Passion of fashion

1. Introduction

1.1 Background

The ground leads Marc Jacobs be successful is his passion of manner. In his early life, he non merely worked in the field of manner, but besides spent his clip on go toing a school of art and design. He is a prima interior decorator for Marc Jacobs ‘s merchandises, who was born in 1963 in New York City. In add-on, by the terminal of 1997, he was the Creative Director for French house Louis Vuitton ( Emily R, 2009 ) . By this major accomplishment, he decided to establish his first trade name – Marc Jacobs in 1986. After that, there are other two lines of the trade name, which are Marc Jacobs Menswear in 1996 and Little Marc Jacobs in 2005 ( New York Media, 2009 ) .

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Marc Jacobs Daisy is the new feminine aroma designed by Marc Jacobs which was launched in October, 2007 around the universe. Furthermore, the aroma is presented as free and pure when it is said to be “the kernel of a vernal spirit: sunny, happy, positively fresh and free” . ( Moodie, 2002 )

1.2 Theory

Market cleavage and selling mix are important factors for analysing. The market cleavage is the designation which distributes the market into different groups with similar features, which allows the house to better fulfill the demands of its possible consumers ( James E, 2007 ) . In addtion, harmonizing to Hall et Al ( 2008 ) , there are four chief ways to section the market ; they are geography, human ecology, psychography and behaviour. The selling mix is a combination of selling elements which is known as the 4Ps: merchandise, monetary value, topographic point and publicity. It is considered in be aftering a selling scheme which is necessary to sell a merchandise efficaciously ( Answers Corporation, 1999 ) .

The Marketing Mix includes merchandise, monetary value, topographic point and publicity. Merchandise is a good or service that meets consumers ‘ demands and makes net income to warrant its continued being ( WebFinance Inc. 2009 ) .According to Hall et Al ( 2008: p.91 ) , “Price demands to suit in with the nature of the merchandise itself and the manner in which it is being promoted and distributed to consumers.” In add-on, merchandises need to be available to clients in the topographic point where they want to purchase ( Hall et al, 2008 ) and harmonizing to Hall et Al ( 2008: p.106 ) , “promotion is the effort to pull attending to a merchandise or concern in order to derive new clients or to retain bing ones” .

1.3 Aim

The intent of this market research is to analyse an advertisement of Marc Jacobs Daisy. The first purpose is to bespeak the cleavage of the advertisement. Second, analysing the subject and name of the advertisement and what medium is used to advance it. The 3rd purpose is to measure how the monetary value and the topographic point be considered. Finally, recommendations and decision will be given.

2. Findingss

The advertizement was taken from photographer Juergen Teller ; the position of it is reflected in the elegant of a new aroma ‘Daisy ‘ . The thought of this is to establish the aroma in a field filled with daisies ( FashionUnited, 2009 ) .It shows a vernal miss is have oning underwear and lying on an untasted surrounding with daisies, keeping the Daisy in her custodies. Her eyes are closed and the posting looks as though there is a fantastic dreaming. Hence, the advertisement is full of pureness. In add-on, the chief tone is light colourss, white and greenish blue.

3. Discussion

3.1 Marketing cleavage

Marc Jacobs by sectioning geographically with sells Daisy in all of their ain shops of different states. For illustration, they are Europe, America and Africa. The shops are located in the chief metropoliss of a state, for illustration, London, New York and Shanghai. It means the consumer has ability to purchase the merchandise with reasonably high income.

In add-on, it is divided into age and gender in demographic cleavage. The advertisement of Marc Jacobs Daisy is represented as young person and elegance. Harmonizing toSlapiton ( 2009 ) , “Marc Jacobs Daisy is fresh, aired and feminine without being excessively sexy.” Therefore, Daisy is targeted to female, age from 18 to 25 or a little group of older of age above 35, who want to go younger. In short, Marc Jacobs segments the market into booming metropoliss of different parts and sells to immature female who involvements in aroma.

3.2 Marketing Mix

n 1.Promotion

-Theme and colour

The emotion of the subject in perfume advertizements is indispensable because a good ocular advertisement is able to carry consumers to buy. In world, companies ever choose an attractive subject to publicize their merchandise by utilizing colour emotion. From the position of advertizement, the chief colour viridity. Green means spring, new birth and environment consciousness ( Emily Gems. 2006 ) . Therefore, this advertisement is appropriate for the merchandise and the subject of new birth and spring.

-Product name

Merchandise name allows consumers to place the goods and services of a company ( Hall et al, 2008 ) . From this aroma, Marc Jacobs used “Daisy” to advance it as daisy is one sort of flower and it represents as pureness and artlessness ( Dgreetings,2009 ) .Therefore, it could associate to the subject and the merchandise absolutely.


Marc Jacobs has promoted their printed advertizement of Daisy by several above-the-line mediums. Magazine is utile for aiming a peculiar audience or market cleavage. For illustration, the printed advertisement of Daisy has published on Vogue which is a celebrated manner magazine in the universe. In add-on, there is the development of electronic screen. Therefore, Marc Jacobs has used these mediums to advance their printed-advertising in their ain shop or some retail merchants ‘ store and the Internet is one major advantage as it can be accessed by consumers all over the universe. In decision, Marc Jacobs has provided some utile publicity to print their printed advertizement of Daisy.

n 2. Merchandise


Consumers all prefer to purchase the merchandises which are functional and fine-looking. At the Centre of Daisy aroma is a flowered note with a vintage border, violet. Women all similar flower, particularly for this immense flower ‘s ornament in the bottle, it looks really singular, although Daisy is non really functional.


White is the chief colour from the figure of advertisement. Harmonizing to Sibagraphics ( 2009 ) , white in Europe means matrimony, angels and peace. In add-on, “White is a colour of pureness ; brides wear white in many states, because white symbolizes a virgin.” ( Emily Gems. 2006 ) . addtion, the chief colour, he chief colour, there is no any f a company. a It is said that white daisies are the emblem of loyal love ( Emily Gems. 2006 ) .


Daisy is “a pleasurably feminine blend of wild strawberry, ruddy Citrus paradisi, violet foliages, gardenia, jasmine, musk, vanilla and white wood” ( Sephora. 2008 ) . As a consequence, it is suited to immature female ‘s gustatory sensation.

n 3. Monetary value

The monetary value of Marc Jacobs is really acceptable. If comparison to other aromas, the monetary value of Daisy is higher than other remark trade name ‘s aroma, for illustration, the CK which is about ?30 ( Women Perfume,2009 ) . However, it is cheaper than some high-toned trade name ‘s aroma, Christian Dior is about ?50 ( NexTag, 2009 ) . Therefore, Daisy is an acceptable good which have a in-between monetary value. Harmonizing to Women Perfume ( 2009 ) , Marc Jacobs daisy 50ml is ?39, and the 100ml 1s is ?49. It shows the pricing scheme chosen by the concern because it has maximize net incomes by puting monetary value as ?39 and ?49, but it can pull and corrupt the consumers.


Marc Jacobs Daisy has allocated their merchandises to several mediums. First, Daisy uses direct selling which is selling from makers straight to consumers by offering online telling through a web site on the Internet ( Daisy, 2009 ) . Second, from makers to consumers via retail merchants, Daisy provided the merchandise to the retail merchants, such as Boots and Superdrug and John Lewis ( Women Perfume, 2009 ) .

To sum up, Marc Jacobs has promoted the advertizement through the full topographic point ; include the web site, the retail merchant, magazine and Television. Therefore, if a good merchandise will non sell at the right topographic point and at the right clip, it will non be successful ( Hall et al, 2008 ) .

4. Decision

In decision, Marc Jacobs does really good on advertisement of its new perfume merchandise after making a broad research from books and web sites. The subject of the advertisement is pureness, and sells immature adult female of in-between category income. In add-on, the printed advertisement has promoted in right topographic point at a right clip with a scheme monetary value, and the monetary value is acceptable. Therefore, all of them can convey up this well-known aroma in the universe.

5. Recommendation

For my recommendation, Marc Jacobs should develop some new methods for advancing and packaging. Marc Jacobs can hold more below-the-line publicities, for illustration, free samples or free gives to the consumers who involvements in the merchandise. In add-on, Marc Jacobs can hold some little bottle bundles which are better for taking or seting in a bag.


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