Nicks Current Marketing Situation Marketing Essay

Nike is an integrated company that chiefly focuses on and operates in the footwear industry. Nike constructs, designs, and markets footwear, equipment, vesture, and accoutrements for jocks. Nike will chiefly be viing with Adidas and Reebok. Based on findings, recommendations are that Nike should try to better the trade name name and quality of their new line “ ACG ” which stands for “ all conditions gear ” line of utmost athleticss. Nike should besides their financess more efficaciously and expeditiously by spread outing publicities into amusement. Nike ‘s web sites can be more appealing to clients with more intuitive controls and interfaces. Nike should besides spread out into international selling because globalisation is the manner of the hereafter. Nike should decidedly go on to progress in the field of engineering in respects to athletic places and their functionalities. ( Nike Biz )

Current Marketing Situation

Nike ‘s current selling state of affairs involves their competition against many other trade names such as Adidas, Reebok, New Balance, Puma, Creative Recreation, and many others. This, hence, will do intense fight. Because of this fight among companies, demand will certainly flatten. Pricing force per unit areas will restrict profitableness because if a company monetary values a merchandise excessively high, clients will turn to the competition for a better value. However, irrespective of the competition, Nike is still the current leader in footwear gross revenues in most athleticss. Their chief failing lies in the association football line and they need to catch association football from Adidas-Reebok, the figure two footwear manufacturer and marketer. ( Acaria )

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Market Description

Nike marks most age groups, from babes to yearlings to teens and grownups and even to seniors ; nevertheless their primary beginning of net income comes from 18-22-year-olds. Nike attempts to integrate facets of a shoe ‘s design in which clients seek, such as functionality or manner, which are the most sought after facets of the shoe. They divide their market into many different athleticss but their primary 1s include: hoops, adult females ‘s fittingness, work forces ‘s preparation, association football, athleticss civilization, and running. They besides target big retail merchants and jobbers instead than merely concluding consumers.

Buyers can personalise their places and this will heighten their individualism. This helps construct Nike ‘s trade name and client connection while still protecting their “ premium ” trade name image. Nike besides provides high quality stuffs every bit good as superior comfort meanwhile equilibrating functionality and manner – a difficult undertaking to carry through sing all these facets are combined into a individual brace of places. ( Nike Biz )

Product Review

The Nike “ Dunk ID ” line offers the undermentioned criterion characteristics:

A assortment picks of stuff such as pierced leather, patent leather, tumble leather, nylon, canvas, suede, rug, premium leather, nubuck, and much more

Customizable colorways that include altering colourss, gradients, forms

Customizable embroidered message or words

Customizable sewing and yarn

All sizes from babes to wide-footed to extra big sizes, such as 14+

Competitive Review

The outgrowths of other places that offer manner and functionality have pressured Nike. Nike leads with a planetary market portion of 31 % . Cardinal rivals include the followers:

Adidas. The market leader for association football shoelines. Adidas is presently in front of Nike in Europe when it comes to the association football athletic places. They offer a broad scope of association football places and association football dress and equipment. They late combined with Reebok organizing Adidas-Reebok. This has boosted their market portion to a expansive sum of 24 % . When by themselves, they have 16 % of planetary market portions.

Reebok. Currently running in 4th topographic point behind Nike, Adidas, and Puma ; they merged with Adidas, uniting their resources and merchandises, trusting to raise their planetary market portion. They are running in a horizontal market system. They are in 4th, nevertheless the spread is widening as they merely hardly keep on to 6 % .

Puma. This company presently has 7 % of planetary market portions. Puma offers a similar service to Nike ‘s “ Dunk ID ” called “ Mongolian BBQ. ” The construct ‘s name was chosen because it was metaphorically like a BBQ where the client can take their favourite choices and throw it onto their home base. In this instance, they chose stuffs and colourss and throw it onto their shoe ( which serves as their platter ) .

New Balance. This company has a turning per centum in specific athletic places. They specialize in running places for long distance and for ramble oning. New Balance offers lightweight, high quality running places and focal points chiefly on running places and running dress for work forces and adult females.

TABLE 1.0400px-Footwear_market_shares.PNG

Table 1.0 represents the Global market portion of the chief rivals in the footwear industry. It is clear that Nike is figure one.

Despite the strong competition, Nike decidedly captures the attending of their clients. They gain acknowledgment among their targeted sections and they manage to specify their place and image in the heads of their clients. ( Parker )

Channel and Logistics Review

Nike-branded merchandises will be distributed through their perpendicular selling system from manufacturer to wholesaler to retail merchants. Their chief channels for:

Sweeping sums to retail merchants. Finishline, Footlocker, Champs, etc. will both transport Nike merchandises in shops and online.

Smaller stores. Tillies, Zumiez, Neo 32, Shoe Palace, etc. will be independent bearers of Nike Products

Direct Marketing. Nike Factory, Nike Outlet, and NikeTown are straight under the control of Nike. They will administer and market merchandises that will be direct from the manufacturer.

Online. In add-on to retail shops holding online web sites, Nike besides has “ ” which is besides straight under the control of Nike.

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats Analysis


Nike is the industry leader in developing new merchandises such as Nike Air, Nike Zoom, Nike ACG, Nike 6.0 and much more.

Designs are simple, yet they are fit good with the pick of colourss and that expands their range to more people. The simple shoe is presently the most stylish such as the Nike Sweet Classic

Nike is remembered for their mass selling, alone advertizements, and sale publicities merely every bit much as they are known for their places.

Their distribution ironss expand all the manner around the universe. They are globalized.

They team up with other companies to provide package, hardware, and audience services to host worldwide Nike Supply Chain Project. NSC undertaking will consolidate the company and supply Nike with endeavor direction, financials, and logistics.

Nike besides has intangible assets such as their trade name image and their organisational civilization. Their company expresses fight and support for jocks with the “ Merely Make It ” attitude.


Nike has gotten bad imperativeness, particularly with the 18-24-year old demographic subdivisions. They are involved with alleged “ sweatshops ” where their merchandises are manufactured overseas. ( Bowerman )

Over marketization of the “ whoosh ” logo is besides a failing. At one point during their design and production, a brace of places had 13 whooshs on it. This exaggerates the trade name and makes it seem like Spam. This weakens its image.

Increasing costs of athleticss indorsements with diminishing fringy returns. They are passing more and they are doing less for every dollar they are passing. This means they have a decreasing rate of return.


Nike has the largest merchandise line of All Conditions Gear, besides known as ACG and they can market it towards Generation Y ( those born between 1980 and 2000s )

The company has a continued enlargement into other mainstream athleticss such as golf, hockey, tennis, volleyball, and football.

Nike besides has the Nike Shox line that can be expanded. It is a type of running shoe that has spring-like constructions in the midsole of the shoe. This is one of the lines that is a spot ignored but has possible.

Technology is progressing and that means that they are going more cost-effective. This will let Nike to bring forth places at a lower cost ( Kotler )

Nike can besides stretch into the adult females ‘s athleticss line of places instead than merely adult females ‘s fittingness.


Nike ‘s biggest menace is the recession in the economic system. This will suppress Nike ‘s growing from gross revenues because their publicities and advertizements will hold less budget. ( Chen )

Increased competition is a big factor. As more companies enter the market, they pressure Nike ‘s monetary values.

European and Asiatic recessions have besides hurt Nike ‘s international gross revenues and net income.

Nike ‘s athleticss merchandise line is get downing to be viewed as inferior in quality when compared to other companies and the trade name image is enduring.

Another menace is the “ rumour ” that Nike utilizes child labour in foreign states to bring forth the places. Nike is besides accused of holding low quality conditions in mills that make it risky for their employees.

Aims and Issues


Nike programs for their one-year gross to turn to $ 27 billion in 2015. Their gross is $ 19.2 billion, as of the terminal of May 2009. They project their figures and analysis and program for their one-year gross to mount 41 % by 2015.


Nike must keep a trade name name that must be linked to a meaningful place. They must remain consistent with their ends and civilization. They must non fall into the FWMTS trap ( bury what made them successful ) . Nike should be puting in marketing to make a memorable trade name image that is typical and still undertakings invention, value, and high quality.

Selling Scheme

Nike ‘s selling scheme is based on merchandise distinction. The primary consumer mark is the middle-class and upper-class. Their secondary mark is high school pupils and college pupils who demand to remain in the current manner of the period and are propelled by their individualism. ( Nike )


Product distinction will place Nike ‘s trade name into the head of the chance, every bit good as the heads of the current followings, as a premium trade name of places. Buying from Nike is convenient, whether it be through retail shops or online. Their in writing user interface ( GUI ) and organisation make it easy to voyage through their web page or contract down consequences.

Merchandise Scheme

Nike offers a 6-month warrant on some of their places. This offer responds to issues and uncertainties about their quality and endurance. If a shoe is worn down within this period, Nike will direct the client a new replacing brace and take the old brace back as a trade off. They besides have a “ no inquiries asked ” return policy every bit long as the places are returned in trade name new status with all original packaging, such as excess lacings and original tissue paper. This will let their clients to be more affiliated with the company and even more trustful towards Nike.

Pricing Scheme

Nike sells its retail places at $ 109.99 for standard Nike Dunk places. For their customized places, they start at $ 125. They sell sweeping to shops for about $ 40/pair. Nike ‘s pricing scheme is value-based as it assesses the client ‘s demands and value perceptual experiences foremost. They set a mark monetary value to fit that value and so find the stuff costs. Last they deliver a merchandise that meets the coveted value at their mark monetary value. ( Kotler )

Distribution Scheme

Nike is corporate perpendicular selling system. They are the chief distributer of all their merchandises. They produce their places in other states where it is cheaper and they besides sell merchandises sweeping to other retail shops. They besides sell retail such as Nike Town and Nike Factory. They control most if non all the parts of their selling system. Biggest strength is that they control about all parts so they manage it as a individual entity. Their struggles are limited and controlled because they all have similar aims and the same manner. The manufacturer jobber and retail merchants cooperate much better. ( Kotler )

Marketing Communications Strategy

Nike uses public dealingss to appeal to the clients as more existent and credible. Through intelligence, characteristics, and sponsorships Nike reaches farther and finds more chances. They avoid salespeople and the company does non concentrate on “ accounting net income ” but instead on returning clients as net income. Nike patrons events such as “ Nike Hit Run Remix ” to acquire their trade name out at that place instead than advertisement. They host charity events “ Nike+ human race 10k ” to raise money for high schools that can non afford equipment and installations. Nike uses both push and pull technique to pull, retain, and motivate clients and channel spouses. Nike pushes at foremost when new lines come out. They create their ain impulse. They market their merchandises and let go of information about the shoe that starts the bombilation. This helps get down the spread of the word. Then they use pull scheme as the merchandise becomes big plenty to pull attending for itself.

Marketing Research Strategy

Using research, Nike can nail and place the characteristics that are strong every bit good as those that do non profit them or their client. Through focal point interviews, Nike learns what aspects of the shoe are favored and what portion of the causes uncomfortableness and unfavorable judgment. For illustration, after making research, consequences revealed that there was a consistent reaction towards their athletic line. Those who were interviewed were asked about the degree of quality, comfort, public presentation, monetary value and manner. Respondents who critiqued the shoe systematically stated that “ their pess were sweaty, malodorous, excessively warm/hot, non rainproof, and non lasting. ” This allows Nike to aim their failings in design and hopefully work out the defects of the merchandise. ( Donaghu )

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