Physical Education Philosophy

KIN 103 Mr. Cramer Nov 12 2010 Physical education class instruction should be designed for all students. I believe that every skill, activity, and game should be taught with the non-athlete in mind. Sometimes those students get pushed to the back because they are not the most talented. My philosophy of physical education deals with students becoming physically fit. The major reason for having physical education in schools is to lead the students toward better lifestyles.

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The plan as a physical educator is to have students physically in shape, by their exit of high school. This takes work but it can be done. A good activity that could be introduced in physical education programs is a ropes course. Rope courses are great for students to get into the teamwork mentality. This could help students be dependable on each other and trust each other. Education is not only a necessity, but a major part of life. Educators need to make students realize that they are accomplishing something every time a fact is embedded in their head.

A good way of letting children know they are learning is by positive feedback. Positive feedback can work wonders with struggling students, as well as achieving students. If teachers made an effort to make their classes as enjoyable as possible for learning, students may eventually love attending physical education classes. Every student has the ability to learn. Some students learn at a more rapid pace than others. The job as a physical educator is to bring out the best in each student.

Physical education teachers need to know where every student stands on their ability to learn. Each student has his/her on preference as to what he/she wants to learn. We need to introduce more activities that females like to do such as: dance, aerobics, and gymnastics. Gymnastics was once a big part of physical education, but has since diminished. Rollerblading could also be a good sport for both sexes and good also fit in as lifetime activity. Students in physical education should know the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle.

In conclusion everyone has a different philosophy about education. But most of them nowadays consist of the same qualities. So things need to change if I want physical education to fit my philosophy. Hopefully more teachers will start to get a “physically fit” philosophy and stop rolling out basketballs in every class. If this could be taught around the country then people could be better fit physically. If the population is in better shape then doctor bills will diminish and the government won’t spend so much money on health care.


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