Patau syndrome essay Essay Sample

Patau syndrome is a upset that occurs due to the visual aspect of a person’s 13 chromosome three times ( trisomy 13 ) alternatively of lone twice in the cell. In some instances of the upset. merely a choice per centum of the cells display the 3rd 13 chromosome while others contain the mean sum of brace. this is known as mosaicism. The excess chromosomal stuff in the cell can take to many jobs in the developmental phases of the worlds life. these developmental issues cause terrible mental deceleration and physical defects or abnormalcies in other organic structure parts of that individual. Patau syndrome occurs in about one out of every ten-thousand to sixteen thousand babies born. The upset is chiefly non an familial trait. being caused by random events in the formation of the sperm and egg of healthy parents.

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Because of the many terrible defects entailed to babes born with the disease. many do non last past the first yearss or hebdomads of their lives ; merely five to ten per centum of babes born with the disease live through the first twelvemonth of their life. Many babes born with Patau syndrome have little or ailing developed eyes. bosom defects. encephalon or spinal cord abnormalcies. a cleft lip or roof of the mouth. close set eyes. and many other defects. Babies born with the upset besides have a impeded rate of growing due to jobs feeding. Treatment for Patau syndrome is relevant due to the badness of the defects in the baby. Surgical processs can be performed. but are normally done after the baby’s foremost few months of life due to the high mortality rate of accomplished babies. Patau syndrome can be spotted post-birth through X-rays demoing the arrangement of the bosom further to the right of their chest than normal. or a CT or MRI can be performed exposing the construction of the infant’s encephalon. In most instances of Patau syndrome. either side of the baby’s encephalon will be fused together ( holoprosencephaly ) .


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