Nishat Group One Of The Leading Industries In South Asia Business Essay

Executive Summary

The market for vesture, place fabric and accoutrements has ever been huge and full to the lip with possible. More and more people are leaping on to the bandwagon and coming up with their ain trade names of cloth & A ; dress with tall claims of high quality and singularity. In the thick of so much competition, Nishat Linen came to the surface with exclusivity as its claim to fame. This study discusses in the undermentioned subdivisions, the current market place of Nishat Linen relation to its rivals, its concern portfolio, its strengths and chances, channels of distribution, selling schemes and eventually, the overall budget and action plans.

Nishat Linen – An Introduction

High in diverseness, Nishat Group has been one of the taking and dynamic industries in South Asia where it has paved its way in the Fieldss of fabric, cement and fiscal services. Nishat Linen is a portion of the company which has given a whole new dimension and mentality to the fabric industry. Nishat Linen is known for its quality and recognized for its designs and low-cost monetary values and has been functioning the industry for the last 14 old ages and is now recognized as a trade name of its ain. The positive image it has created in the heads of its clients in unbeatable which can non be tarnished by large rivals in the fabric industry.

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Current Marketing Situation

In Pakistani fabric market the construct of a one-stop store is non new as there are many shops like Ideas, ChenOne and Habitt which are endeavoring hard to supply their clients with the easiness and comfort of one-stop it. These shops are strong with their trade name names and acknowledgment where they provide their clients with high quality and design fluctuations so as to do the component of uniqueness distinct in the consumer ‘s head. As a consequence strong competition has surfaced among these fabric giants which are contending difficult and fast to retain and turn their client portion in the market

Nishat Linen emerged, in the thick of such consistent and tough competition, as a prodigy of Nishat Group ; one of the taking and most diversified concern groups in South Asia. Throughout the old ages, Nishat has made its topographic point as one of the market leaders in carry throughing the place and personal demands of consumers. Currently Nishat is basking a castle within the heads of its mark market that support it keep a typical castle among its rivals. Nishat is the market leader in its class due to its superior quality, a well-developed trade name name, selling attempts that hit its mark section justly and continuously altering the merchandise designs and characteristics to run into the demands and demands of its valuable dynamic clients. This all has helped Nishat to derive a differentiated image in the market that has it a prestige symbol.

Market Description

Today ‘s consumer has evolved with a certain set of demands and demands which are clearly defined in their heads and are more than capable in doing buying determinations where they evaluate each merchandise characteristic to their mental graduated table and purchase merely if it rates higher in their perceptual experience. Nishat is now merely non a shop any longer, instead the mercantile establishments are something to which the client can associate to and would experience comfy in revisiting it if need be. Their trade names reflect a certain image and category to the consumers who buy the merchandises to heighten their already groomed personality.

Endeavoring difficult on these lines Nishat Linen has made its grade in the market where it particularly targets those spoting clients who seek singularity, quality, design, manner and manner in the merchandises they buy without holding to compromise on pricing.

Without any uncertainty the mark market of Nishat Linen comprises of clients who have a distinguishable set of demands where they focus on merchandise singularity, quality and design which would put them apart from other females. From homemakers seeking to affect others through impressive kitchen and bed linen to socialites and professionals with a sophisticated and sole sense of dressing, Nishat is really successful as it caters to a privileged market section that can pay for high quality and manner.

Product Review

Nishat ‘s merchandise line is extremely diversified where it sells bed linen to kitchen co-ordinates, upholstery to dress supplying it important placement and incursion in the market to provide to the clients who want a one-stop store experience

Nishat ‘s complete merchandise line is as follows:

Nisha – Clothing Line for adult females

Naqsh – Clothing Line for work forces

Bed & A ; Kitchen Linen and Accessories

Bed sheets


Bed spreads ( regular/ bridal sets )

Kitchen ( table linen, mats, table smugglers, staff of life boxes, aprons )

Shock absorbers ( ( Zari, 6 piece sets, matched with bed sheets )


Jai Namaz

Manner Accessories



Shawls & A ; Stoles









Multifaceted, manner witting adult females

( consumer market )

To be at the zenith of high manner.

To be sole and reflect the position of success and power.

Matching benefit is in the signifier of Nisha – the vesture line for adult females that was launched in 2004.

Based on a broad assortment of cloths including lawn, chiffon, voile, karandi, linen, khadi, satin etc ; it caters to every manner caprice of adult females.

Distinguished work forces

( consumer market )

Apparels that reflect sheer maleness and elegance yet can be worn with easiness and comfort any clip of the twenty-four hours.

Matching benefit is in the signifier of Naqsh – the vesture line for work forces.

Loose fabric every bit good as ready to have on shalwar kurtaz for all occasions that are insouciant yet alone.

Housewifes, childs, brides-to-be

( consumer market )

To be able to show manner and individualism while adorning houses.

To stylise kitchen, sleeping rooms, populating suites etc ; to be able titivate up any room.

Matching benefit is in the signifier of a broad assortment of Bed and Kitchen linen and accoutrements with a new aggregation every season.

Caters non merely housewives seeking comfy bedclothes and kitchen accoutrements, Nishat has a linen scope entirely for childs and brides-to-be, therefore supplying a complete place attention solution for every life rhythm phase.

Trendy teenage misss

( consumer market )

To be recognized as a manner goddess, a prima donna.

Matching benefit is in the signifier of manner accoutrements runing from bags, clasps, bracelets etc for teens on the spell.

Competitive Review

Manner industry of Pakistan is germinating on day-to-day footing as it faces a series of uninterrupted alterations in the market tendencies. Following the way of the manner industry, females besides have been preparing aboard where the long ago held construct of a female belonging in kitchen has been changed to a stylish and modern person who takes attention of her training, her dressing and her visual aspects. The clients are now focused on designs and how each would stand for and put off their image in the heads of their friends and relations. These are the chief countries of concerns the client face while taking something to have on for themselves or even for their households. With the endorsing of famous persons the competition in the market have increased manifolds as the clients are bombarded with commercials in which the major famous persons have been backing their merchandises doing confusions in the analysis of the merchandise by the clients.

Nishat Linen Rivals:

*Al-Karam Textile Mills

One of the largest manufacturers of Fashion and Basic Beddings, Al-Karam has been successful in its ability in hold oning the biggest market portion. They offer a diversified set of merchandises which are high in quality and designs which includes Apron, Egyptian cotton, bed linen, Hand Towel e.t.c. They are besides engaged with in house design solutions as good. Al-karam is proud to hold a proved record of supplying service quality on clip.

*Chenone Pakistan

It is one of Pakistan ‘s taking fabric group and one of the largest exporters of place fabric merchandises from Pakistan. Chenab ‘s processing unit is considered one of the best in the state with a complete processing scope. Its chief merchandises that it offers include Home Textile, Garments, Foot Wear and Furniture. Its fabric merchandises non merely carry through local demand but are besides exported to several other states.


Ideas is one of the other large rival of Nishat in the market where it offers a similar scope of merchandise offering including bedclothes, kitchen, bath furniture e.t.c. They are besides offering specific scope of cotton and lawn with fresh and vivacious colourss. Their forte is their alone design apparels with a vivacious pallet of colourss and embellishment.


Habitt provides with a broad assortment which includes broad scope of drapes, bed sheets, sofa sets, comforters, book shelves ; dining tabular arraies and normally really common house hold points are available here. Habitt is pulling market by supplying attractive offers and comparatively low monetary value.


VLawn is once more in competition with Nishat Linen in vesture industry. VLawn is a trade name of Vaneeza Ahmed which is a popular figure in manner industry. Initially she started with different Lawn designs and now she is offering shiffon, rawsilk and khaddar wear.

Trade name

Product Category

Monetary value Scope




Moderate High-High




Moderate High-High


Cross Roads

Casual Clothing

Moderate High-High



Casual Clothing

Moderate High-High


Fifth Avenue

Casual Clothing

Moderate High-High


Shirt & A ; Tie

Formal Clothing

Moderate High-High



Formal Clothing

Moderate High-High


Work force ‘s Shop

Formal Clothing



Stone Age

Casual Clothing

Moderate High-High


Cotton & A ; Cotton

Formal Clothing

Moderate High-High



Formal Clothing

Moderate High-High



Formal Clothing

Moderate High-High



Formal Clothing

Moderate High-High




Moderate High-High




Moderate High-High




Moderate High-High


Funk Asia

Womans Dressing

Moderate High-High



Foot Wear

Low-Moderate High



Foot Wear

Moderate High-High



Foot Wear

Low-Moderate High


Red: Head to Head Competition Black: Moderate Competition Blue: Partial Competition

Channelss and Logistics Review

The channels and Logisticss are integrated such that merchandise handiness is insured across Pakistan at its assorted mercantile establishments which are located at all the major metropoliss. However the major focal point of mercantile establishments is in Punjab because of easy and inexpensive logistics since their production installation is near Lahore. There is one mercantile establishment in Islamabad and Karachi has three mercantile establishments out of which twosome of them is located in Clifton and one in PECHS. This goes to demo that Nishat has n’t identified other possible or turning markets within Karachi that is traveling to ensue in one of the menaces from their rivals in deriving market portion.

SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis is a utile tool for analysing and understanding concern state of affairss every bit good as transporting out the determination devising procedure within an organisation. SWOT is an abbreviation for strength, failing, chance and menaces. Organizations use SWOT analysis for:

Business planning

Strategic planning

Competitor rating


Business development

Merchandise development

SWOT analysis for Nishat:


One of the first few trade names to establish bed linen in Pakistan.

Strong merchandise variegation.

Mercantile establishments in about every metropolis of Punjab and three mercantile establishments in Karachi which is besides the concern capital.

Providing all market sections except kids.

Strong merchandise development and most significantly harmonizing to all the seasons.

Affiliation with a professional interior decorator Mahin Khan.

Organized records of client database.

Valuable services to all its loyal and first clip clients by offering price reduction cards and rank cards.

Limited designs for both cloths and linen are sold in the market for every season that creates distinction of their merchandise.


Nishat linen is non providing the center and the lower income group that can be seen by looking at the monetary value scope of their merchandises:

Unstitched cloth: Rs. 2138 to 3150

Stitched cloth: Rs. 1400 to 5000

Bed Sheets: Rs. 1150 to 2950

Quilt Screens: Rs. 1800 to 5500

Nishat linen does non transport out exhibitions therefore clients have small cognition about their merchandises with regard to their rivals.

Nishat linen has non been able to spread out its market in Karachi due to high logistics cost since their factory is in Faisalabad Punjab.

All the promotional schemes are focused on cloths as it is their star product.bed linen gets small promotional run.


Nishat linen can look to acquire attached with more diversified interior decorators who are into accoutrements as good.

Print their ain catalogues for bed linen and cloth and set them at different book shops so that clients have easy entree to their designs.

Nishat can acquire into western vesture line which will give them an border over their rivals.

Their Lahore unit is fabricating denim cloth for Levi ‘s which is of superior quality. This gives an chance to Nishat to establish their ain jean trade name in the market.

They should look to open an mercantile establishment in an country like North Nazimabad where the market has a batch of possible and people have the buying power as good.


Strong promotional runs of rivals bring forthing cloths through exhibitions.

Fabric designs of their rivals are available at other retail shops every bit good where as their cloths are available at their mercantile establishments merely.

Most of their bed linens is exported therefore the local market tend to endure where as their rivals like thoughts and ChenOne are more focussed on the local market deriving competitory advantage.

BCG Matrix for Nishat


Nishat ‘s Star unit, doubtless, is Nisha, their vesture line for adult females. It is a unit that sells throughout the twelvemonth and as quoted by the Manager of their Clifton mercantile establishment, “ Nisha sells at the same rate even during times of recession ” . Harmonizing to him, Nishat has experienced more net income during recession because of continued high gross revenues of their vesture line for adult females. Launched in 2004, Nisha grew by springs and bounds and now stands alongside trade names like Gul Ahmed, Lakhani and Al-Karam. It has been categorized as a Star merchandise line of Nishat as the market for adult females fabric and dress is immense, of all time turning and nowadayss rather a batch of possible. It has a high market portion due to its exclusivity and quality that distinguishes it from its competition. As a effect, it requires heavy investing to back up its image as a trade name with an attitude.

Cash Cattles:

Nishat ‘s bed & A ; kitchen linen and accoutrements can be categorized as the hard currency cattles with which it earns a healthy and steady hard currency flow throughout the twelvemonth. The market demand for bed and kitchen linen, though non dynamic, has ever been there with a sustained and limited potency for growing. Nishat, with its unique and spoting image, has managed to capture a important portion of this slow-growing market, comparative to its rivals like Ideas by Gul Ahmed, Identity by Al-Karam and ofcourse, ChenOne. Its bed linen is non merely in high demand locally but is besides one of its major imports.

Question Mark:

Naqsh, the vesture line of Nishat for work forces, can be categorized as its Problem Child or Question Mark. It ‘s a unit that has n’t shown much potency and as a consequence has n’t managed to derive as much market portion or bring forth as much hard currency as was expected and required of it. The market for eastern wear for work forces has seen a rapid growing since the past few old ages and nowadayss so much of undiscovered potency. With every interior decorator coming up with an sole vesture line for work forces, Naqsh faces serious competition from non merely Gul Ahmed and Al-Karam but other market leaders such as Amir Adnan, Junaid Jamshed and Rizwan Beyg etc. To last in such a ferociously competitory and aggressive market, Naqsh requires heavy investings to keep its land but has n’t managed to win in deriving adequate market portions as yet.


Finally, manner accoutrements of Nishat can be termed as Dog ; unit with a low market portion in a reasonably turning industry of accoutrements. The demand for manner accoutrements like manus bags, clasps etc, though has ever been at that place, but it does non hold that much of a growing potency. With much of the investing being done in the other three units, Nishat has n’t paid attentiveness to this peculiar market offering. Known by the multitudes as a trade name for vesture and bed linen, merely a niche section of the market is cognizant of Nishat ‘s accoutrements even when inventiveness and manner is maintained here every bit good. Hence, this unit generates merely adequate hard currency to keep its market portion.

Objective & A ; Issues

First twelvemonth Aim

We have planned to increase the gross revenues volume up to 150 per centum of current gross revenues by spread outing the market portion along with superior client value.

Second twelvemonth Aim

We aim to establish the western wears of finest quality and sole category and accomplish a distinguishable place in western wear as good.


Due to the impregnation of market with immense rivals like Al-Karam, Gul-Ahmed and thoughts it is rather hard to capture a big portion of market by supplying superior value comparable with our rivals. Their distribution webs and big figure of mercantile establishments could be a hurdle in doing our merchandise their first precedence. Political issues are besides affair of concern as there might be a political influence in set uping our trade name in Karachi. Religious issues are besides one of the hurdlings in advertisement via hoardings. Financial state of affairs of clients may besides be a affair of concern as our all merchandises are sole and have high monetary values.

Selling Scheme

Nishat ‘s market scheme is based on market enlargement and merchandise development. Currently their mark section is sole and formal wear for formal now they target professional females including fashionable and convenient outfits holding a assortment of designs but superior quality. Bed linen besides needs to be emphasized more regarding fluctuations in manners and designs. Nishat besides plans to aim enterprisers and concern proprietors who wish to plan their offices with their merchandises in an sole mode by non merely supplying them their elect merchandises but besides particular services would besides be provided by their representative who would propose them sing interior ornament. Gents wear would besides be focused affecting a broad scope of formal and informal salwar suits under the supervising of a top category interior decorator Hassan Shaharyar.


Nishat aims to place its merchandise as an sole and classical trade name for both upper and in-between category clients. Additionally they provide client support services specifically to adult females to assist them plan their vesture by Nishat ‘s experient interior decorators. That is their differentiating point from their rivals.

Merchandise Scheme

Nishat will establish sole designs of wear created by a assortment of new interior decorators. This invention would be affectional as approaching interior decorators work with more energy and creativeness that would hike their gross revenues. Free samples are delivered to clients to demo how best our merchandises are. Free sample is a utile technique in winning the trueness of clients. This scheme is widely used to better the market.

Pricing Scheme

Before puting monetary values of merchandises, assorted elements are kept into head.

Customer is of extreme importance. If client is old, his path record is good and enjoys a favourable reputation so profit border may be reduced. Monetary values country determined on cost footing by adding certain per centum of net income. This is extremely sensitive country.

Current pricing for their merchandises are:

Unstitched cloth is 2100-3100 it would be revised with more assortment holding scope 1500-3500

Stitched cloth is 1500-5000 it would be revised with economic and alone facet holding scope 1200-10000

Bed linen is 1200-3000 it would be revised from regular and sole scope of bed linen from 1000-5000

Bridal wear will be launched holding introductory monetary values 20000-40000

Distribution Scheme

Nishat has their ain mercantile establishments in Punjab and Sindh, and the merchandise will be delivered merely to registered mercantile establishments. As the director of one mercantile establishment has enlightened the point why do n’t sell their merchandise other so Nishat mercantile establishment as their rival is making that he replied “ we ne’er want to come in in a market because every bit shortly as we entered in it so our bogus merchandise will take birth as it happened with other rivals. ” Our sole designs and merchandises would still be sold at our authorised mercantile establishments.Furthermore to ease the clients, online shopping installation and door measure bringing of order will besides be started by the debut of BUY ONLINE option on our web site for that intent we have acquired services of T.C.S for order bringing.

Marketing Research Strategy

Following are some research and development techniques:

Through Internet

Nishat has recognized the importance of information engineering in concern field and really speedy to capitalise this chance. It has launched its web site which tells purchasers about Nishat merchandises and besides takes their valuable feedback and suggestions.

APTAMA purchaser ‘s dictionary

All Pakistan fabric Millss association publishes a directory, which includes prospective purchasers. This dictionary is published on a regular basis. Marketing section carefully analyses it and happen purchasers for its quality merchandises.

Action Plans

We have selected action programs as per different seasons and occasions:

February ( on winter aggregation )

In this month the figure of walk-in client is high for winter vesture demand. Some visit for the bed linen, shock absorbers, babe fingerstalls.Whereas chief accent would be on winter aggregation.


Most of the purchasers are people traveling back from holidaies ; they prefer to purchase local material instead than passing more for the same material offered by international trade names.

Reason: A complete bed sheet set including pillow screens at Nishat is priced at Rs. 3000 whereas any international trade name would bear down $ 140 for the same bed sheet and that excessively excepting pillow screens.

August ( on summer aggregation )

In this aggregation largely in Karachi client inflow additions with twenty-four hours in and twenty-four hours out and these yearss chiefly adult females actively do shopping stressing on formal outfits for nuptialss and misss with their summer aggregations.

Eid ( on kitchen accoutrements )

We besides produce the merchandises on the particular occasions particularly on Eid season affecting an increased demand for kitchen accoutrements.

In such occasions demand for Traditional outfit holding eastern expression is besides increased in both male and female


We have allocated budget for our merchandises as per their market value and demand. Following is the distribution of outgo for our merchandise mix sing the market standing and market growing in order to better our current state of affairs.

Nisha aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦50 per centum

Bed linen aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦ … 15 per centum

Naqshaˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦..27 per centum

Manner accessoriesaˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦ . 8 per centum


There are at least three basic demands for Nishat to keep its position as a successful trade name:

It must supply a merchandise ( good or service ) that suits best to its capablenesss and for which there is a sufficient market.

It must supply the merchandise with consistent quality at a degree that entreaties to intended clients and fulfill their demands.

It must supply a merchandise at a cost that ever a satisfactory net income and a rational sale monetary value.

Net income will be controlled by following necessary steps:

Quality control

Design control

Customer Data Control

Product Identification and Traceability

Corrective and Preventing Measures

Internal Audit

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — –


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