Negative Effects of Social Networking

Title: Negative Impact of Social Networking Sites Author: Joe Thomas Summary Everyone is on Social Networking and most of us spend time to visit and check our accounts or multiple accounts whether Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Plurk, etc. The popularity of these social media also cretes negative impacts to its dependent. It affects students, young people, and productivity in work because of excessive use of technology. New Ideas Learned

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The younger generation, who use social networking as a form of interaction to issues and current events rather than having a formal open forum and disregard their own privacy opening doors to people with bad intentions. Significant Ideas The excessive use of technology makes us more antisocial in real life, because of the service of popular social networking sites we become dependent on it not knowing its negative effects.

Negative impacts include low-performance and less productivity in workplace, because people tend to sneak on their accounts, while in the other hand young people tend to express themselves in digital form as an outlet to who they really are. Irresponsible people who are into social networking became an easy target for people with cruel intentions. Words In Text That I Would Use In My Own Writing I would probably use the facts stated in this article.

These facts can be useful if I want to inform and persuade people to become more responsible in social networking. Ideas I Can Relate In My Previous Knowledge The previous article that I submitted was about social networking which was presented as a useful tool in these days. In this article, it shows the downsides so this becomes informative for me and I can relate to this because of the alarming news of victims of the social networking irresponsibility and crimes. Ideas I Want To Learn More About

I want to know its effect in other aspects as well like in psychological aspects, economy, politics, education, entertainment, health, business, and perhaps religion. Overall Rating Of The Material This article is not just a relevant topic to the previous article I submitted, but informative as well. The information was presented in a general means, so that people in general can easily relate in this material. It delivers the main idea down to its supporting ideas in an orderly manner so readers can easily follow what was pointed out. Creative Reaction


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