Organization Development

Executive Summary

Organizational development procedure is considered to be an built-in portion of an organisation, its strategic preparation and pull offing daily activities. Sing these facets, the intent of this work and the effort made inthat respect is to specify the constituent of organisational development, its integrating and tocreateand examine organisational development ( OD ) constructs and its application is existent organisation based in UAE. For that ground, a demand arise to place an organisation is besides a necessity. Hence, it should be clarified that the organisational selected for the intent of this work is Abu Dhabi National Oil Corporation ( ADNOC ) .

Therefore, the overall aim of this study is to look into and follow the many jobs, quandaries and measuring confronting an organisation, and how director header with the troubles or organisational development procedures and its project. It would besides assist to add herein that the construction of this study is divided into three parts, viz. portion 1, portion 2, and portion 3 that cover the state of affairs, the organisational development procedure and eventually our analysis, the capable affair decision and its recommendation.

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Organization development is considered an built-in portion of the organisation twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours procedure. OD in the background of its construct is to better organisations and its effectivity. OD and its class for that affair is a long-run procedure, which when undertaken at the strategic or twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours footing helps organisation to turn to many roll uping issues. OD is both an intrinsic and extrinsic cleavage that helps organisation header with internal and external alteration more organically.

Capable Matter Issue and its Consideration

It is natural merely that issue can non be sided apart from any factor of organisational development treatment and its discourse, where inquiry and counter inquiry arise as follows: –

  • How organisational development ( OD ) within an organisation is organized?
  • What defines Human Resource Information System ( HRIS ) within the constructs of OD?
  • Does the function of organisational development adviser is a necessity?
  • How can HRM and their function drama in heightening organisational procedure and it set abouting?
  • What are OD function in the country of direction patterns and operations?

It is clarified that the overall aim of this work is to specify these constituents in portion and full thereof, which is as follows.

Part 1: ADNOC – Appraisal and Overview of Organization

History of ADNOC

ADNOC ( Abu Dhabi National Oil Corporation ) is based in Abu Dhabi, UAE. It is one of the prima oil makers today. The company was established in 1971. ( ADNOC, About ADNOC )

ADNOC Purpose

ADNOC concern intent is to research gas and oil militias and bring forthing it. The intent of the company besides defines the production and geographic expedition of oil militias in order to run into the planetary demand. ( ADNOC, About ADNOC )


The mission of the company is to make a value concatenation through its merchandises and services and besides to play an built-in portion in the UAE economic system, by lending to the growing of the UAE economic system every bit good as playing a centrifugal function in the societal, economic and instruction sector and its development. ( ADNOC )

Cardinal Figure in the Organization

Cardinal figure in the organisation is the president of the supreme crude oil council ( SPC ) . The chairmanship station is held by H.H. Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al-Nahyan. He is besides the current president of the UAE and its Trucial provinces. Above all, being the swayer of Abu Dhabi, H.H. Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al-Nahyan besides helps in the preparation of the company policy, and supervising the operational constabularies of the company international operations. ( ADNOC, About ADNOC )

External conditions in which ADNOC operates

International concern defines ADNOC. Hence, international concern environment and its influence are major facets of ADNOC. The company besides uses high boring methods and advanced machinery and engineering. Above all, the company operates its international concern at the same time with 15 of its affiliate companies for streamlined operational procedure, which add to the significance of the company in the international concern environment. ( ADNOC, About ADNOC )

Part 2: The Procedure of Organizational Development ( OD )

The Feature of Organization Development ( OD )

OD is the appraisal of the major component that defines an organisation, viz. its people, its civilization, its system, its strategic direction and most significantly its direction manners. Besides, the accomplishments of single and the function engineering dramas besides form the object of organisation development and its treatment. ( McGladrey, 2006, p. 3 )

Definition of Organization Development ( OD )

OD is understood to be both a professional field of societal action and an epoch of scientific question. It covers a wide sphere of organisational procedures. In existent term of its significance and definition, “OD is a planned procedure of alteration in an organisation civilization through the use of behavioural scientific discipline engineering, research and theory” ( Thomas G. Cummings, 2008, p. 2 ) assert Warner Burke.

Wendell France defines “organization development as long scope attempts to better an organisation problem-solving capableness and its ability to get by with alterations in its external environment with the aid of external and internal behavioural scientist adviser or agent of alteration as they are sometime called. ( Thomas G. Cummings, 2008, p. 2 )

The Functional facet of Organization Development

Organizational development as can be understood is the procedure that take topographic point within an organisation as a agency to increase organisation effectivity and facilitating personal and organisational alteration through the usage of intercession driven by societal and behavioural scientific discipline cognition. ( Anderson, 2009, p. 3 )

HRIS ( Human Resource Information System ) in context of Organization Development

Organization development and its significance is the major component of HR strategic planning procedure in an organisation. ( McGladrey, 2006, p. 3 ) For that affair, new age direction patterns of organisation development in context of HRM besides reflect the new signifiers of patterns such as HRIS ( human Resource Information System ) doing its manner within the organisation. HRIS add value to the organisation development procedure. There is no uncertainty in that respect. As a affair of fact, “smooth flow and handiness of reliable information related to human resource facilitates rational decisions.” ( Kandula, 2006, p. 70 ) This is true, sing that information are a critical portion of an organisation and besides aid in the footing of determination devising, that besides based on reason of it. Hence, HRIS plays a important portion of organisation development procedure.

The Role of OD Consultant: HRM Consulting

Professional function are a welcoming sight in any organisation. The same instance besides can be looked in regard of HR professional who acts every bit adviser to organisation. On the other manus, OD function can besides use to internal advisers and professionals, or external adviser, where their function is build on the footing of alteration factor that need to be implemented n a smooth and functional manner. ( Thomas G. Cummings, 2008, p. 66 )

It is being said that if HR professional drama a advisory function within an organisation, opportunities are that the value of their professional patterns would give much clip working on behalf of the organisation to turn to the issue at manus and to bring out any likely issues. ( William M. Kahnweiler, 2005, p. 45 ) Hence, it is really likely that the function of HR adviser do add value to organisation one or the other manner and most organisation besides prefer it that manner in adding value to organisation development class.

Above all, service bringings are that nucleus of HR professional function. The evolving nature of HR function besides can be looked in regard of the proficient specializer function that they play in the organisational procedure, either when it comes to disposal or tracking and construing regulative alterations in guaranting that organisation remain in conformity. Strategically talking, HR besides play a important portion in acquiring the right people and right endowment so that organisation do n’t lose on anything, when it comes to alter scheme, employee retirement programs, and any other administrative functional facets. ( Marc Effron, 2003, p. 275 )

OD Role and its Management Aspects

Organization development function as we have maintained is critical to the growing of the organisation. As a affair of fact, it is held that top direction engagement is an of import status for success of OD. The demand for OD in an organisation besides arise for many ground, viz. – major alterations in the external environment or engineerings, or factor like a amalgamation may do an organisation bing construction or direction patterns and civilization. ( Cartwright, 2005, p. 290 ) Hence, a planned intercession of the alteration factor is a necessity at all degree of OD class and its procedure preparation.

OD and its procedure intercession

As we have mentioned above, the intercession of OD is critical to the growing of an organisation. Intervention can be in the signifiers of the followers.

  1. Human Intervention
  2. Structural Intervention
  3. Organizational Cultural Intervention
  4. Strategic Planning Intervention

Justification: ADNOC Features of Organization Development ( OD )

From the above theoretical assimilation, we learn that ADNOC as an organisation have grown many creases from what it was during the times of its constitution. Today ADNOC claims a topographic point in the top 10 planetary oil makers and exporter.AA

We figure out that about all signifiers of OD and its simulation as discussed above happen a topographic point of consideration and in activities pattern in ADNOC. There is no denying this fact. When taking a circuit of the company web site there is ground to belief that what defines ADNOC in context of OD is really much in existent practical term. For illustration, ADNOC attempts in the geographic expedition and excavation and bring forthing oil and gas are immense and enormous. The company produce more than 2.7 billion barrel per twenty-four hours, ( ADNOC, About ADNOC ) this is something that defines how the object of such a production degree is achieved. If the instance would non hold been with effectual OD, such a possibility would hold been a far call. Yet the company thorough its strategic planning intercession in the OD have enabled itself and raised the saloon as a rival in the universe 500 luck company.

There are many other facets of OD and its subsystems such as HRM and its class besides that shapes the foundation of the company and its growing today. For illustrations, it is being observed that ADNOC take a systematic attack to its HRM. The factor of it can be justified in context of ADNOC preparation and development class.

ADNOC have maintained that furthering uninterrupted growing and development of its employee accumulate the object of the company CSR. ADNOC in the kingdom of HRM have been effectual to incorporate alterations as and when the clip demands, given its active preparation and development class. Training and development in ADNOC is to acknowledge the rich endowment base in the company and its HRM foundation at the nucleus of it. As a fabrication company, ADNOC dependent on human capital is immense. Without human intercession, the really kernel of its operational aim and ends seems to be a far auto. And the company understands these elements, which is why preparation and development class is to heighten the value of its human capital, where the flow of information and all facets of development class related to HRM or the debut of HRIS for streamlined HR direction facets does non lose the sight of policy shaper in ADNOC. ( ADNOC, Training & A ; Development )

Furthermore, CSR attack in ADNOC besides is really much in line of OD. Bing a planetary oil maker, ADNOC understand the value attached to the concern environmental factor and its conformity. Its groups of companies or to state affiliate besides follows a elaborate concern operation which is direct in line with the socio-political and cross-cultural concern patterns.

Speaking of scheme, these characteristic besides really much finds a topographic point of consideration in ADNOC. The company as we learn is committed to its concern rule, that is to state, making value concatenation through the debut of engineering human cognition every bit good as taking appropriate environmental policy for sustainable development of the company the strategic degree.

Therefore, what we can ground is that OD in ADNOC defines the long scope attempts to better an organisation problem-solving capableness and its ability to get by with alterations in its external environment with the aid of external and internal agent of alteration in all factor of OD and its project in the company.

Part 3: The Outcome and its Analysis

From the above treatment and its analysis, we understand that OD is really critical to the smooth operation of an organisation. There is besides every ground to believe that OD and its procedure preparation helps organisation to get by with the demand of the concern environment. As a affair of fact, effectual OD and its procedure integrating is critical and a critical tool that most directors undertakes, be it policy preparation, determination devising or integrating engineering in the kingdom of an organisation concern procedure. Apart from that, OD and its methodological analysis therefore should be taken with due attention and attending to inside informations.

Furthermore, organisation besides requires the best available resource apart from machinery and other proficient tools. Human capital therefore is a critical and centrifugal aim to be considered. After all, human capital for that affair is considered to be the anchor of the organisation. In the cognition economic system their value have further evolved and enhanced. Hence, to pealing in the benefits of a subsystem in HRM such as HRIS can be critical to the direction facets of human capital and besides in increasing the worth of the organisation in the competitory market topographic point.

OD as we can ground herein and every facets of its conditioning define the face of an organisation, within the internal and external factor and its influence. The part of OD sing all the critical parts and package for an organisation is immense. The same instance besides can be observed in ADNOC and the OD construct at drama. ADNOC for that affair have been at the head of ongoing alteration ; internally and externally and get bying with the challenges of the concern environment with easiness, which brings us to the point in theorizing that ADNOC and the construct of OD at drama is really much nowadays in the organisation direction, strategic HRM, operational direction and its class is achieved at the same time and organically. Therefore, what we can add is that the part of OD to the overall organisation and its effectual shows in the manner of ADNOC and how the company handles its operation and all facets of concern operation and scheme with easiness and assurance.


Organizational procedure is complex when we viewed objectively. In the current province of personal businesss ADNOC faces many challenges. Change as we view in context of ADNOC has been an on-going project, both at the direction degree, corporate degree and policy degree.

We feel that ADNOC current short-run and long-run job can be speculated to be the HRM characteristics of the organisation, sustainable and environmental steps and its outlining every bit good as concern environment and its challenges.


Following is the recommendation:

  • It is recommended that ADNOC CSR attack should be more elaborate and practical, sing the rule preached by the company and its trade name image.
  • Second, ADNOC intercession in context of HRIS, structural intercession, organisational cultural intercession and strategic planning intercession should be in line with the current demands and demands of the environment in which ADNOC is located. That is to state, strategically attending to OD and its intercession should be more nonsubjective to turn to about all characteristics of the OD constructs in existent practical footings.
  • Third factor is that leading besides should happen a topographic point of active intercession, so that the so called future leader can be nourished within the company.
  • Action program in the organisation should besides be more elaborate, and the function of HR professional and OD advisers besides should be considered on an on-going footing and nurturing alteration through comparative direction patterns is besides non a bad thought at all, since that manner the international concern of ADNOC can be enhanced farther.

It is besides farther commented that the function of OD in the procedure of the organisation operation and twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours direction is dynamic and complex, sing that every organisation is a societal system, and there is no absolute or best manner to convey about a alteration automatically. And the methodological analysiss that are employed will work otherwise at different times. What matters is the engagement of the top direction in the organisation to lasso in alteration factor in the best possible manner for an effectual solution. Above all, strategically talking the scheme of OD is to step in in the on-going activities of an organisation. ( Cartwright, 2005, p. 290 )

Intervention program in ADNOC

We recommend that intercession program or its design should organize a combination of these four characteristics mentioned below for effectual and efficiency of OD and its procedure project in ADNOC.

1. Human intercession: Organization achieves the OD ends through human resource direction maps, viz. – enlisting, choice, compensation and public presentation direction, integrating and arrangement procedure. A combination of these human factor helps accomplish the OD ends and its aim. ( Durai, 2010, p. 264 ) Hence the same design besides can be integrated in ADNOC.

2. Structural Intervention: Structural design alterations concerned the organisation division of labour and its specialisation. Intervention aimed at structural design include traveling from traditional patterns into a more integrative and flexible signifiers, which helps OD procedure to turn to and run into the procedure of the organisation, be it for client centric or web based construction. ( Thomas G. Cummings, 2008, pp. 158-59 ) Hence, such characteristic and its combination are besides extremely recommended for ADNOC.

3. Organizational Cultural intercession: Intervention design in any signifiers seeks to understand situational eventualities such as single differences within the organisation members and direction of alteration procedure. Organizational cultural intercession is a necessity because an organisation is made up of single and group members. ( Thomas G. Cummings, 2008, p. 162 ) Hence, cultural bonding should be at the bosom of any OD at ADNOC, where the cultural dimension is redefined for effectual organisation activities and daily direction.

4. Strategic be aftering Intervention: AA Strategic OD or its intercession defines the nonsubjective and range of strategic direction procedure. Hence, for any affair in that respect, ADNOC besides can harvest the benefit of it merely by upgrading the active intercession of strategic planning, be it at the policy degree and its preparation, specifying future ends and roadmap, placing the operational aims, and the orientation of a concern ends and it alignment into one solid foundation. Standardization of its activities, procedure and overall direction facets besides should happen its class. Strategic be aftering intercession is all about long-run ends and its aim. The best manner an organisation rope in the strategic planning procedure assist organisation to get by with assorted factor of alteration and to be competitory in the concern environment.


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