Outline for War of 1812 Essay

The War of 1812 is seen as a simple complication to the British. They figured that they had much more of import affairs on their custodies contending with Napoleon. The Canadians saw it as the Americans merely being aggressive. However for us. the Americans we saw it as a confusion of truenesss and boundaries. The forces behind the Americans come ining this war were for our personal involvements and concerns. The political. geographical and chauvinistic forces gave us the push to state Britain they couldn’t do whatever they wished.

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Topic Sentence: The enlargement of America

1 ) Supporting fact: the United States began spread outing their district shortly after the radical war. 2 ) Supporting fact: a topographic point that caused problem was the Great Lakes 3 ) Supporting fact: as the British began taking their mariners. they Americans became angry and attacked Canada seeking to busy it.

Topic Sentence: The British Navy began to prehend American mariner and assail the place frontier 1 ) Supporting fact: Britain launched an onslaught on New York. But is saved by McDonough 2 ) Supporting fact: Washington D. C. was set on fire. The Capitol and the White house coercing the president to go forth

3 ) Supporting fact: the approximated sum of work forces harmed or taken by the British was about 6. 000

Topic Sentence: Economic forces dealt with the loss of the stuffs destroyed or taken by Britain. Political forces dealt with the “competition” between the presidential support of Jefferson and Madison. 1 ) Supporting fact: Hogshead and Molassess were aboard the ships. 2 ) Supporting fact: Jefferson could’ve gone to war with England with great support but alternatively decided to put trade stoppage. 3 ) Supporting fact: Madison sent a message to congress that listed the ailments about England. It was hardly approved.

Decision: Even though the War of 1812 wasn’t every bit impacting as he others. it plays a important function with the relationship between the United States and Great Britain known sometimes as the ‘’ Special relationship” . Just like every other relationship it has its ups and downs. the War of 1812 was merely a minor bump. Without this minor bump though the United States could be really different. Our territorial boundaries wouldn’t have been altered. Our trade relationship with England likely wouldn’t be the same either.


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