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Persepolis Analysis

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In Persepolis. the writer Marjane Satrapi deals the feeling alienated by her ain state. but besides by any other state she tries to shack. She is to occidentalize for Iran. but to Iranian for the West. so she is invariably contending with herself about who she truly is and how she can cover with it. The whole point of this subdivision is about Maji eventually accepting who she is. after holding fighting with it for the full book. Her overall pick to eventually acquire divorced was the first measure in allowing spell of her futile efforts to conform to what society sees as “right” or “proper” . By non caring about what people were traveling to state to her or about her because she was a divorced adult females ( the manner that they had done to her friend’s sister on page 332 ) .

She alternatively listened to her modern and logical grandmother who said “the first matrimony is a dry tally for the 2nd one” and in this manner Marji seems to be reminded of merely who she is ; a miss who doesn’t attention if she was thrown out of school. or ostracized by society every bit long as she could do her positions known.

This subdivision starts out with Marji coming place and seeing her pregnant sister-in-law. and as she is go forthing she says. “Don’t forget that my boy needs a cousin. what are you waiting for? ” and this is where you see Marji and Reza snuggling nearer together and blinking their sham uncomfortable smilings. Although earlier Marji references that everyone sees them as a merrily married twosome. and that there is truly problem in Eden. this is the first clip we the readers truly see it. This image is besides used to bode what happens following. The 2nd the sister-in-law leaves both of their faces bead into a frown. and Reza says. “We demand to speak. ” they sit down. and as Marji explains that they’re matrimony has been a complete failure. neither of them is able to do oculus contact.

Reza eventually makes oculus contact when he tries to state her that he is still in love with her. but she still doesn’t look him in the oculus. until he shocks her by aiming that they should travel to France together. This is the point where Marji genuinely realized who she was and felt empowered by her determination. She comes to grips that traveling to France would be the same ground as why they got married. so they could acquire around the that societal force per unit areas. that their love had been dead for a long clip. and there is non point in seeking to do it work.

A twosome yearss subsequently she tells her parents she want to travel to France. and they are ace excited because they see her traveling to Europe as her eventually being safe non merely from the physical injury of force in their state but besides from the societal force per unit area to conform ( which they know Marji is ne’er traveling to be able to adhere to ) . But the facial look alteration when the male parent admits that he knew the whole clip that the matrimony wasn’t traveling to work. The Mom’s face is really speculative as to what he is stating her. In the following frame her face turns angry because she believes that she has been manipulated by the male parent. But the ground that the male parent had to allow the matrimony go through was because he knew that if he forbid Marji from get marrieding Reza it would merely stop severely ; since Marji is such a strong willed person if she was forbid to make something it would merely do he desire to make it more.

This blows up in his face because his married woman seems to travel indoors herself. turns her dorsum. and refuses to speak to him. However what he says following opened her female parent up to what he had to state. He tells her she wasn’t made to populate in Iran because they are crushed non merely by their authorities. but besides by the weight of their tradition. Which absolutely sums up what Satrapi has been seeking to portray this whole clip.

Marjane’s female parent articulations in by speaking about how their revolutions have set them back 50 old ages. and as a consequence it is gon sodiums take coevalss for them to acquire them back on path. but Marji isn’t tantrum for that society in which they live and now that she is 24. she doesn’t need her parent any longer. Her parents have known who Marji was all along ; although she has a proud Persian background. she is much to “western-minded” to thrive in Iran. This is a point that she is merely get downing to recognize ; as a consequence she took a trial to come in the school of cosmetic humanistic disciplines in Strasbourg.

All of page 340 is about Marjan fixing to go forth her place land one time once more. She spent every forenoon roving in the mountains of Tehran as an attempted to keep on to something that she feels is a portion of her. embedded deep down in her Deoxyribonucleic acid. This is an effort to keep on to this new interior peace that she has found. During this period she goes on a trip with her grandmother. visits her grandfather’s grave every bit good as the unmarked grave where her uncle Anoosh’s organic structure was buried. and spent a batch of quality clip with her parents. These things were placed here as a contrast to her readying for the first trip on pages 149-151 where Marji knows that she is traveling to be returning. this clip she understands that fact that she needs to go forth in order to populate a full and happy life.

This trip. she is accompanied by both of her parents every bit good as her grandma. Marji says “ I had chosen this going but despite everything. I felt really sad. ” This pick is much like the 1 to travel to college. Although you love your heritage. and being surrounded by your household. there comes a point where you have to take to go on to populate your life at that phase. and face the fact that you will most likely merely be able to have a second-rate occupation. and in most instances continue to populate in your parents cellar.

Or you could recognize that by go forthing for college you have a superb chance to see antic new escapades and civilizations. And finally college opens many doors so you can make greater highs in life. Marji loves Iran. her household. and her heritage. But in order to be genuinely satisfied in her life. she needed to go forth. The last thing her ma says on page 341 is a simple and perfect manner to sum it up. “You are a free adult female. the Iran of today is non for you. ”

In the concluding frame Marji says that this adieu is much easier than the first 1 that she took to Austria. This is because this clip she eventually knows that Iran is portion of her. but she knows she doesn’t belong. She so negotiations about how she is no longer a kid. there is no longer war. and her female parent doesn’t swoon ; but what isn’t seen is that while the parents are confronting Marji and beckoning merrily ( because they are relieved to cognize that their girl is eventually in a safe topographic point. where she will suit in and populate a happy life ) . her grandma is turned the other way shouting. This foreshadows that her grandma knows she isn’t traveling to acquire much more clip with her granddaughter in this life.

The last and concluding quotation mark was the most powerful of the whole book. “… freedom had a price…” this point was demonstrated all throughout the narrative. Every character had some type of battle with freedom ; wether it be the sufferer who were executed in the effort to derive it. her friends in Austria who had excessively much of it and as a consequence had to literally do things up to kick about. or even Marji who felt burdened by her freedom because she knew that the people she loved were covering with such subjugation.


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