Persuasive Memorandum Essay

Under Armour has established itself as a extremely successful athleticss wear trade name. the ground for its success is the fact that merchandises manufactured by U. A are designed with full apprehension of an athlete’s demands. The U. A’s branded shop at Annapolis appears to be extremely popular among athleticss partisans as it offers them a alone chance to see the full scope of U. A’s merchandises2

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The gross revenues associates at the Annapolis shop are a extremely knowing squad. and possess an in-depth cognition of U. A’s extended merchandise line. Soon our gross revenues associates are extremely capable of helping clients in taking the right merchandise for an intended intent. nevertheless there is a demand to retrain our gross revenues squad so that in add-on to turn toing the clients intended purpose. they can find the clients physical status or organic structure type and urge a merchandise that ideally suits the client.

Why does U. A demand to retrain its Gross saless Associates?

No two persons can of all time be same so a merchandise that suits one person’s organic structure type may non needfully suite the others body type. For case when a client asks for a brace running shoe. our gross revenues associates will be capable of demoing them the complete scope of running places. and so allow the client take his choice. In order to vouch client satisfaction it is indispensable to find the clients foot type. whether he/she has a supinator. pronator or impersonal arched pes3. This cognition will assist the gross revenues associate to urge a shoe that is most likely to supply optimum tantrum and maximise public presentation.

In the same manner other merchandises such as interior wear need to corroborate to the wearer’s physical status in order to guarantee an optimum tantrum and comfort. hence a retraining programme is required to develop these accomplishments among our gross revenues associates.

Advantages of the retraining programme

The retraining programme will add value to the Under Armour trade name. people will get down to place the trade name as one that genuinely assists jocks in accomplishing superior public presentation. Customer satisfaction degrees may increase. because when clients are given a merchandise that suits both their demand and their organic structure type. there is seldom room for ailments. The retraining programme will do the gross revenues associate more confident and assist them to increase their cognition base. and larn more about freshly introduced merchandise classs such as footwear which was launched in April 20064. The construct of supplying high degree proficient aid to purchasers will function as an add-on to the company’s U. S. P’s ( Unique Selling Points ) . this may take to increase in company’s retail gross revenues.

Major Concerns related to the retraining programme

A primary concern related to the retraining programme is that. it will consequence the operations across several sections. Revision and up step of the bing merchandise preparation programme will necessitate collaborated attempt from merchandise design section and the preparation section hence this may consequence normal operations of the merchandise design section. nevertheless the advantages of the retraining programme will far outweigh minor incommodiousnesss that shall be encountered in the procedure of implementing this thought.

Concerns about the preparation programme haltering the shop operations can be taken attention of by spliting the gross revenues associates into maximal figure of little batches. this will guarantee that sufficient staff is available at the shop while each batch in bend undergoes intensive merchandise preparation.

It is hoped that the retraining programme will assist in creative activity of a extremely skilled gross revenues force capable of supplying the clients with a alone shopping experience.


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