Nick Hornby High Fidelity English Literature Essay

Rob, is a dark individual who needs this alibi to ever kick. Hes a really pessimistic individual, who cant seem to happen a positive mentality in anything. Rob is besides a really self-aware individual who is non content with himself. He believes that he lacks in the countries he views as of import in his life. He depends on his adult female to maintain him happy, and Judgess his life harmonizing to the adult female he ‘s with. He merely ca n’t pull off to be happy without one. His unhappiness thrusts him to be really critical and judgmental to the universe around him. He makes a arrhythmic comment to everything he notices. All and all Rob has a weak character which depends on other things instead than him.

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Johnny, a adult male who comes into the record store about every other twenty-four hours, called “ Irish rummy ” by Rob.

Alison Ashworth, Rob ‘s first girlfriend, who dumped him after three yearss.

Penny Hardwick, Rob ‘s immature girlfriend who would non give into his sexual demands.

Jackie Allen, Rob stole Jackie from his best friend.

Phil, Rob ‘s best friend when he was a child.

Charlie Nicholson, Rob ‘s first college girlfriend who Rob decided was out of his conference.

Sarah Kendrew, Rob called Sarah a good lucifer because she was merely every bit mean as he was.


We merely know one topographic point that is London in England, UK.

The Plot

Already at the beginning of the narrative readers get captured in the interior existence of Robert Fleming, proprietor of a semi-failing record shop in London. Rob is 35 old ages old. He lives in a level full of dust-covered vynils and music records and seems to be a really hapless, melancholy individual, who dedicates his whole life to the universe of music. Rob is broke ; he does n’t stand on his ain pess, he is afraid of enduring relationships and he Judgess people by their musical gustatory sensations.

However there is adequate room for infinite desert islands in the Fleming ‘s music existence: the supporter is a compulsive list-maker. He tries to unite every individual thing of his environment into one compact Top 5 List. So, together with Dick and Barry – two music monsters who work in his record store – Rob infinitely compiles the Top Five Elvis Costello vocals, Top Five Best Films of All Time and even Top Five Bands Or Musician Who Should Be Shot If It Came to the Musical Revolution.

Despite his passion Rob is afraid of being also-ran, populating his ain life in his worthless small level. So when his girlfriend Laura – smart and extremely successful attorney he lived with about 3 old ages – leaves him for person else, he embarks on a journey through the yesteryear. He compiles Top Five most memorable split-ups in his life – split-ups which truly hurt. He wants to calculate out what is incorrect with him and how he should form his life.

Rob reflects about his whole life. Readers get to cognize that Rob was doomed to unite the whole burden of averageness. He was nil particular, however he used to acquire along with misss. But at the same clip he did n’t pull off to acquire along with relationships. Music guru ran in circles: he felt in love with some misss, they created a twosome, he was rejected, some miss felt in love with him, they created a twosome, but he rejected. Finally, being rejected once more Rob reached the turning point when his life wholly changed. The supporter escaped into the universe of music and dropped out the college. He used to work as a DJ in a nine, but so he lost this occupation and found himself the proprietor of a record store.

Thinking about the yesteryear, Rob becomes absorbed in the universe of music once more. He reorganizes his music aggregation and sorts the records autobiographically – in the order he bought them. At the same clip he seeks safety in the company of Dick, Barry and state vocalist Marie LaSalle who stays in London during her circuit. The protagonist meets Marie in a sort of saloon, songs she sings make him call and he straight away falls in love with her.

However the feelings for Laura are still alive. And when Rob finds out, that Laura portions the flat with Ian – the cat who lived upstairs – sexual insecurity crushes over him. Why? He recalls the times when together with Laura he used to listen to him holding sex. But was it truly sex which forced Laura to go forth him? Not truly. Apparently “ Mr. Lover ” slept with person else while Laura was pregnant and this matter was the ground for ending the gestation ; besides, he borrowed a big amount of money from her, did n’t pay it back and told Laura that he was unhappy in their relationship.

Meanwhile Laura and Rob are still stuck in the center of the such-called “ picking-up-stuff ” -phase: several times Laura comes to pick up her material. Rob does n’t lose the chance to inquire her if there is any opportunity of acquiring back together and – what is more of import – whether sex with Ian was better. Bing tired of Rob ‘s obstinacy, Laura spits out that the opportunity is about 9 % and that she has n’t slept with Ian yet. But that is adequate for Rob to get down seeing the visible radiation at the terminal of the tunnel. He feels much better – so much in fact, that he goes straight out and slumbers with Marie LaSalle.

In malice of a new matter Rob does n’t even believe about giving up his love for Laura. Some yearss after their last conversation he finds out that Laura slept with Ian. This fact puts him off his shot, but it does n’t halt him from the battle for his love. Rob calls Laura 30 times a twenty-four hours, shows up near Ian ‘s level, but without any success. Finally Rob decides to acquire rid of the load which he bore his whole life. He tracks down old girlfriends and convinces himself that there is no ground for worrying about the yesteryear.

And so Rob realizes that he appears to be the last individual who still belongs to the Club of Losers. Everybody got along with ain life: everyone settled down, made a calling and have childs. And what is about Robert Fleming? He celebrates his birthday in a saloon with people whose phone Numberss he did n’t lose. The supporter decidedly decides to alter his life. And so everything alterations.

The twenty-four hours after his birthday Rob calls Laura and lurchs over her cold and despairing voice. Laura tells him that her pa has died. Rob admits that he has ne’er been in a close relationship with Laura ‘s pa and that ‘s why he does n’t even cognize what he is supposed to experience. But when his ex-girlfriend asks him to come to the funeral he merely ca n’t state no.

During the funeral Rob faces the decease at the first clip in his life. He feels really uncomfortable, annoying and it seems that one small irritation would be plenty for Rob to step over the border. Of class, he steps over the border. Laura ‘s best friend Liz puts him in an awkward place, he becomes angry and walks out in a sulk. At the same clip, Laura feels exhausted and despairing. She looks for an alibi to go forth the funeral and when Rob walks out, she finds one.

Laura follows Rob and admits that she needs person who would take attention of her. She mentions that she is merely excessively tired non to be together with Rob. And so Laura and Rob acquire back together.

Suddenly everything seems to go OK. Rob, one time arrested in adolescence, feels that he is going an grownup under Laura ‘s influence. Laura gives him warmth, true familiarity, a sense of permanency. And so Rob understands that he has to make something about the store – burn it down, whatever, and happen himself a occupation.

The terminal of the narrative resembles the typical Happy End in the Hollywood movies. Laura restars the nine where Rob used to work as a DJ and arranges him as the host of the nine. There he falls in love with immature misss who interviews him for local newspaper, but so realizes that Laura is who he is now, and it ‘s no good pretense otherwise. Therefore – in his sentiment – it ‘s appropriate clip to inquire Laura if she would get married him. Laura does n’t give a concrete reply, but it is obvious that she is traveling to state yes.

The narrative ends at nine where Rob enjoys “ the impulse ” . Now he knows that he is traveling to larn how to be an active histrion and non a inactive hearer in his life.

Personal Opinion

High Fidelity is a basic love narrative, but the writer has made a omnipresent subject unique by integrating the supporter ‘s deathless love of music.

High Fidelity would n’t be every bit good if it outright analyzed or defined Rob, but through the perceptive, wry and frequently judgmental narrative, we discover the character ourselves. The temper is elusive and charming, and makes it to the full possible to acquire inside Rob ‘s caput. The side characters are reasonably good developed, but if we understood their full personality it would decrease our sense of seeing through Rob, because he surely does n’t cognize or understand everything about them.

What I like most approximately High Fidelity is that despite Rob ‘s immatureness and defects, Hornby creates a character you can non assist but wish. This narrative is non perfect, but it is good.

To read or non to read?

In his novel Nick Hornby reaches into the deepness of human feelings and describes the cosmopolitan contemplation of our ain lives. He successfully walks the all right line between temper and unhappiness, hope and desperation. While many duologues have a really deep significance, some transitions are uproariously amusing. The book has a dramatic musical anchor, however the writer makes usage of immediate and articulate manner of coverage: book is written in field and accessible linguistic communication, hence one can read the novel without dictionary. So if you ‘re looking for the book, which would do you believe and experience or you merely want to spread out your music vocabulary – this book is beyond uncertainty the right 1.

Favourite Passage

“ Barry ‘s Customer: Hi, do you hold the vocal “ I Merely Called To Say I Love You? ” It ‘s for my girl ‘s birthday.

Barry: Yea we have it.

Barry ‘s Customer: Well, can I hold it?

Barry: No, really, you ca n’t.

Barry ‘s Customer: Why non?

Barry: God. Do you even cognize your girl? There ‘s no manner she likes that vocal. Oops, is she in a coma? ”

“ [ Rob has merely placed ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit ‘ on a top five list ]

Barry: Oh, that ‘s non obvious plenty Rob. How about the Beatles? Or sleep togethering… sleep togethering Beethoven? Side one, Track one of the Fifth Symphony… How can person with no involvement in music own a record shop? ”

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