Nokia The Worlds Mobile Phone Arena Marketing Essay

Nokia late has unveiled a usage made for US AT & A ; T ‘s customerA handsetA that viz. Nokia Surge aka Mako. The phone is built for easy messaging and societal media capableness every bit good as office-use capablenesss.

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Nokia Features rich is the advantages of the phone but the alone design besides catch most people eyes. It is a most un-Nokia-like Nokia device on the market. It athleticss a full pull out QWERTY keyboardA and full HTML shoping with Flash and running on Symbian S60 OS. On top of that,

The Nokia Surge has a really low-cost monetary value for $ 80 from AT & A ; T with a contract understanding in US. For people outside the US, the Nokia Surge will be renamed as Nokia slide 6760 which eyeglasses are fundamentally indistinguishable and unbarred. This international version will be available really shortly. But before we get to reexamine Nokia Surge, we will take a expression on how other people think about thisA French telephone.



Nokia possibly the universe leader in the nomadic phones arena, but it seems as if it has wholly lost its manner every bit far as the selling schemes are concerned NO DOUBT THATA the merchandises from the Finnish company, Nokia, are some of the really best in the universe, but the company still has n’t found a profitable manner to market its goods. The really ground that other nomadic phone companies are fast eating up Nokia ‘s market portion is their superior ( yet simple ) selling patterns.

Motorola and Samsung must now be in the FUW ( often used words ) list in Nokia ‘s board meetings. These companies have made Nokia pay in a heartfelt way for its fundamental attack in marketing its phones. The aggressive selling patterns followed by Motorola have hit Nokia really hard and it is losing really important planetary market portion every month to its American rival.

Nokia, rather alarmed by the dropping gross revenues of its phones, is now seting all its weight behind the N-Series scope. The N-Series is packed with multimedia characteristics and Nokia believes that these phones might court the costumiers back to the large dada of the nomadic phone universe. But Espoo, we have a job! ! ( Nokia is headquartered at Espoo, Finland ) .

While Motorola ( rather intelligently ) gives a dashy-flashy name to every phone it brings into the market, Nokia tends to make the exact antonym. Nokia from the really start has relied on Numberss instead than names. This scheme worked really good in the past, but merely because there was n’t much competition back so. But times have changed. Every month the market sees at least a twelve new French telephones from an equal figure of makers. Consumers now have more than they can take.

Consumers are more attracted by names because they can therefore easy associate to the characteristics of the phone. This is apparent from the success of the MotoRazr, MotoSlvr, MotoRizr and MotoKrzr. These phones are non packed with heavy multimedia characteristics like the N-Series ; still they are selling like hot bars. Merely by reading the name of the French telephone, one gets a wide thought what the phone looks like or whatA its characteristics are


The mission of Nokia NDIA is to supply the clients with the lasting, economic, fashionable and dependable cell phones with better characteristics of common usage

Selling Aim

Maintain positive, strong growing every one-fourth.

Achieve a steady addition in market incursion.

Achieve the expected growing rate of two old ages

To keep its place of India ‘s no. 1 cell phone bring forthing company.

Keeping its repute. . ( Kothari C.R. 1990, )

Literature reappraisal:



Porter ‘s five forces:


Supplier concentration Importance of volume to supplier Differentiation of inputs

Impact of inputs on cost or distinction Switch overing costs of houses in the industry Presence of replacement inputs Threat of forward integrating

Cost relation to entire purchases in industry.

Barriers TO Entries:

Absolute cost advantages Proprietary acquisition curve Access to inputs Government policy Economies of graduated table Capital demands Brand individuality Switch overing costs Access to distribution Expected revenge

Proprietary merchandises

Menace OF Substitute:

-Switching costs -Buyer disposition to

A replacement -Price-performanceA tradeoff of replacements


Bargaining purchase Buyer volume Buyer information Brand individuality Price sensitiveness Threat of backward integrating Product distinction Buyer concentration vs. industry Substitutes available Buyers ‘ inducements.

SWOT Analysis of the Company:

Nokia SWOT Analysis company profile is the indispensable beginning for top-level company informations and information. Nokia Inc. – SWOT Analysis examines the company ‘s cardinal concern construction and operations, history and merchandises, and provides drumhead analysis of its cardinal gross lines and scheme

SWOT is the tool to see that where organizationA bases, which countries required betterment, which countries required serious consideration, which would be the beginning of growing, which things need turning away and so on. The SWOT of NokiaA will helpA to understand the place of Nokia in the market. Nokia SWOT analysis can be seen in figure 6.2 ( New Research Report on Companies and Markets, 2008 ) .

Degree centigrades: UsersAjay KumarDesktopASIF ASSIGNMENTswotanalysis.jpg


Nokia has largest web of distribution and merchandising every bit compared to other nomadic phone company in the universe. It is backed with the and professional squad in the HRD Dept. The fiscal facet is really strong in instance of Nokia as it has much more profitable concern. The merchandise being user friendly and have all the accoutrements one want that is why is in great demand doing it No-1 selling nomadic phones in the universe. Wide scope of merchandises for all category.The re-sell value of Nokia phones are high compared to other company’sA merchandise.

Nokia has the strong trade name name which is its 1 of the most of import strength because it is so favourable for Nokia to establish its new merchandises because it is dependable for the clients by set up as strong trade name.

Its distribution web is broad globally so the merchandises are easy available for the mark clients.

Nokia merchandises are easy to utilize for everyone, even an nonreader individual income developing states use Nokia easy.

Nokia has high scope of merchandises which is attractive for the clients. Nokia nomadic sets have high re-sell value as compared to others which is favourable for Nokia every bit good as for the clients. ( chern, 2010 )


Nokia has many strengths and some failing. Some of the failing includes the monetary value of the merchandise offered by the company. Some of the merchandises are non user friendly. Not concern about the lower category of the society people. Not aiming publicity toward them. The monetary value of the merchandise is the chief issue. The service centres in India are really few and scarce. So after gross revenues service is non good. Nokia ‘s gross revenues and service centres are really few therefore it ‘s after sale service is non impressive. If the clients face the job in the merchandise so they have to confront trouble.

Nokia is holding a batch of jobs about its merchandises besides after taking the market for so many old ages Nokia is now losing to the smart phones from the last 3 old ages Nokia faced a heavy diminution in its market portion and its gross revenues although its merchandise are still selling but non preferred far behind the latest engineering alternatively of losing the market so severely but still it ‘s non coming about with a theoretical account that is competitory plenty for the smart phones, all the developed states are now preferring smartphones over the normal phones which is really obvious as it is the latest and the engineering and characteristics are truly outstanding in comparing to Nokia.


Nokia can spread out its market portion by presenting trade name in new market and by providing new mark market as well.It can besides capture more market portion and pull more clients in bing market by altering monetary value and presenting new merchandise scope and besides by introducing merchandise characteristics of bing merchandises. Telecommunication market is turning quickly and more people are being interested towards the industry so it is great chance for Nokia to spread out market portion and to turn every bit good. Through inordinate advertizement and effectual market communicating it can strong its repute and increase its gross revenues and besides make good trade name image among the people.Nokia itself going the point of mundane convenience the twenty-four hours is non so far that it will go the point of mundane usage. ( chern, 2010 )


Nokia has many menaces to undertake to keep its place as market

leader. The menaces like emerging of other nomadic companies in the

market. The companies like Motorola, Sony Eriksson, and Cingular ( U.S )

Etc. these companies have come to the base of tough competition with

Nokia in the field of Mobile Phones. Menaces can be like supplying

inexpensive phones, new characteristics, new manner and type, good after gross revenues service

etc. So, Nokia has to maintain in head the turning competition about.

The turning demand of WLL web can do bead in

gross revenues for Nokia, as Nokia provides many less CDMA phones to the

client. As the telecommunication industry is increasing with that non merely opportunities increasing but besides menaces are every bit increasing with the growing of the telecom industry.

The completion is acquiring explosive with the growing of the market. More and more rivals are come ining in the market which is a large menace for Nokia.Some rivals offer merchandises at low monetary values and as the economic system is falling down the clients are more attracting towards the merchandises of low monetary values. So those rivals can take away the market portion of Nokia. Another menace for Nokia is the growing of WLL web because Nokia provides CDMA cell phones so its merchandises can travel toward the down autumn with the rise of WLL web. ( chern, 2010 )

Porter ‘s five forces analysis:

Analyzing the above through porter ‘s model:

Menace from the bing rivals: Nokia is traveling through intense competition and losing out severely to the rivals as smartphones have captured the market and the demand of Nokia is traveling to extinct easy from the market. It ‘s the clip for it to wake up and make something otherwise now its demand has lowered down in the developed states but still its Oklahoma in the Asian and developing states but as Asiatic states are besides make up one’s minding to concentrate on smart phones so perchance they will lose their market in these states shortly.

Substitutes: as discussed above that Nokia being non much harmonizing to the engineering and is far behind the smartphones the merely positive points it has is its monetary value that is rather low but that besides is non an issue because the monetary value of smartphones besides low-cost now and an mean individual can afford it the possibility of people exchanging to replace merchandise is really high as if they have to utilize a simple phone they can take any inexpensive one which can impact the market of Nokia

Menace from new entrants: as we can see above that the smartphones are capturing the market and new participants are besides seeking to acquire into the smart phone market conveying in their advanced merchandises and participants like LG, MOTOROLA etc are seeking their degree best to convey in their new engineering phone in order to vie with the market and capture some of the market portion.

Beginning: New Research Report on Companies and Markets, 2011


This illustration has shown you the UI design procedure for a simple Flash Lite Sudoku game called Sudokumaster. Following the UI design guidelines presented in sectionA Designing graphical user interfaces, the focal point has been on making an intuitive and easy-to-use UI with a dynamic layout that supports multiple screen declarations and orientations, and both cardinal and touch input.

As a consequence, the Sudokumaster UI provides a smooth and consistent user experience across a assortment of platforms and devices. This illustration has besides shown you how the initial UI mock-up evolved into the concluding UI, a procedure that required a figure of accommodations to the UI design to do dynamic layout control easier and to better turn to the restrictions and capablenesss of Flash Lit


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