Payroll Proposal(Draft)

PAYROLL SYSTEM 1. Background of the Problem/Opportunity 2. Project Scope and Constraint The scope of the project covers the upgrade of the existing payroll system of the Catanduanes State Colleges, from a computer-based system to a web-based system. The system shall maintain a database that will store and maintain the updated Payroll Data, Deductions and salary information and compute employees’ salaries. The new system, as a web-based system, will allow employees to access the system through the intranet using a web browser. This system will keep record of all payroll information and make all of this data available online through reports.

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The application is to be developed in the so-called “WAMP” platform. The following are the constraints that could affect the project: •Viruses •Power Interruption 3. Project Benefit Once the project is implemented, it is expected that the following benefits shall be met: •Faster payroll service to employees •Higher employee morale 8. System Requirement Model/Checklist 8. 1Inputs •The employees must log in and log out into the system. •The HR Department must store all the necessary information required in the computation of the employees’ salaries (e. . deductions, benefits, taxes, bonuses). 8. 2Outputs •The Payroll System must produce a Payroll Summary. •The system must provide updated information about the employees’ salaries. •The system must generate reports such as Payroll Reports and Employees’ Records Reports. 8. 3Processes •The system shall compute the employees’ salaries. •The Payroll System must update employee’s salaries, bonuses, deductions and benefits. •The system must record all the information generated by the system for future uses. •Determine payroll 8. 4Performance The system must be accessible anywhere within the organization during office hours or within reasonable periods of time, whenever need arises. 8. 5System Controls •The system must provide log-on security. •An employee record must be edited, added or deleted only by a member of the human resource department. •The system must provide passwords for different levels of users (e. g. administration, HR Department, employees) to provide unauthorized access to data and information. 9. Entity-Relationship Diagram 9. 1Entities •ACCOUNTING DEPARTMENT •HR DEPARTMENT •BANK •PRESIDENT •EMPLOYEE 9. 2ERD 10. Dataflow Diagram


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