Performance Management At Emaar Management Essay

The study features wholly are in six major subdivisions. Section one is about Performance direction and public presentation assessment at Emaar. Section two is about Reward Management that Emaar uses. Section three is about Addressing Underperformnce. Section four is about steps of staff satisfaction. Section five is approximately methods to betterments. Section six which the last 1 is the decision.

More over, there are some appendixes I have attached in my study, Appendix 1 is the Aprriasal signifier and appendix 2 the issue interview.

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Finally, Most of the information in the study was from my ain experience at Emaar and some specifics from Emaar web site and questioning employees every bit good.

Performance Management at Emaar

At Emaar, Performance Management is considered as a cyclical procedure embracing many facets. Their theoretical account begins with the procedure of hiring, continues with day-to-day public presentation direction, and extends to yearly public presentation assessments specially when doing engaging determinations, directors, persons and commissions are involved in the procedure should see the seven nucleus competences established by Emaar which are:



Professional and Self Development

Work Quality and Job cognition


Service Orientation


From at that place, Emaar supervisors should pull off employees ‘ day-to-day public presentation through an efficient and effectual public presentation direction system. As a consequence of a efficient and effectual and utile public presentation direction system, supervisors should be able to supply accurate and relevant public presentation appraisals that helps farther growing and betterment among employees at Emaar. By institute a successful public presentation direction based upon the seven nucleus competences, Emaar is able to engage, lead and evaluate persons based on the same set of the competences which offers consistence and continued growing.

Appraisal Performance

Appraisal public presentation is considered one of the powerful tools and an of import procedure at all degrees of the organisation get downing from the top direction and stoping with employees. It helps supervisors to run into the aims and ends of the section and the house every bit good. In add-on, companies must maintain gait with procedure to suit the alterations of the concern degree contents and public presentation methods, and the alteration of the staff accomplishments and cognition. Appraisal helps to make assurance between employees and raise their trueness to the house. ( See Appendix 1 )

Appraisal public presentation from some writers view

public presentation assessment as any process that involves puting work criterions, measuring the employee ‘s existent public presentation relation to these criterions, and supplying feedback to the employees with the purpose of actuating that individual to extinguish public presentation lacks or to go on to execute above par “ Dessler ”

Another definition for public presentation assessment is the rating, frequently in composing an employee ‘s work and occupation public presentation harmonizing to specific standards. Performance assessment can besides be defined as a system of periodic reappraisal and rating of an person ‘s or squad ‘s occupation public presentation “ Schuller ”

Appraisal public presentation at Emaar

Emaar behavior appraisal quarterly and yearly to measure employees ‘ public presentation, promote communicating and their personality to analyze their strengths and failing. Besides, Emaar ensures all the employees who conducted the rating that their information are confidential and secured for doing right determinations for them. Appraisal public presentation is of import for such a company because it provides them with employees ‘ feedback of employees ‘ public presentation and advancement. Performance assessment aims at facilitate employees ‘ development and it has the major intents. These major intents is to supply feedback and counsel, to put public presentation ends, to place preparation demands, and to supply inputs for direction of wage disposal, wagess, and publicity.

Besides there are some stairss which are involved in effectual public presentation assessment are

Designation of cardinal public presentation countries and puting annual aims.

Designation of critical properties for effectual public presentation

Periodic reappraisal of public presentation

Discussion of public presentation with employees,

Designation of preparation and developmental demands.

Emaar uses many methods for public presentation rating of their employees, some of them are traditional and some are modern methods.

Incident Indicator Method

It is done by roll uping the largest possible figure of incidents that causes the success or the failure of the work. Supervisors monitor their group and make up one’s mind if any of those gathered incidents happened to them in their work. Their public presentation will be evaluated based on the incidents that happened in their workplace and how they behaved during those incidents and how serious they are in footings of success or failure of the occupation.

360 degree Performance

The 360 procedure about ever includes a study that has inquiries related to leading and organisational success, along with a corresponding graduated table rate each point for illustration, Agree, Slightly Agree, Neutral, Slightly Disagree, and Disagree. Self-ratings and evaluations from employee ‘s director, direct studies, equals and clients are typically compiled into a study. The consequences are combined and presented by rater class, which allows for insightful comparings while guaranting that single direct study, equal and client raters remain anon. . Evaluations by the employee ‘s director are besides presented for comparing but non anon. .

The 360 procedure may besides include a gaol scene or development planning constituent, which requires that directors translate there consequences into a meaningful program for future development. Some 360s are linked to administrative procedures such as public presentation assessment, publicity, compensation and sequence planning

360 Feedback offers many possible benefits to both staff and the organisation. Because the technique is capitalizes on multiple positions. The consequences are considered extremely believable and utile public presentation feedback.

For employees, the 360 experience can assist to corroborate intuitions about strengths and place countries that need betterment. Bing able to compare feedback from multiple beginnings helps participants contrast their self-perceptions with other ‘s perceptual experiences of them. But the benefit from this sort of world cheque comes with a challenge: As from Fortune article “ 360 Feedback Can Change Your Life ” . Receiving the consequences of the feedback can be surprising, powerful and uncomfortable. To assist directors appreciate their strengths and non merely concentrate on negative consequences, Emaar provides in one-on-one or group scenes with trained managers, facilitator or psychologists. Such Sessionss can besides assist directors associate 360 consequences to old public presentation feedback discover public presentation subjects and issues and understand how to utilize consequences to be more successful.

For Emaar, a successful 360 execution can better communicating among employees and assist circulate the organisation ‘s outlooks with respect to directors. The benefits can get down even before the 360 is implemented. A determination to implement the procedure signals that the organisation desires and is committed on some degree to better its feedback mechanisms. Even the diction of the study itself is informative. 360 studies are typically group behaviours into bread success factors such as strategic way, analytical accomplishments, interpersonal effectivity and developing others. The really act of placing these classs and so specifying them by their associated behaviors, for case, see future deductions when doing determinations gives Emaar a common linguistic communication with which to discourse public presentation.

Forced Distribution

In this method, employees are evaluates on the footing of their overall public presentation of the work.

Paired comparing attack

That this method is derived from the superior method, the cardinal difference between them is that the ingredient instead than an single compares with the remainder of the persons at one time, as under the method of comparing by comparing the single two-base hit with every one of them This method is characterized by the followers

Easily explained to others.

Facilitate the undertaking of who conduct the assessment, as it is easy for him to compare between two employees and take merely the best of them.

Can be used this manner by the caputs of divisions and sections in the organisations when asked to put up some of the subsidiaries for the intent of publicity or fillips and so on.

The unfavorable judgment of this method are as follows:

That persons are being compared with each other as if they were one unit, so it lacks behavioral specialisation and taking focal points on personal facets instead than behaviors.

The rating might be susceptible to bias and favoritism.

Persons are evaluated by falling order ( I, II, III, IV, … . ) does non bespeak the comparative grade of difference among them.

Does non demo the failings in the public presentation of persons to move and happen solutions them.

As Emaar got a big figure of employees its difficult for them to carry on this rating but this method is frequently used at little organisations where there are little figure of employees such as little belongingss companies like Al Shams.

Reward Management

Reward Management is concerned with the preparation and execution of schemes and policies that aim to honor employees reasonably, equitably and systematically in conformity with their value to the administration ( Armstrong, 2003 ) .

Emaar has set a wages scheme to back up their concern ends, to enroll and retrain employees with his public presentation and to honor high public presentation employees. They have fincial wagess and non-financial wagess.

Fiscal wagess Definition

Employees get a fixed rate in monthly footing which is called basal wage. Emaar determine the base wage harmonizing to the experience, grade and interview. Another, sort of fiscal wagess is the contingent wage, which is related the employees public presentation, competency or service. Furthermore, employees benefits such as pension vacations and ill wage.

Non-financial wagess

It is non direct payments and normally occur from the work it self like accomplishments, acknowledgment, preparation, chances to develop calling and high quality leading.

Al-Noor Islamic bank has an attractive wages system which is for the portion clip employees who have worked at least 20 hours a hebdomad for two old ages, receive AED 3,500 scholarship to college of their pick. Four twelvemonth scholarships for AED 35,000 are besides given. The company has awarded more than AED 8 million since the plan begins. Unlike Emaar that does n’t hold flexible clip for pupils who are welling to finish their higher instruction besides they are non encouraging pupils to fall in them.

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Addressing underperformance

It is one of the elements of the public presentation direction model of Emaar ‘s Performance Management policy. It illustrates the demand to take action to place and decide state of affairss where the public presentation degree is non accomplishing the identified result of public presentation of a specified place.

Emaar follows some processs to turn to underperformance

Intensive Performance Support

Solving a job and back uping the procedure, by and large developed between employees and the executive director, to clarify public presentation concerns and take early stairss towards their declaration the procedure is begin when a forms of public presentation concerns has been identified and considerable attempts should be made to decide the concerns during this stage. Where employees are able to show that they are able to accomplish Emaar ‘s identified public presentation results during Intensive Performance Support, ongoing public presentation direction can be resumed.

However, if employees underachieving systematically and the public presentation outcomes achieved through the IPS period are non improved sufficiently the Formal Underperformance process should be originated. This can be done merely after IPS completion which is a pre-requisite to set about the Formal Underperformance process.

Formal Underperformance process

Directors ‘ start this process for employees whose public presentation did non run into the identified public presentation result for Emaar and whose public presentation has non improved satisfactorily through IPS. Emaar makes certain that the used process is appropriate to employees ‘ employment conditions.

Formal Underperformance is undertaken in audience with departmental public presentation direction adviser and involves back uping and measuring the public presentation of the employees.

When results of public presentation are achieved during the Formal Underperformance process are still unsatisfactory, another process is conducted which is called Evaluation Procedure to measure and verify the process and how it is been implemented. The Evolution Procedure considers whether all sensible options for support have been exhausted and ensures that rules of natural justness and procedural equity have been observed.

Based on the Evaluation Procedure study, recommendations are made for farther action for blessing of the departmental executive with the appropriate delegated authorization. This may include

Ongoing public presentation direction return.

Continuing with an identified phase of Pull offing Underperformance processs.

Sanctions infliction, including dismissal possibility when evident shows that an employee is non able to show the identified competency degree and efficiency.

ANOC is one of the biggest companies for bring forthing oils so it is of import for them to engage and retain the best employees to maintain the company repute safe so they use the same processs as Emaar if they addressed any underperformance among employees specially the best employees.

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Measures of staff satisfaction

Employee turnover Ratess

Emaar calculates the one-year staff turnover rate by utilizing a mathematical expression

( Entire figure of departers over periodA / Average entire figure employed over period ) x 100

Exit interviews

Emaar conduct an internal interview which is the issue interview to set up the grounds why an employee wants to go forth the organisation. Exit interviews are non intended to deter the employee from go forthing. Rather, they are intended to set up surrender causes, and whether there is an underlying job demand to be addressed or is there a peculiar director or a co-worker who contributed towards this surrender and so on.

When Emaar decides to carry on issue interviews they follow some points:

The interview should be conducted by a forces or a human resources expert.

The interview should non be conducted by the employee ‘s line director under any fortunes.

The interview is frequently productive if they are held off from employee ‘s workplace.

The best clip to keep issue interview is as shortly after the employee resigns as possible.

Emaar ever handle their employees with good grace and wished them fortune and thank them for the work they have done for the organisation. ( See Appendix 2 )


It is really critical to mensurate absenteeism, to place and follow the forms of employees ‘ attending. High rate of absenteeism can be a symptom of emphasis in the work topographic point which can lend to higher rates of turnover.

There are two methods to cipher absenteeism: lost clip rate and single frequence

Lost Time Rate = ( Number of Working Days Lost/Total Number of Working Days ) *100A

Individual Frequency = ( Number of Absent Employees/Average Number of Employees ) *100

Emaar has designed a comprehensive leave policy that is in alliance with the organisation ‘s values and aims. Besides. there is a communicating in the workplace, while covering with sensitive issues such as absenteeism should be crystalline and clear. Employees must be cognizant of the unpleasant effects of unauthorised clip off. Furthermore, Emaar introduces employee battle plans to do employees affect and take part actively in the organisation public assistance. Besides, they introduces reding Sessionss that could turn out good in restricting absenteeism due to emphasize. Likewise, Emaar ever maintain their staff motivated by making a favourable environment for them.

There are besides another methods to mensurate the staff satisfaction such as rival comparing and benchmarking.

Methods of betterments

Emaar ever try to do working more ambitious and honoring for their employees which will do it easier to maintain them.

In other words they use occupation enrichment which means they add add-ons to occupation undertakings that increases the sum of employees and do them more motivated and increases their duty.

Job enrichment helps employees to hold more planning command their occupations and make up one’s mind the manner that they should accomplish it.

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Appraisal Form


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