“Nothing Gold Can Stay” by Robert Frost Essay

“Nothing Gold Can Stay” by Robert Frost focuses on the thought that nil lasts everlastingly. The poet uses a cardinal metaphor and personification to show his thought. The poet utilizations nonliteral linguistic communication such as commanding metaphors. personification. and allusions and is specific in his pick of words.

“Nature’s foremost green is gold” ( Line 1 ) is the first line the is the chief illustration of the commanding metaphor. The colour viridity is compared to gold. which is cherished. What he means by this is that things may get down out good. but they will non ever last. Nothing gold can remain ( Line 1 ) means that things will shortly come to an terminal. “Dawn goes down to day” ( Line 7 ) by this he means that all the good that happened throughout the twenty-four hours will shortly come to an terminal.

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There is personification in the verse form. which is how Frost is mentioning to nature as ‘her’ ( Line 2 and 3 ) . Her early leaf’s a flower. but merely so an hr. by this he means that good things can last a piece. but so will come to a drastic terminal.

He used words like subsides. heartache and Eden to stand for “Nothing Gold Can Stay. ” ( Line 1 ) Here. he means that everything has to come to an terminal Oklahoman or subsequently. Eden is a province of felicity. that shortly came to an terminal due to the picks made by Adam and Eve.

Frost uses many illustrations of allusions in this verse form such as. the brightness like that of gold’s brooding dazzle. that becomes dulled with clip. and the Biblical Eden of Eden that was lost when Adam and Eve fell from the Creator’s good graces.

The allusions are to assist make a image in the readers’ head of what the verse form is approximately. for illustration with the line “Nothing Gold Can Stay” ( line 1 ) it is stating that nil good ( gold ) will last everlastingly. Frost is specific with his word pick. He uses words like “Eden sank to grief” ( Line 7 ) Eden sank to heartache because Adam and Eve ate some sort of fruit off of the tree they were told non to eat from. When they ate from the tree the Creator forbid them from the garden of Eden.

Frost uses many different ways to assist set a image in the readers mind. He uses allusions. personification and metaphors. “Nothing Gold Can Stay” by Robert Frost focused on the thought that nil lasts everlastingly. The poet used cardinal metaphors and personification to show his thoughts.


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