Norway Property Rights And Reaction To Globalization Economics Essay

Property is divided into two major classs, physical and rational. Beside the physical belongings that people can have, rational belongings includes anything that consequences from originative believing such as innovations, art, and even names. Sing the legal environment refering belongings rights, Norway enjoys a really strong and stable legal and political environment that helped them protect their citizens ‘ rights to have physical and rational rights.

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Property rights play an of import function in the creative activity of wealth by leting citizens to thrive and harvest the benefits of their work. A well-established belongings rights system helps in the creative activity of excess that is reinvested without the fright of it being confiscated. Beside the economic benefits that it brings, it besides “ provides a sense of individuality, self-respect, and belonging to people of really different economic agencies. They create dependable ties of rights and duties among community members every bit good as a system of common acknowledgment of rights and duties beyond the local community ” ( Strokova ) .

Since a relationship between the economic wellbeing of states has been tied to how belongings rights are respected and enforced, each twelvemonth the Property Right Alliance, which is a undertaking of Americans for Tax Reform, releases the International Property Right Index ( IPRI ) . This index represents an international comparative survey which measures the significance of both rational and physical belongings rights for the 125 states presented in this survey.

The International Property Right Index focuses on three constituents. The first constituent is Legal and Political Environment ( LP ) constituted by judicial independency, enforcement of the jurisprudence, political stableness, and corruptness degree. The Second constituent is Physical Property Rights ( PPR ) measured by the strength of protection of physical belongings rights, registering belongings, and entree to loans.

The last constituent is Intellectual Property Rights ( IPR ) measured by the strength of protection of rational belongings rights, patent protection, and copyright buccaneering. Harmonizing to the Index a mark of 10 represent a strong degree of belongings rights, while a degree of 0 represent nonentity of belongings rights in a state.

The tabular array below represents the top 10 states by constituent for the last index done in 2010 ( Strokova ) :

Norway had an IPRI of 8.3 and ranked fifth among the 125 states studied. Finland was placed foremost with 8.6 while the United States had a 7.9 and ranked 15th. Norway scored and 8.5, 8.6, and 7.9 in LP, PPR, and IPR severally. The United States had scored 7.5, 7.8, and 8.5 in LP, PPR, and IPR severally. Norway high tonss indicate that the Torahs available for the Norse citizens are really protective and let all persons the right to have belongings either physical or rational.

Compared to 2009, Norway has neither improved nor declined in their general IPRI mark. They have declined by a 0.1 in PPR due to a lessening in the Access of loans score due to the fiscal crisis that the universe witnessed during that period. On the other manus, Norway improved by 0.1 in IPR chiefly because of the diminution in package buccaneering around the universe and hence in the state.

Compared to the remainder of the universe, Norway is making a great occupation enforcing the jurisprudence to protect the right of their citizens to ain belongings. The tabular array below is a sum-up of the 125 states studied ( Strokova ) :

Properly using belongings rights Torahs leads to many benefits. Harmonizing to the distribution of mean income among states in the IPRI, states with stronger belongings rights ‘ tonss tend to be the states with higher per capita incomes such as Nordic states, which filled the five first topographic points. States with weaker tonss have lower per capita income such as African and eastern European states, placed in the center and largely the terminal.

The ground is the authorities in topographic point which does non let their people the right to have. States with the highest tonss enjoy better economic system, pull more foreign direct investing, and have less poorness. Beside the political system present in a state, other variables play a function in the legal environment of belongings rights and the economic system such as the civilization nowadays.

In Africa and Arab states, adult females ‘s rights were non-existent until late which explains why few of them have IRPI tonss above 5 while the bulk have a 3. In those parts, adult females did non hold the right to have belongings or to be originative. Gender equality constitutes an of import factor when using belongings rights since adult females play an of import function in the economic growing of a state.

Denying belongings rights to adult female leads to more poorness and is the chief ground why most of the states at the underside of the IPRI superior represent states where adult females are non treated every bit to adult male. In Norway adult females enjoy equal rights to adult male and are able to have physical and rational belongings that is reinvested in the economic system which leads to better populating criterion.

Overall Norway enjoys a robust belongings rights system. Even with the little diminution in Legal Political Environment, it still remains strong while their Physical Property Rights are the greatest in the universe.

Property enrollment is one of the shortest in the universe taking about 3 yearss to finish while necessitating merely 1 process demoing how efficient and easy their legal environment is ( Guide ) . Norway represents a state that offer a strong legal environment and political systems from which they gain benefits when it comes to belongings, both physical and rational, rights. It besides builds assurance in foreign investors to finance undertakings in the state ( Strokova ) .

Impact of Globalization

As an unintended effect of globalisation Norway gained in some countries while it suffered in others. It gained more foreign investings which helped their economic system prosper but lost locally ain companies by foreign coup d’etats. It besides became more diverse by holding immigrants but that besides raised their offense rates. Finally, while it gained utilizing its natural resources, their depletion may set the state into crisis.

By supplying a great economic growing and a stable authorities with the enforcement of contracts, Norway represents a great state for foreign investors to make concern. Harmonizing to the one-year study of Making Business 2011 of 183 states provided by the International Finance Corporation, Norway ranked 8 worldwide in making concern, and 33 for opening a concern because of the fast processing and few processs it requires.

Because investors are needed to raise capital to assist companies introduce and boom, Norway ranked 20 in the universe in protection of investors by following good economic patterns. Most significantly, Norway ranked 9 in trading across boundary lines. For both import and export it has a shorter clip than other states portion of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, less paperss needed, and lowers cost per container ( The World Bank ) .

Sing foreign investing in Norway, it is chiefly concentrate in its electrochemical and electro-metallurgical industries, primary Fe and metal industry, and excavation. The tabular array below represent the top nine exports for Norway ( Encyclopedia of the Nations ) :

It was non until the find of oil in the 1970ss that Norway experiences a haste of investors acquiring more involvement in the state. Foreign companies helped the Norse economic system by allowing them bore and put in grapevine. In January 1995, 11 international oil and gas companies announced programs for a $ 1.2- $ 1.35 billion gas grapevine from Norway ‘s North Sea production country to the European continent ( Encyclopedia of the Nations ) .

But allowing foreign investors was non without effects like in October of the same twelvemonth where Fokus, Norway ‘s third-largest commercial bank, fell under foreign control as foreign investors captured more than half the portions for sale in the bank ‘s denationalization ( Encyclopedia of the Nations ) . Beside its oil production, Norway counts on its foreign trade of fish and lumber which has been of import for centuries.

Because Norway has a high GDP and better life conditions than most states in the universe, in-migration, legal and illegal, continues toward this county. Most immigrants come from other European states to happen labour and unrecorded in Norway. In 2008 in-migration to Norway increased to make new records since harmonizing to national statistics, the overall immigrant influx to Norway peaked that twelvemonth at 66900.

Net in-migration of foreign subjects was 43600, 4 000 more than in the old record twelvemonth of 2007, adding about 1 % to the overall population ( InternationalL Migration Outlook ) . The graph below shows the 15 largest immigrant group in Norway in 2010 ( Statistics Norway ) :

As a response to the inflow to the state, on January 1st, 2010 a new act was established to restrict the figure of immigrants that can acquire into the state to populate at that place. An illustration is the demand of four old ages of work experience and/or instruction in Norway in order to be granted household in-migration licenses ( InternationalL Migration Outlook ) . Still the influx continues to increase or keep steady throughout the old ages.

As for illegal in-migration, Norway is seeking to contend it and behave all illegals because they are the cause in addition of the offense rate in the state. Harmonizing to recent statistics, most reported instances of colza with aggravated assault in the Norse capital of Oslo last twelvemonth were committed by immigrants and about all the victims were Norse adult females ( EUTimes ) .

Norway has rejected to be portion of the European Union twice and is greatly dependent on its trading spouses which make it extremely vulnerable if any economic complication affects them. Even though it is non portion of the European Union, Globalization effects cough up with the political, economic, and societal environment of the state because of its consequence on its spouse.

Bing close to hapless states from Eastern Europe led to more in-migration which raised the offense rate while foreign investings led to take overs or national companies. The effects of globalisation are non every bit bad as other states have it such as Italy who has greater in-migration jobs that causes more offenses and non as many natural resources to assist its economic system. The impact of globalisation on Norway led to more economic benefits but affected its society in a minor manner.


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