Overview And Analysis Of The Indian Cement Industry Finance Essay

“ We are choosing for comfort, economic system and trading through use of resources for the benefit of its stakeholders. ”

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Mission statement:

To construct on our nucleus competences by doing regular investing in the field of export to convey about betterment in trade. We want to develop an organisation which has a strong squad of professionals for satisfaction of clients and stockholders.

Plans and objects:

To vie with the major trade names in the market.

To acquire maximal net income in each market.

In Pakistan there supply is high and demand is really low due to which monetary values of cement in Pakistan lessenings.

We export cement to India where demand is really high and we can do good gross to do our gross revenues.

We promote our merchandise through

Business Magazines

Personal dealingss

Direct selling

Key success factor:

Progress Orders for sale can guarantee the success of the Business.

High quality can construct trade name equity for concern.

Low cost is large factor.

Merchandise Safety because production in ain state.

Minimal clip consuming, because of labour hours low.

Demand is high.

Environmental and industry analyses:

In 1947, when Pakistan came in the map of universe there are merely four workss of cement. Capacity of those workss were 0.5 million dozenss. These four units at that clip were controlled by India. These cement workss were closed when they come to their age after 50 old ages of their operations. During early 30 old ages of independency, five cement units were established with capacity of 3.2 million dozenss of production. Those were in private sector. After nationalisation of industries in early 1970ss, cement industry remained under the control of authorities. During this period, growing in demand of cement was around 7 per cent per anum.

After the alteration in the authorities in 1977, private sector was allowed to set up cement workss. As a consequence of alteration in policy, seven undertakings holding capacity of 2.54 million dozenss were installed in private sector. Production capacity went up to 16 million dozenss by the terminal of 2000. Capacity for production during December 2006-January 2007 was recorded as 38 million dozenss. In India production of 147.8 million tone and export was 9.3 million tonne.Indian people attitude about Pakistani daily usage merchandises is negative but about cement and others which have low monetary value like salt, people attitude is positive. The five new units in the private sector were,

hypertext transfer protocol: //www.dawn.com.pk



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Strategic and long term aim:

Achieve excellence in concern

Committedness to quality

Continuous development of work force

Sustain development through technological promotions

Production and operational programs:

Our company is non a production company, but our chief operation is export cement to India. We purchase cement from those companies who could non export due to miss of resources. Than we export to India and supply to clients. Our concern is largely concern to concern and our clients are short in size like authorities contractors, house builders and jobber traders.

In India monetary value of cement and demand is high than Pakistan. That is why, we export cement to India. We have long term relation with our clients for the success of our concern and client. We use route for export because it is really cheaper than others.

Selling Plans

Overall market:

The Indian cement Industry non merely ranks 2nd in the production of cement in the universe but besides produces quality cement which meets planetary criterions. However, the industry faces a figure of jobs like of high cost of power, high railroad duty, deficiency of private and public investing and hapless quality coal.

Indian authorities has late abolished 12.5 per cent usage responsibility levied on cement, therefore leting its duty-free import. In India, 100s of companies are runing countrywide as cement importers and major building contractors are besides given revenue enhancement grants on imports. Pakistan already holding competitory border of low transit cost and better quality of cement.

hypertext transfer protocol: //www.dawn.com.pk/2007/02/19/ebr10.htm

Market section:

We divide market into these sections.

Housing development coders.

Promotion of concrete main roads and roads.

Use for big substructure undertakings.

Construction of concrete roads in rural countries.

Target market and client:

Market of India is really big and the ingestion of cement in recent coming old ages is expected to be really high peculiarly Uttar Perdesh and Punjab, Because of the new development undertakings in lodging, roads and dolls. These are our mark clients.

Marketing research for the new concern:

For new chance and growing in concern we do marketing research. In new research we come to cognize alternatively of simple cement we should establish colourss full cement.

Customer features and demand:

Naturally our clients have same features like they want to demo off themselves. They want freshly from others. That is why ; they refurnish their places or sale old houses and buy new places in towns. For this intent, there is a great spread to sale of cement.

Gathering informations from secondary beginnings:

Our concern is related to export, that is why our beginning of gather informations is secondary beginnings. We collect informations from web sites of Indian authorities and people attitude. We besides collect informations from rival ‘s studies, articles on Indian economic, books on international universe trade and newspapers

Analyzing and construing the consequence:

After analysis the information we decide that we can export cement to India because in India the demand is really high and monetary value is besides high than Pakistan.


Industry overview:

The Indian cement industry has 130 big cement workss and 365 mini cement workss. The demand of cement is 165 million dozenss per annum. Large cement workss produce 94 per cent of the entire capacity. In Pakistan the monetary value of cement is 170 per bag but in India the monetary value is 250 per bag. This is a great different in monetary value.

Nature of competition:

Our market is really immense in size but competition is really high in India there are many local and foreign rivals. Quality and cheaper monetary value is besides the key of competition because our rivals are really established and provide quality but we have a rival advantage because we export from Pakistan.

Primary rivals:

Our Primary rivals are those who have non direct competition with us because they are non exporter but local.

Ultra Tech Cement

UltraTech is India ‘s largest exporter of cement. The company ‘s production workss are spread at two in India and one in Sri Lanka. All the workss have ISO 9001 certified. The company exports over 2.5 million tones per annum, which is about 30 per cent of the state ‘s entire exports. The export market comprises of states around the Indian Ocean, Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

hypertext transfer protocol: //www.ultratechcement.com/products/index.htm

Sanghi Cement

This company export 7 % of entire export cement.they export in Singapore, Middle East, West Africa, and Sri Lanka.

hypertext transfer protocol: //www.sanghicement.com/sectioncontent.php? id=8

Competitive merchandise and services:

Our rivals launch two types of merchandise.

Simple cement

White cement

Key competitory capablenesss and failing:

Capabilities and failing are internally of the house.


Handiness of Cheaper Labor & A ; Raw Material.

Turning Local Market both in organized and un-organized sectors.

For High quality cement utilizing high quality Raw Material.

The life manner of the people is bettering and they are acquiring more quality.

Peoples spend more on their house renovation/decoration.

Market incursion through high quality and heavy promotional activities.

Own contriver who could assist to make better planning.


Low capacity because of export.

High employment turnover rate.

Seasonal sector ( particularly in running and winter season ) .

Heavy investing in the on the job capital.

Very rigorous quality control required.


Merchandise description:

We have a truth of cement. Our different merchandises are,

Simple cement

White cement

Black cement

Positioning of merchandise:

We export from Pakistan that is why we have a positive place in consumer ‘s head. Indian people know Pakistani cement is debonair and has a great quality because there is a great quality of gypsum in Pakistan.

Future merchandise:

We want to establish a great assortment of cement alternatively of some points. There is no truth of colour full cement for repairing the bricks. We will establish whose colourss, which colourss of bricks avail in markets. Like pink, ruddy, bluish and green.

Planing the selling schemes:

Our selling strategic is that In Pakistan supply is high and demand is really low due to which monetary values of cement in Pakistan lessenings. We export cement to India where demand is really high and we can do good gross to do our gross revenues. We use channel to India by route through wahgah boundary line Lahore because it is the cheaper manner to export India. We use import agent ( jobber ) and export agent ( Manufacturer ) as jobber who take orders from India importer and reach us to carry through these orders. We besides target the house builders and roads contractors, run into them and construct personal relation.

We promote our merchandise through,

Business Magazines

Personal dealingss

Direct selling

Budgeting the selling schemes:

Implementing the selling schemes:

Our selling scheme is long term relation with clients. We implement this scheme through concern magazines, personal relation and direct selling.

Customer services:

Our largely concern relate to concern to concern. Therefore they are short in size. We give the service of free bringing, range at clip, phone installation for order and supply the installation to online order.

Sale scheme:

In India, there already demand of cement is high. Sale of cement is a simple thing but e fix complete strategic of sale. We enhance our sale through direct selling. We use import agent ( jobber ) and lodging societies who take orders from India distributors and builders. They contact us to carry through these orders.

Monitoring advancement of marketing action:

For the advancement of marketing action, we develop long term relation with our clients. We besides monitor the advancement of rivals and analysis the demand of cement.


Developing the direction `team:


Selling and sale director.

Operation director.

Admin director.

Management control:

All the sub sections studies to caput of their section and caput of the section studies to managers.

Organizational construction:

Summaries of staffing demand:

Vacancy proclamation

The enlisting procedure starts with the proclamation of the station.the G.M of the section officially send the demand to the human resource section.

Job Analysis

The G.M of the HRM analyzes the occupation with the aid of the occupation analysis signifier. This signifier is filled by the supervisor of that occupation that contains the information about the occupation.

Recruitment Beginnings

The company is committed to supplying the chances to all the forces who meet the occupation demands. Company give opportunities to all the persons that are working within the organisation and the external 1s ( the individuals who are non employed in the company )

External Beginnings

In these beginnings company is merely relied on the

Newspaper advertizement

Company advertises vacancies in publications that are relevant to the nature and degree of the occupation. Typically, Executive vacancies are advertised in English intelligence documents. Vacancies for the officer occupations are advertised in local intelligence documents.

Human resources program.

Kohat Cement

Job Description


Job Title

Selling Director

Job ID # ( EID # )




Reporting Relation



Business Development officer

Servicess officer


Determine the demand for services offered by a house and its rivals and place possible clients. Develop pricing schemes with the end of maximising the house ‘s net incomes or portion of the market while guaranting the house ‘s clients are satisfied. Oversee or supervise tendencies that indicate the demand for new services.


Study the aims, promotional policies and demands of organisation to develop the schemes that will act upon public sentiment.

Compile lists depicting service offerings.

Consult with purchasing forces to derive advice sing the types of services expected to be in demand.

Negotiate contracts with sellers and distributers to pull off services distribution, set uping distribution webs and developing distribution schemes.

Consult with advertisement bureaus or staff to set up promotional runs in all types of media for services, organisations, or persons.

Direct the hiring, preparation, and public presentation ratings of selling and gross revenues staff and oversee their day-to-day activities.

Formulate, direct and coordinate selling activities and policies to advance merchandises and services.

Coordinate and take part in promotional activities and trade shows, working with developers, advertizers, and directors, to market services.

Respond to petitions for information from the media or denominate another appropriate interpreter or information beginning.

Behavior market research, consult with managerial or supervisory forces and fix studies for direction.

This occupation description shall include, but is non needfully limited to, the above responsibilities. May temporarily execute other responsibilities assigned to keep operations and services.


Advise concern and other groups on local, national, and international factors impacting the merchandising of services.

Arrange meeting with staff members to decide all kind of jobs.

Conduct economic and commercial studies to place possible markets for services.

Behavior or attend staff meetings, confer with other departmental caputs to organize activities, develop schemes.

direct and coordinate activities of workers or staff, manage contracts

Assemble advertisement shows.

Kohat Cement

Job Description


Job Title

Admin director

Job ID # ( EID # )




Reporting Relation



Financial section subsidiaries


To command and supervise the activities of finance section.


1. Fiscal direction of all municipal operations in order to guarantee that fundss are

maintained in an accurate and timely mode and comply with relevant statute law, bylaws,

policies and processs

Main Activities

1-iˆ Prepare municipal budgets

2-iˆ Estimate grosss and disbursals

3-Review and analyze fiscal statements and studies

4-iˆ Conduct fiscal analysis and hard currency flow prediction

5-iˆ Establish internal fiscal controls

6-iˆ Oversee paysheet maps

7-iˆ Review and analyze discrepancy studies

8-iˆ Ensure fiscal systems are maintained in an accurate and timely mode

9-iˆ Prepare for and react to the one-year audit

10-Manage financess

2. Pull off all municipal plans and services to guarantee that services are provided in an

effectual and efficient mode

Main Activities

1-iˆ Manage protective, municipal, land usage and diversion plans and services

2-iˆ Develop strategic and operational programs for each plan country

3-iˆ Develop or proctor proposals for plan support

4-iˆ Maintain plan and services criterions, policies, guidelines and processs

5-iˆ Evaluate the effectivity of plans and plan bringing

6-Prepare an Emergency Preparedness Plan

7-Facilitate the development of community land.


Financial section will describe to admin director. Admin trough will inquire to finance director that submit the study to him that what is traveling in finance section.

Kohat Cement

Job Description


Job Title

Manager Operationss

Job ID # ( EID # )




Reporting Relation



Purchase officer

Export officer

Channel officer


Organize the activities of services plan of organisation. Oversee the event demands, and benefits. Work may affect directing workers. Basically for the execution of programs this place is really necessary.


Coordinate and take to operation line for the execution

Examine purposed thoughts for execution

Internal / external coordination among assorted sections of organisation, sing the event

Administer budgets for events, equipments and support services

Establish and oversee administrative processs to run into aims set by the organisation or senior direction.

Decides about periodic alterations in creativenesss sing operations


Approves and rejects the programs.

Arrange meeting with staff members.

Finalizes the trades for the execution

Develop processs, methods and criterions

Decision in engaging the operational staff

The function of board of managers:

The function for a board manager is protecting the stockholders ‘ assets. They act to guarantee that the stockholders receive a respectable return on their investing. The full section is study to the board of managers. The chief occupation of manager is to give the way of all the sections to accomplish over all the ends of organisation.

Legal signifier of concern:

Our concern is journal partnership and all the section is equal distribution.

Cost of get downing concern:

Capital demand:

Distribution of net income and loss:

Our organisation makes scheme to equal net income and loss distribution among the spouses.

Beginnings of capital

Overview: –

Capital construction:

The equity based of a company registered a significant addition on the deficiency of keeping of strong healthy net incomes and recent 25 % right issue at a premium of PKR 12.5 per portion. The fiscal purchase of the company is really low at nowadays. Despite an expected addition due to long term debt for run intoing the Capex demand for the enlargement undertaking. The overall geartrain is likely to re, chief at a comfy degree.

Tax return on investing:

The return on investing is 25.68 % .

Debt and Equity Financing:

Debt to equity ratio is 0.35

Types of bank loans:

The house has taken the undermentioned types of bank loans.

Long term Fundss Secured


Limit Sri lanka rupees

2006 Sri lanka rupees

Union Bank Limited

Bank of Khyber

Consortium of Financial establishments led by Union Bank limited

Less: – Current adulthood shown under current liabilities

144 million

100 million







How Much wanted, For which instance and when it is needed:

This installation has been obtained to retire import missive of creditfor program, machinery and equipment for the white cement plant.this installation carried mark up rate at the rate of 3 % above six months KIOBR with a floor of 7 % . The involvement is collectible quarterly. This loan is repayable uptill in 60 monthly installments of Rs 2.4 million each. This installation is secured by manner of a first registered charge on company, s fixed assets ranking with other Bankss to an extent of RS. 500 million and personal warrants of the managers.

This installation has been obtained for financing the white cement works. The finance carries a markup at the rate of 10 % per annum, which is to be paid half annually. Loan is repayable in eight half annual installments of Rs 12.5 million each commencing from.

This installation has been obtained for financing the new 6700 TPD cinder capacity of Grey cement line ( Expansion undertaking ) . The finance carries a markup at the rate of six months KIBOR plus 3 % capable to floor of 6.5 % collectible quarterly in arrears. The loan is repayable in quarterly stepped up installments after a grace period of 18 months.

Types Of investors:





Rescuers are those people who spend the bulk of their life easy turning their “ nest egg ” in order to guarantee a comfy retirement. Rescuers explicitly choose non to concentrate their clip on puting or investing scheme. Rescuers seek low-risk growing of their capital, and in return, are willing to accept a comparatively low rate of return.


Unlike Savers, Speculators choose to take control of their investings, and non rely entirely on “ clip ” to acquire to the point of fiscal independency. Speculators recognize that they can hold higher returns than Rescuers, and are willing to make or seek anything to acquire those returns.


The 3rd type of investor is the Specialist. Like the Speculator, the Specialist realizes that there is a more powerful puting scheme than merely diversifying across a scope of plus categories. The Specialist by and large picks a individual investment country, and becomes an expert in that country. Some Specialists deal in paper assets, some trade in existent estate, and some start concerns.

Fiscal Plan

Balance Sheet Projection





Authorized portion capital 150,000,000 ( 100,000,000 ) ordinary portions of Rs 10 each

Issued, Subscribed & A ; Paid up capital


Unappropriated Net income

Non Current Liabilitiess: –

Long term Fundss ( Secured )

Liabilitiess against assets Subject to finance rental

Long term security sedimentations

Deferred Liabilitiess

Current Liabilitiess: –

Trade & A ; Other Payabless

Markup collectible on secured loans

Short term running fundss

Long term fundss

Liabilitiess against assets subject to finance rental

Provision for revenue enhancement















Non Current Assetss:

Operating fixed assets

Capital Work In Advancement

Long term loans & A ; progresss

Long term sedimentations

Current Assetss:

Shops, spares & A ; loose tools

Stock in trade

Trade Debts

Progresss, sedimentations, prepayments & A ; other receivables

Short term investing

Cash & A ; Bank balances















Net income and loss projection for the twelvemonth:




Cost of Goods sold

Gross Net income

Distribution Cost

Administration & amp ; general disbursals

Operating Net income

Other operating disbursals

Other runing Income

Net income from operations

Finance cost

Net income before revenue enhancement


Net income after revenue enhancement

Net incomes per portion

















Establishing and pull offing the new venture:

Events necessary for establishing a new venture:

Identify your concern chance.

Constructing a concern program.

Find startup money.

Name your concern.

Choose a concern construction.

Get your Business licence and licenses.

Apparatus and find your concern location.

Get concern insurance.

Create an accounting system.

Pull offing Cash Flow:

Fast aggregation

Lodging cheques fast

Tight histories receivable policy

Disburse money easy

No excess money in your bank history

Licensing understandings.

Monitoring and taking the Team:

We will develop a strong monitoring and rating system. This system will acquire the feedback from clients so evaluate these consequences to supervise the quality control system. We will actuate the employees by associating organisations ends with employees. Chiefly there are two describing constructions of any organisation.


Organizations with a centralised construction have several beds of direction that control the company by keeping a high degree of authorization, which is the power to do determinations refering concern activities.


Because single creativeness can be stifled and direction costs can be greater in a centralised organisation, many organisations continue to downsize into a more decentralised construction. Decentralization seeks to extinguish the unneeded degrees of direction and to put authorization in the custodies of first-line directors and staff.


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