-end bringing.

Developing with our equals in the industry as both rivals and spouses to jointly make a favorable environment and portion the benefits of the value concatenation.

Bing that it is a transnational company that provides services to exceed companies, they maintain the criterion of bettering their merchandise.


Huawei based in China has become a good known for its enormous impact in the technological universe. Been able to use and maximise resources where labor is inexpensive and technological cognition is much, they invariably increase their quality and demand are traveling higher for this company. Huawei is now a universe category telecommunication provider with its uninterrupted production and betterment of its merchandises and services and its trueness to its clients.


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