Peanut oil press closest we live press equipment immediately experience

Peanut oil press is a machine close to the most of our lives, too often in life I heard some friends to buy peanut oil press most difficult thing is not knowing press performance and structure, to buy and fear of buy defective, now we come to understand? a? at the structure and properties of peanut oil press. Structure and properties of peanut peanut oil press oil press virgin bore using CR12 mold steel, peanut oil press using three crushing procedures and electronic temperature control system? Press press automatic control of temperature and moisture, making direct oil to soften, activate fat molecules, press stability, again pressed the net, the oil yield increased substantially.
Peanut oil press oil refining, quickly and easily refined peanut oil filter press is equipped with a vacuum system, automatic refining filtration, oil pure, convenient and practical, production capacity, comprehensive Hsi out microorganisms, oil pure clear. When the press start, the cylinder piston rising velocity should be appropriate, ie should be noted that ease the pressure evenly to prevent excessive distortion and streaming slag pile. In addition, the pressure must be continued without interruption until the cake stack height are beginning out of oil so far. Then, should be based on “soft reduction ground pressure” operation request, insisted the oil flow constantly, until the press is completed. When pressing operation, should also pay attention cylinder piston rises no higher than a predetermined position, which can not exceed the maximum cylinder piston stroke to prevent the piston off the cylinder and cause an accident. All oil extraction operations review process should do the tour. When there is a serious case of crooked stack phenomenon, should be timely entire stack; if the invention gauge malfunction or damage should be repaired or exchanged; if encountered valve failure, it is timely to identify the cause and eliminate. More advice welcome visit…

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