Negative effects of social media

The negative effects of social media, such as Facebook, on the physical, psychological and social aspects of a person.Negative effects of Social Media
Aleida Slater
Assignment for English upgrading 0355-002
There are positive and negative effects of social media, such as Facebook and Instagram, but this essay will concentrate on the negative effects and list some examples from my own experience but also cite those that have been done through research. Other online activities might also have similar effects, such as gaming although it is a virtual world.
The way we have developed as human beings, might have been totally different, has it not been for social media and it will be interesting to see how the western world and the rest of the world has been affected by social media.
Social media, such as Facebook, has some negative effects on the physical; psychological and social development on children and adolescents – this I can relate to and will focus on.Firstly, social media has negative effect on the physical health of young people. There are negative musculoskeletal effects – studies show that more neck and pains are caused my increased computer usage, whereby Facebook does contribute to a large percentage. This is because many hours are spent in a static position with heads that are bent forward with poor chair support. More than half of adults had some form of neck pain last year (
Young people are physically inactive as on average they spend six hours or more each day on Digital Media. There should be encouragement to, “free play or unstructured outdoor time…get creative”. 90% of youth are still unable to meet Canada’s requirements of physical activity and using electronic devices should be limited so that youth can be part of the real world. (Crawford, T.( 2008, May). Kids given failing grade for physical activity. The Vancouver Sun.)

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