New Zealand And Chinas Early Education Education Essay

Now the universe has become a globalised universe. The whole universe seems to acquire together and it is now a multi-cultural universe. So the civilization of the company needs to be changed. It is of import to larn the similarities and differences between the different civilizations. With that purpose, the writer decided to hold a work experience in New Zealand. The entire work clip is 40 hours. The writer chose an early childhood instruction Centre because it can assist the writer to place the similarities and differences between New Zealand and China on the early childhood instruction. At the terminal of that work experience, the writer interviewed of the director of Jump Start Kids, Mrs. Glenda, and has a deeper apprehension of that workplace.

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1.1 Introduction of the workplace: Jump Start Kids

Jump Start Kids is located in 22b Willcott Rd, Mt Albert. It is an early childhood instruction Centre. It chiefly focuses on the kids which are under 5. Childs can hold fun there and the instructors at that place will learn them some basic cognition of scientific discipline and society. “ JumpStart is an award-winning adventure-based 3D practical universe that is super-personalized, wildly inventive and truly fun, but do n’t allow that sap you – it besides teaches math, reading, and critical thought accomplishments so childs get a existent leap start in life ” ( Learning through drama, 2008 ) .

1.2 Introduction of the four issues

In order to understand the civilization of this workplace, this writer has 4 issues to analyze. This study will concentrate on these four issues. The four issues are: 1.Kiwi temper in the work topographic point. 2. Future of work and alterations in the workplace. 3. Ethical motives at work. 4. Health and safety policies at work. The first issue is to assist the writer to place the different sorts of temper in New Zealand and the other issues are to do the writer understand the operation of that workplace and have a brief overlook of the civilization of the company in New Zealand.

II. Four Issues

The writer will analyze the workplace civilization in the undermentioned four issues and each issue has four inquiries to assist the writer to understand that issue and the inquiries are attached in the appendix. The four issues contain four facets of the workplace civilization. Individually, an independent issue can assist to understand a certain facet of the workplace and the civilization. After combine them together, the writer can acquire a chief point of that company and the work civilization in New Zealand.

2.1 Issue 1: Kiwi temper in the work topographic point

“ The norm Kiwi has a great sense of temper and normally does n’t mind being the mark. The type of temper you come across will differ from Dry, Sarcastic, Full On, and Loud Up ” ( Kiwi temper, 2010 ) . Kiwi temper has some similarities to many other English-speaking states but has several regional differences ( New Zealand temper, 2010 ) .

As what Mrs. Glenda says, it ‘s difficult to depict the exact definition of Chinese gooseberry temper. But in Jump Start Kids, there are more gags and badgering. What writer finds is the temper here is really of import because the work here is excessively difficult. The instructors have to take attention of the kids, do the cleansing and catalogue the kids ‘s narrative. So there is more temper between the instructors. Meanwhile, the gags in the early childhood Centres are normally clean, no dirty gags and lavatory gags because non merely the instructors there are chiefly females but besides there are many kids. Clean gags are more appropriate in that workplace. Amusing narrative is popular in Jump Start Kids for the females have the endowment in dish the dirting so the diverting narrative of kid is really welcomed at that place. An early childhood Centre needs temper and laughter so that workplace will non be excessively serious.

2.2 Issue 2: Future of work and Changes in the workplace

This portion is the writer ‘s analysis towards the alterations in the past and hereafter in that workplace and the analysis is chiefly based on the interview to Mrs. Glenda. Equally far as the writer is concerned, it ‘s good to hold alterations in the workplace even in the life. But as the writer ‘s interview, approximately 80 % people in New Zealand do n’t wish to alter in the universe and they afraid of that. Mrs. Glenda began her calling at 7 old ages ago ; she said 7 old ages ago there was no personal computing machine in the workplace but now every office has computing machines. The authorities policy has a strong consequence on instruction because of the authorities support. The following twelvemonth ‘s authorities budget may cut down the support to Jump Start Kids which may take to the company to cut 60 % staff or raise the tuition fee to maintain the company runing swimmingly. That shows alteration can convey either good or bad and cipher like the bad thing, that ‘s why many people do n’t wish the alterations in the workplace.

2.3 Issue 3: Ethical motives at work

This issue is a really common one. Every work has its work moralss ; nevertheless, different work can hold similar but different work moralss. Work moralss include non merely how one feels about their occupation, calling or career, but besides how one does his/her occupation or duties. This involves attitude, behavior, regard, communicating, and interaction ; how one gets along with others. Work moralss show many things about whom and how a individual is ( What are work moralss, 2010 ) . In Jump Start Kids, the staffs there are instructors. Teachers have their ain work moralss and alone duties particularly for the early childhood instructors. It ‘s really difficult to go a instructor. Teacher is a sacred business for the whole society. If you want to go a instructor, you need 3 old ages preparation and about 2 old ages provisional period. A instructor has to responsible to the scholar, the parents, the society and the profession ( Registered Teachers Code of Ethics, 2010 ) .

2.4 Issue 4: Health and safety policies at work

Health and safety is a really of import issue of the workplace, particularly for the early childhood instruction Centre. Children are comparatively delicate so that ‘s a serious issue for kids. What ‘s more, wellness and safety is a common issue for all sorts of occupations because a occupation demand employees and employees will hold the job on wellness and safety. Employees have their rights to protect their wellness and safety. New Zealand has an administration which likes an insurance to protect the employees ‘ rights called ACC. ACC covers lesions, lacerations, sprains, strains, breaks, disruptions and work-related hurts such as hearing loss may all be covered. Most physical hurts are covered if they ‘re caused by an accident, a status that comes on bit by bit because of your work, medical intervention and sexual assault or maltreatment ( Am I covered, 2010 ) . For a workplace or company, it is mandatory to pay money to ACC for the employees even it costs a batch. Jump Start Kids need to pay ACC 12000 $ per twelvemonth. It ‘s a immense cost for a small company. The teachers there have already participated in the instructor ‘s brotherhood, which is voluntary to fall in in to protect their rights. The instructors have 5 yearss paid vacation per twelvemonth which is assured by jurisprudence but they can negociate with the foreman or director to hold more paid vacation.

For the kids, Jump Start Kids have a perfect system to protect them like the vaulting horses on the drama land. There is a whole papers booklet which contains the paperss of wellness and safety issues. The writer has attached the tabular array of content of those paperss in the appendix.

Comparison & A ; Reflection

The writer has finished the 40 hours ‘ experience in Jump Starts Kids. From that experience, the writer has improved a batch particularly the personal accomplishments such as being patient and able to cover with the everyday ‘s deadening work. At the same clip, the writer realised the civilization in this workplace and had got a brief recognition of the similarities and differences between different civilizations. The writer decided to compare the early childhood instruction Centre in New Zealand and that of in China because the writer used to work in a kindergarten as a voluntary in China.

By and large talking, the instruction methods are about the same. For the 2 to 3 old ages old kids, it ‘s better to allow them larn through drama instead than allow them larn like in the school. That ‘s good to maintain their originative thought. However, there obvious some differences between the two civilizations. In Jump Start Kids, the instructor do n’t learn the kids something on intent but in China the kids learn the basic regulations of school which is prepared for them to travel to school and the instructors will learn the kids something which will helpful for their primary school but it may take to the restrict of the kids ‘s originative thought. That ‘s why the Chinese kids can larn much more than the kids from abroad at the same age.

For the other issues, in China, there ‘s no soiled gag in such administrations and the amusive narrative is a sort of temper in it. With the development of the society, the work environment in China has changed a batch. The computing machine is used in everyplace. That ‘s the similarities. However, the issues about the employees have some differences such as the wellness and safety issues. In China, some of the company will pay the confidence for the employees but some need the employees to pay by themselves. For the other facet, some administrations belong to the authorities, so the employees can acquire the better public assistance than the private employees. But no affair what sort of the employee they are, they can acquire the wellness and safety confidence, merely different on the degree of the confidence.


In decision, the early childhood instruction in New Zealand is a really typical instance. It has shown the liquors and the characters of New Zealand. By the issue of kiwi temper, the writer understands the power of temper and the of import position of temper. For the issue 2, the writer knows that the people attitude toward the alteration in the workplace. The moralss at work and wellness & A ; safety issue plays an of import portion in workplace in New Zealand. The universe has become a globalise universe. Some of the issues are similar with those in China such as temper and attitude to alter in the workplace. But at the same clip, the differences still exist. That ‘s the indispensable differences between the different civilizations. It ‘s an interesting subject, by researching the subject, the writer exercised himself and got the cognition of the workplace.


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