Overview of Sales and Distribution Management

Overview of Gross saless and Distribution Management

Gross saless & A ; Distribution Management is a technique used by about every organisation making concern. A division is formed within an organisation that takes the exclusive duty for edifice gross revenues for the organization’s merchandise and manages the distribution channel so as to do net incomes.

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Gross saless comprises of transportation of ownership every bit good as the bringing of the product/service to the consumer. It is an indispensable map of any concern as the gross revenues generated through the trade of merchandises and services and the subsequent net income led bulk of the commercial concern activity. They are besides accountable for the satisfaction of the committedness made to the client by its antecedent map i.e. selling. While an effectual direction of distribution can be attained when it is carefully combined with the gross revenues and marketing map of an organisation. There are several members in a distribution channel which forms a nexus between the organisation and the consumer. These members help in organizing topographic point and clip comfortss of the merchandise that has been manufactured by the company which is indispensable for consumer satisfaction.

Introduction to the Furniture Industry

The furniture industry has been invariably come oning by bring forthing a assortment of furniture merchandises. The demand for furniture has ever been backed by the altering client tendencies, rise in disposable incomes and growing of the economic system. As the increasing and developing economic systems of assorted states have opened up more and improved the range of the furniture concern.

India, holding a population of more than 1 billion people offers a scope of furniture goods produced in the state for the families every bit good as for the offices. In the field of cosmetic and handcrafted furniture, the state has established a position which is being appreciated by the people. Due to the rapid transmutation in the field of engineering and the people looking for more western-style of furniture merchandises, furniture makers in India are doing great attempt in supplying modern designs to the consumers. The mentality of furniture sector in India is really much positive and looks promising.

A figure of furniture trading companies sells straight to the consumers while others prefers making through distributers in the urban and rural countries. These companies’ trades two sorts of furniture merchandises – which are produced locally and which are imported from foreign states. Majority of the furniture companies in India uses a three tier distribution system dwelling of a retail merchant, jobber and distributer.

Introduction to the Company ( IVAN Furnitures )

Established in 2006 and situated at Kirti Nagar – New Delhi, IVAN Interiors and Furnitures ( subordinate of Fusion Overseas Pvt. Ltd. ) is one of the primary names in the Indian furniture industry. The company provides better quality trappings and interior life style merchandises. IVAN offers latest scope of furniture for Home, Offices and Hotels from all over the universe. The company has the finest furniture merchandises, manufactured locally every bit good as imported from foreign states suited to consumer demands.

The superior quality, broad scope of designs, speed in service and bringing are some of the factors which make IVAN Furnitures unique from others. The company carries a good corporate image and has more than 10 old ages of experience in this industry. They manufacture merchandises harmonizing to the market tendencies and even as per customer’s specifications besides they besides import furniture merchandises from around the Earth to pull clients to buy imported furnitures. The company besides looks after wholesaling where they sell their existing merchandises in large measures to offices and commercial topographic points, while they even do administering for making assorted provinces within India through an extended web of distributers whereas the retailing salesroom is for the exclusive intent of selling to single clients and families.

Aims of the Undertaking:

  • To understand the operation of Gross saless and Distribution Management with regard to the Furniture Industry in India ( through secondary research )
  • To cognize what are the Gross saless and Distribution Channels of the Indian Furniture Manufacturers ( through secondary research )
  • To acquire sentiment of the clients and measure their satisfaction degree sing their purchase from IVAN Furnitures ( through primary research – study questionnaire )

Restrictions of the Survey:

  • The sample size is restricted to 50 persons.
  • The survey is conducted for a short period of clip and it was conducted merely in the salesroom.
  • Measurement of consumer satisfaction is a hard topic which uses non-objectives method, could be undependable.
  • Since the information collected from the consumers by run intoing them at the company showrooms the information collected would non be plenty from the respondents.
  • The hesitation and ennui attending that is set in among the respondent while reacting to the long study, hence at last it led to the trouble of forestalling unfinished signifiers.
  • Some of the respondents were non concerted and did non demo much of importance to the study.
  • The mentality now about IVAN Furnitures may non be the same after some clip because of new entrants and increased competition.

Data Analysis and Findingss

1. What sort of furniture is the client looking for:

Harmonizing to the study consequence, 32 % of the respondents were looking for Living Room Furniture, 24 % of them were looking for furniture for their Bed Room. 16 % of the clients were sing purchasing Office Furniture, 12 % of the respondents were looking for Dining Room Furniture while another 12 % were seeking for furniture for Kitchen merely 4 % of the respondents were looking for Outdoor Furniture.

2. Why the client is purchasing furniture merchandises:

The study result clearly indicates that 28 % of the clients buy furniture merchandises due to an addition in their income, while another 28 % purchase furniture due to increase in their household size. 20 % of the respondents buy furniture due to alter in their life style or personality, 12 % due to better criterion of life, 8 % because of own/family demands, merely 4 % of the respondents said there are other factors which triggers them to purchase furniture.

3. What are the ways by which the client looks for the demands of furniture merchandises:

As per the analysis, 44 % of the respondents said that they visit furniture markets/showrooms to look for furniture merchandises. 34 % of the respondents’ looks through newspaper/magazine advertizement to seek for furniture, 10 % of the clients find furniture with the aid of their societal contacts, 8 % hunts online and merely 4 % of the respondents explore for furniture merchandises through email/sms advertizement.

4. What are the factors that influence consumers purchase determination on purchasing furniture:

Harmonizing to the figure of responses from the persons, the ultimate important factor being considered is the Characteristics of the Product ( 24 % ) , closely followed by Prestige ( 22 % ) , Brand image ( 14 % ) , and Quality ( 12 % ) . The least considered factors were Discounts ( 10 % ) , Recommendation from Someone ( 8 % ) , Price ( 6 % ) , and Income Level ( 4 % ) .

5. How does the client justice quality of the furniture:

On the footing of the information collected, 32 % of the consumers relate quality with the benefits and characteristics of the furniture merchandise and the trade name name, 26 % of the clients say that they judge quality with the lastingness of the merchandise. 8 % of the people Judgess quality through warranties/guarantees of the merchandise while 2 % of the respondents prefer judging quality with the usage of new engineering. Thus this information states about the perceptual experience of the respondents.

6. Which type of furniture companies does the client expression for when traveling for buying furniture:

The study consequence indicated that 36 % of the respondents go to local companies for buying furniture. 26 % respondents say that they go for branded companies to buy furniture merchandises, 24 % of the clients prefers to buy furniture with seeing their economic conditions and merely 14 % of the respondents buy criterion but non branded furnitures.

7. How does the client got to cognize about IVAN Furnitures:

There are a figure of beginnings through which the clients get to cognize IVAN furniture, while 42 % of the respondents said that they have visited IVAN furnitures for the first clip. 22 % of respondents came to cognize about IVAN through the cyberspace, 20 % of the clients found out about the company through Newspaper/Magazine Advertisement and the remainder ( 16 % ) came to cognize about IVAN through their friends/relatives.

8. What are/were the primary grounds of the customers’ for taking furniture merchandises of IVAN:

As per the study, 38 % of the respondents choose IVAN for their sole scope of designs, 22 % of the respondents choose IVAN for their client dealingss, 16 % of the respondents select IVAN for their superior quality, 12 % of the respondents picks IVAN furniture for the trade name name, 8 % chooses them for their pricing every bit good as 4 % chooses the company for their payment footings.

9. What does the client thinks about the monetary values of IVAN Furnitures:

Harmonizing to the study consequence, 66 % of the respondents say that the monetary values of IVAN furnitures are satisfactory because they are supplying better furniture quality and bringing services so their monetary values are accurate, 22 % of the clients states that monetary values of IVAN furnitures are low and on the other manus 12 % of the respondents says the monetary values of IVAN furnitures are high from its rivals, hence in-between category consumers avoid buying from IVAN furnitures for place or office usage.

10. Which sort of house harmonizing to the client is or will be giving most competition to IVAN:

The consequences indicated that 52 % of the respondents said that a branded furniture company is giving competition to IVAN, while 24 % of the respondents preferred a local furniture maker and another 24 % of the clients chosen an on-line furniture retail web site that will be giving the most completion to IVAN furnitures.

11. How was the Behavior and Knowledge of the Salesperson as per the client:

On the footing of the information collected, 22 % of the respondents rated the cognition and behaviour of gross revenues executive as “Excellent” , 48 % ranked them as “Good” , while 28 % considered them as “Average” and merely 2 % evaluated them as bad.

12. Be the characteristics, benefits and guarantee of the merchandise decently explained to the client:

As per the consequence, 76 % of the respondents said that the characteristics, benefits and guarantee of the merchandise were decently explained to them ; nevertheless 24 % said “No” .

13. Were all the questions and grudges of the client handled during the booking period by the gross revenues executive:

Harmonizing to the figure of responses, 70 % of the respondents agreed that their questions and grudges were handled during the booking period by the gross revenues executive while 30 % of the clients disagreed with the statement.

14. Be the booking process and bringing agenda for the client fast, clear and easy:

As per the analysis, 78 % of the respondents surveyed said that the engagement process and bringing agenda was fast, clear and easy, though 22 % said that it was hard and delayed.

15. Is the client feeling satisfied with their purchase from IVAN Furnitures:

The consequence indicated that 86 % of the clients were satisfied with their purchase from IVAN Furnitures, while 14 % of the respondents were non happy with their purchase.

16. Would the client like to buy furniture from IVAN once more and urge it to others:

As per the study, 86 % of the clients said they would wish to buy furniture once more from IVAN and would certainly urge it to others nevertheless 14 % said “No” .


  • There were many consumers who haven’t purchased from IVAN Furnitures or visited them for the first clip because of unknowingness, therefore the company should follow for more advertizements, exhibitions and promotional events.
  • IVAN must concentrate on increasing its selling outgo ; they should convey more personal attack in their communicating and should follow more methods of advertisement like Mobile Advertising, Digital Advertising for their existing and new merchandise line.
  • There are abundant characteristics that consumers takes into concern when traveling to buy furniture merchandises like Price, Brand Image, Quality, Discounts, Characteristic, Features and Benefits etc. , Hence IVAN should take every facet into consideration and bring forth furniture maintaining in head what clients think is the best manner or design. So the company should seek to be more clients oriented instead than market oriented.
  • IVAN is inventing an extra advantage over the other native trade names, although to be in front of the competition the company still needs betterment. IVAN has close competition with branded furniture companies ; hence they should make chief innovations ( like farther attention-getting designs, better payment footings and higher quality ) in their furniture merchandises in order to stay competitory. They should increase the cognition of the gross revenues executives from clip to clip and seek to better the behavior of them.
  • Majority of clients like to buy local furniture merchandises but they believe that IVAN’s furnitures are non easy available to them and there are non many grants on their merchandises. So, new salesrooms should be opened and more offers and strategies should be provided to the client by IVAN which will increase their gross revenues and advance their trade name.
  • IVAN Furnitures should follow Defensive Marketing Strategy for the ground being one of the premier furniture makers and retail merchants in India.


The function of gross revenues is to present goods or services to the consumer which in bend maximizes convenience and ensures satisfaction both to the company and to the client. Gross saless direction focuses on the physical application, direction and control of the gross revenues schemes and gross revenues operation in an organisation. It is an of import facet because it helps to bring forth minutess and produces grosss for the house. The aim of gross revenues direction is to accomplish equal sales-volume, supplying appropriate net income, and sing go oning enlargement and growing. Its aid to sells the merchandises of the company, supply information about rivals, additions economic growing, and generate employment. To hold an effectual gross revenues scheme an organisation needs to be after, pass on, coordinate, motivate and command its gross revenues activities every bit good as its gross revenues force. It has to be done in the right clip, right mode and at the right topographic point.

Today, every maker or importer demands aid of a distributer in order to do their product/service available to the terminal consumer. They exist because manufacturers can non make all the consumers and distributers help them to multiply their range and provides efficaciousness to the selling procedure. The construction contains a hierarchy of channel members, which can be distributers, jobbers, retail merchants. Distributors play a critical function in physical distribution of merchandises and trades with big group of industries so they are non merely utile to manufacturers/importers but they are besides helpful for the uninterrupted demand and supply of the merchandises and services in the market. An effectual distribution direction needs to be closely integrated with the gross revenues and marketing maps of an organisation. To hold an effectual distribution scheme companies should concentrate on the length and comprehensiveness of the distribution channel every bit good as keeping relationship with the distributers.

The furniture industry has been continuously turning due to the altering consumer life style, addition in disposable incomes, greater employment chances and growing of the economic system. The demand for furniture merchandises have shown a great potency and is developing the sector. The Indian furniture industry has made enormous advancement in carry throughing the different demands of the clients and it has become a promising mentality to merchandise furniture besides one believes that this sector will further turn in the approaching hereafter.

The major grounds for this growing are India’s tremendous size and the perceptual experience of its people has become more sophisticated. The noticeable enlargement and development of the industry has made planetary houses to confidently fall in custodies with furniture trade names in India. The altering consumer demographics, the existent estate roar, the advancement in the touristry and cordial reception sector has significantly impacted the Indian furniture industry and has led to its development. To accomplish success and be more competitory every bit good as organized in the furniture industry, Indian companies need to hold good supply concatenation direction, make their trade name recognizable, and custom-make their merchandises as per the clients and have to minimise the costs.

A successful gross revenues and distribution scheme will acknowledge and confront the being of local competition, need to measure client demands and the quality of demand. The Indian consumers are really much focused on the design and quality of the furniture yet they are choosey in choice of merchandises because much of their money is spent on ingestion harmonizing to the demands, instead than on luxury goods. So furniture companies need to bring forth harmonizing to the client demands should make to the acceptable degree of quality and supply low cost merchandise. The furniture companies in India prefers to run either straight in the market ( those with a bulk of local clients ) or with the aid of distributers. Majority of the companies’ trades straight in the urban markets, while for rural markets distributers are considered because they understand the rural Indian tradition, their lifestyle and wonts and have better logistics installations. Currently Indian furniture makers are utilizing a 3-tier distribution system which consists of jobber, distributer every bit good as retail merchant.

IVAN Furnitures have great possible to supply quality and fashionable scope of furniture to the clients at low-cost cost. But consumers are still incognizant of the trade name name so the demands to alter its selling and promotional schemes. There is a demand of greater publicity for their furniture merchandises. IVAN should besides keep healthy relationships with their client’s in-order to continue them with the endeavor. As from the study informations collected it is clear that clients will be holding future demand of furniture, therefore the company should seek to supply optimal satisfaction to their existing every bit good as possible clients.


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