Oedipus The King And Greek Culture English Literature Essay

If we had to do a critical determination upon which ancient civilisation has greatly influenced our civilization and ways of life today, I would rebelliously hold to take the Greeks. In some facet of our mundane lives as Americans, we use something that started with the Grecian Civilization. Whether it ‘s the edifices we work in, the instruction we received, or our favourite film, it most likely includes some type of Grecian influence. By looking at dramatic dramas like Oedipus the King and Lysistrata, we can see the similarities between the two civilizations.

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By looking at these narratives as a whole, we can see a major influence the Greek have made. The fact that play and dramas still exist in our society today shows a major facet of Grecian civilization. The Greek are given recognition for play and theatre, and today in our society, these still play a big function. Theater, movie, moving, and literature still function as signifiers of amusement every bit good as cognition merely as it did in Greek civilisation. It has grown to develop dramas, telecasting shows, and films. Drama is taught in our school systems and is in most of our places.

In Oedipus the King, we see a really anthropocentric civilisation ; every adult male is interested in a better life for himself. Even God does non keep power to adult male. Oedipus wanted to be looked at non merely as a higher power in society, but about as a God. We still see this anthropocentric point of view in our civilization today. Many politicians and famous persons still seem to hunger this sort of power. Although America was found upon a spiritual authorities, our society tends to roll off from that belief and topographic point world higher up the nutrient concatenation. Another similarity in Oedipus occurs when the pestilence attacks the metropolis of Thebes and the full people look to Oedipus for a solution. “ Oh Oedipus, male monarch of the land, our greatest power! You see us before you now, work forces of all ages, cleaving to your communion tables. ” This is a common trait seen in America today. Many Americans feel it is the authorities ‘s duty to care for them and to repair all the jobs in society. In Oedipus and Lysistrata, we see that work forces are besides the chief determination shapers for the society. This tendency is still evident in our civilization today. Although late adult females have begun to take phase in the political scene of America, work forces have ever been seen more powerful and it was their responsibility. Still today, we have ne’er had a female president. In Lysistrata, we see the adult females step up to take power in society merely as we have seen in America. Lysistrata tells her friend Kalonike, “ But if the adult females gather together here-the Boiotian adult females, the Peloponnesian adult females, and ourselves-together we ‘ll be able to deliver Greece! ” Within recent old ages, adult females have gained the rights to vote, ain belongings, and even run for office in America. Women originally were housewifes that were bound to their hubbies, merely like that of Grecian civilization. In Greece, adult females were non allowed to even take part in dramas that were written about them ; work forces really played their parts.

One word that truly describes the doctrine and life behind Grecian civilization is Reason. Unlike the Hebrew, the Greek wanted to happen an reply for everything. If it was existent, there was a ground. In Oedipus the King, we see illustrations of Reason and how the Greeks wanted to happen an account for everything. One illustration is when they send Creon to Delphi to happen an reply to the pestilence that has attacked the metropolis. Even after Oedipus is told the truth of his childhood by the prophesier and how he killed his male parent, he still seeks out cogent evidence. He explains to his married woman Jocasta that he must work out the enigma of his birth. “ Listen to you? No more. I must cognize it all, must see the truth at last. ” In our civilization today we seem to necessitate an reply for everything. We try to utilize scientific discipline and anatomy to understand things like faith alternatively of holding religion. The Greeks besides believed in fate, that your life was already chosen for you. Oedipus was chosen to kill his male parent and get married his female parent the twenty-four hours he was born. Many people in our society still believe in fate every bit good.

Another big influence in our civilisation that comes from the Greeks is comedy. Lysistrata was non merely written to do a point to the people of Greece, but it was besides meant to be amusing. Aristophanes used irony in order to acquire a point across to his audience. He knew they would bask humor much more than a public address. Comedy is still a big portion of our civilization today. Something that has become really openly discussed and prevalent in our society is sex. At one clip, sex was merely discussed behind closed doors and shared openly between a hubby and married woman. Today, gender is really unfastened and used in play merely like the drama of Lysistrata. It ‘s largely the Hellenic that influenced our civilization to experience free about the thought of sex. The beauty of a adult female ‘s organic structure was besides cherished in Grecian civilization. In Lysistrata, we see Myrrhine annoyer her hubby Kinesias with her organic structure and cause him even more agony. Pride in a adult female was besides seen as a sex symbol much like it is today. “ She seems much younger than I remember, and she has a sexy expression in her eyes. She acted prickly and really bigheaded excessively, but that merely makes me desire her more! ”

By analyzing the Grecian civilization, I believe it can assist us understand who we are today and how many of our imposts in our civilization originated. By reading Oedipus the King and Lysistrata, you can see the similarities in Greek and American life styles. Their amusement, ground, instruction, architecture, and political powers have influenced the universe around us.


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