Personal Response on Sexuality Identity Essay

Sexual activity is a important act of life. The title is normally initiated by rousing and consequences in construct or sheer satisfaction. A great trade of idea seldom goes into the executing of the existent public presentation. as sexual impulses are natural. The true learning ability lies within the idea processes associated with sex. Love. committedness. and friendly relationship are three facets that I have ever questioned upon prosecuting in sexual activities with others. I identified with the hedonic value system before taking this class. I justified my sexual enterprises by keeping that my picks “felt right. at the time” .

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I now favor the positivist value system because it provides me with the opportunity to anticipate hurting or problems that may be connected to a goad the minute determination. Physical and societal facets of my universe have played a big portion in me detecting my sexual orientation. Once I came to understand myself as a heterosexual person. historical and scientific positions helped me to further understand the universe around me. Relationships have been rare in my love life. I find that my early attractive force to others stem from their physical visual aspect and is so heightened by the individual’s personality.

I think that the relationships I have been a portion of. would hold fared better if I possessed healthier communicating techniques. Communication is by far one of the most of import parts of any relationship and there are multiple techniques that can be exercised to better every bond. Overall. my full sexual experience has been positively affected by the information that I have learned in this class. I found the first clip that I engaged in sexual intercourse to be tickle pinking. It was as if I had tried a new drug. that I could non acquire plenty of.

From that point forth. I had sex whenever I wanted to. When I was “in the mood” I had sex to make the degree of satisfaction I had become accustomed to. I did non hold any peculiar set of regulations or values that I followed during my early old ages of sexual geographic expedition. So upon come ining this class I realized that the value system that most closely mirrored my sexual determination devising was hedonic. Harmonizing to BCBSR ( 2009 ) . “The chase of pleasance and personal felicity is paramount in the heads of most people in the society and so is even a constitutional right in the US.

In fact freedom for many has come to be understood as intending merely freedom to make whatever you want to make. Such a value system is reflected in the laterality of the drug civilization. sexual promiscuousness and matrimonial infidelity. and the general rebellious attitude both among the immature and old. ” While I still find comfort in moving spontaneously to carry through certain desires. I have combined parts of the positivist value system into my sexual determination devising. Experience has taught me that instant satisfaction can stop in agonies and discord that are non even worthy of the initial act.

So. I now use “reason to weigh the effects of classs of action to do a decision” ( Rathus. Nevid. Fichner-Rathus. 2005 ) . I was naif to many of the psychological games played by others in relation to sex but non in the topic to protecting myself from STDs or adolescent gestation. This is where my critical thought came into drama. Understanding the attack I had in respect to sex. led me to transport my ain rubbers and get down taking birth control. I insisted that all of my sexual spouses wear rubbers and visibly put them on before intercourse.

I was disbelieving about many of the “facts” some of my spouses would state me because their informations so frequently contradicted information I had learned in my sex wellness categories. I made certain to inquire my physician inquiries and I took excess stairss to educate myself every bit much as possible. Now that this class is over my critical thought has magnified. I pay closer attending to things that people say and consider all possibilities of what they can truly intend. So far the extra critical thought has helped me enormously. The physical and societal facets of my universe have decidedly played a portion in my sexual orientation.

In my adolescent old ages I felt a strong physical attractive force to males. Even if I did non understand why I had such feelings. they were strong and undeniable. I witnessed the fondness between my female parent and male parent and identified that type of fondness to be normal. All of my friends besides identified with these same types of feelings. Even the G rated Disney films we watched illustrated love to be between a adult male and a adult female. I was sheltered from homosexualism. so I did non hold a job or any other type of wonders until that construct was introduced to me in the 5th class.

I asked many inquiries and began to see the universe around me otherwise. I would look at misss and inquire how it would experience to encompass them as I had ever known to merely be between a adult male and a adult female. When I began to travel to church that same twelvemonth of 5th class. I became baffled because historically sex was to be between a adult male and a adult female. I remember the bible poetry from the “Book of Leviticus which was evident in its disapproval: If a adult male lies with a adult male as with a adult female. both of them have committed an abomination ; they shall be put to decease. their blood is upon them ( Leviticus 20:13 ) .

By the clip I learned of the scientific positions. like being homosexual since birth. I had given up seeking to understand this subject that many grownups did non even have a full apprehension of. I realized I was funny about homosexualism but content in cognizing that I identified with being heterosexual. The development of my gender individuality was chiefly affected by the milieus in which I grew up. I am the first girl and granddaughter. Socially. my parents raised me to be happy and balanced. while my grandparents preferred me to be really priggish.

They all considered me a princess and instilled in me that I should ever be treated that manner. Physically. I identified with my female parent as we shared the same anatomy. I of course adopted her warm and nurturing idiosyncrasy. Though. mentally I portion many of my father’s traits. Independence. strength. above mean athletic abilities. and overbearing rebelliousness are a few of the traits many would see masculine. I can place with both terminals of the masculinity-femininity continuum. I am non a cooky cutter illustration of either Scopess and I do non see this as an issue.

I believe that the bulk of people can place with both terminals of the spectrum. and embrace the hermaphroditism they emit. “Infatuation is a province of intense soaking up in or concentrating on another individual. It is normally accompanied by sexual desire. elation. and general physiological rousing or excitement” ( Rathus. Nevid. Fichner-Rathus. 2005 ) . Most of the relationships that I have had can be characterized by sex and infatuation. In first meeting person I determine if I am attracted to them. Kind eyes. sexy smiling. and tallness are cardinal traits I consider in attraction. Personality features include considerate. romantic. houghtful. honest. and humourous.

Prosecuting these peculiar qualities while looking for love has led me to see more than a few manners of love. One’s physical properties appeal to my sexual desires outright whereas their personality properties are mentally exciting. As I stated in a old assignment. “The most prevailing relationships are the 1s in which I identify to be of a romantic manner of love. It seems as if I get a haste from the overpowering infatuation and once it dissipates I can non happen a new “love” speedy plenty. ” ( Ajavon. Checkpoint: Manners of Love. 2010 )

The foundation of my full sexual orientation could hold advanced to this point on a drum sander class if I possessed healthier communicating accomplishments. The few relationships I have held changed who I was as a individual. I speak from experience when I say communicating is important. Expressing choler. defeat. or injury has proved hard when in the heat of the minute. Many times I have spoken without proper idea and caused more hurting than I really intended to.

The biggest betterment that I have made in pass oning efficaciously is staying unagitated and commanding my emotions. The calmer the couple’s bodily responses. the more their relationship improved as clip went on. On the other manus. twosomes whose Black Marias beat more quickly. who sweated more. and who moved approximately agitatedly had relationships that deteriorated over the undermentioned three years” ( Rathus. Nevid. Fichner-Rathus. 2005 ) . Ultimately. my sexual individuality has been shaped by multiple facets. I have come to recognize that I did non ab initio follow a value system because I needed the experience to assist determine the way I would take to travel in.

I did non even comprehend that I had assumed the hedonic value system until this class and now that I have completed it I will take with me the footing of the rationalistic value system. My critical thought in relation to determinations I make about sex have besides been compounded. I believe that my childhood was a small sheltered and unnatural but the physical and societal facets of the universe around me assisted in the apprehension of my sexual orientation by seeing the full spectrum of human gender. despite the age I came to see everything as a whole. I am immature adult female that likes to dress up. be pampered. play video games. and hoops.

My topographic point on the masculinity-femininity continuum is non outlined or contoured to any one generalisation one has already created. as I am absolutely imperfect. My relationships have ranged from infatuation to existent love. and I would non alter it for the universe. Even my sexual infatuations have taught me much about myself and the type of people I am attracted to. However. I think the biggest lessons I will go forth this class with are those I have learned to better my communicating accomplishments. I have already employed them in my journey and the impact has been overpowering.


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