Personality Reflection Paper

Personality Reflection Personality is the window into the human persona. The, who and what, when and how, humans interact; can be explained through personality. Personality is what gives life into the human race. So many theories exist to explain personality types and why people act a certain way. Understanding the types of personalities and understanding one’s own type can help in deciphering emotions and social interactions.

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Several topics will be addressed like my definition of personality, my key personality features, how others view my personality, my personality features consistency and inconsistencies, personality tests and results and what makes a test reliable and valid. According to Merriam-Webster’s Online Dictionary (2010), personality is defined as “the quality or state of being a person. ” The state of being a person is how I would define personality. Personality is the essence of human interaction. Take away our individual personalities and our interactions will become robotic and predictable.

Many researchers have also tried to answer the question of what personality is and have come up with six general approaches. The six general approaches in answering what is personality are: “the psychoanalytic approach, the trait approach, the biological approach, the humanistic approach, the behavioral/social learning approach, and the cognitive approach (Burger, 2008). ” Some personality features that define me are helpful, motivating, caring, and peacemaker. Many people state that I am helpful and tend to lend a helping hand when needed.

For as long as I can remember I have always been a helpful individual. More so than being rewarded for helping, my satisfaction has come from just knowing I help another in need. Another personality feature that defines me is the motivator. Because of my personal circumstances I understand the need to motivate others so they do not make the same mistakes I made. I believe that if I can motivate others to be better than they believe they can be, in my own little way I motivate myself to do better in my life professionally and personally.

I tend to be extremely caring and most of the time I am thoughtful and considerate. Finally, many would consider me a peacemaker. Although, a side of me is a bit uninhibited, I tend to be the peacemaker in many situations. Many features attribute to my diverse personality but many tend to view my personality features in the same way as I perceive myself. People’s perceptions of my personality mirror my own thoughts. However, those who do not know me tend to believe that I am shy and portray an intimidating image. My demeanor portrays a different personality than those that know me.

Initially when I meet people, I have been told that I look mean and unapproachable. Anyone who knows me beyond a mere acquaintance would instantly state I am helpful and caring, exactly how I perceive myself. My personality is normally consistent but because of my illness many of my personality features are beginning to change. Before my illness I had patience, but because of my illness, my tolerance for patiently waiting has dwindled and an impatient and irritable attitude is becoming normal. Under normal circumstances my personality is usually consistent.

The one factor I believe firmly is in always being who you are in any situation and in social interactions. Recently I took a personality test and found the results to be surprisingly accurate. The test was 40 questions long and mostly pertained to my personality. The test was interesting because it forced me to be honest and asked the questions in a way that made me reflect on my persona. The test intrigued me so much, I am going to take the Myers-Briggs personality test so that I can attach it to my resume and let any prospective employers understand my strengths.

A personality test is reliable if the results are accurate and can be proven against the test taker. A test is also valid if it helps the taker understand who they are and why they act a certain way. Another valid measurement of a personality test is if it helps others understand the individual’s personality and allows them to know how to adjust themselves in certain situations. In conclusion, personality is the face of the human existence. The world exists because of personality.

Many examples of those without personalities exist; for instance, individuals in comas or those that are in a vegetated state due to a coma inducing incident shed light onto what life would be like without a personality. Knowing and understanding your own personality and others personality, can help bridge the communication gap between many individuals. Understanding the many personality types can also help corporations understand what makes its workforce operate under certain circumstances. Personality is a complex issue and understanding the foundation of personality can greatly enhance ones understanding of the human existence.


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