Natural Light Rain Water Harvesting Environmental Sciences Essay

Sustainability is a turning concern in assorted development Fieldss that architecture and architectural design are a distinguishable portion of. Sustainability is of of all time increasing importance because of the concern for the Earth ‘s ability to keep capable to supply for the demands of civilisation. The picks we make today affects tomorrow. As interior decorators we have a duty to use all stuffs and systems available to us to guarantee the hereafter of our industry and the saving of resorts.

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Chapter 1: Sustainable Materials

Sustainable stuffs are by and large thought of as stuffs that are derived from life workss, trees and bionetworks that can of course replace itself. Materials such as certified wood, wool or similar of course occurring resources are non the lone sustainable stuffs that can be used. Materials that have a minimum impact on the environment and that can be reused or recycled indefinitely after being extracted are hence besides sustainable stuffs.

Wool Bricks hypertext transfer protocol: //

Wool and seaweed bricks are a much more sustainable than more commonly used bricks. These unfired bricks are made by adding wool and alginate ( a natural polymer found in seaweed ) to clay bricks. These bricks are 37 % stronger that other unfired bricks and are zero-carbon merchandises. The merchandise can be manufactured easy anyplace where wool and alginate can be obtained. These bricks will be used for flooring and the subdivision for bathrooms and offices in the shop. These sustainable bricks are much more aesthetically delighting than preferred discharged bricks with a more solid coloring material. Because of the bricks strength if the edifice had to be dismantled more of the bricks could be saved to be reused. Fig 1: Wool Based Bricks

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Because glass is one of the few stuffs that are 100 % reclaimable as it can be reheated and melted repeatedly and occurs of course it is recognised as a sustainable stuff. Double glazing is the best option for this undertaking and consists of two glass panels separated by about 20mm of air or non-toxic gas. Using dual glazing has legion benefits. It reduces energy ingestion of a edifice through increasing temperature ordinance. Double glazing besides reduces ambient noise that enters a edifice. The dual glassy glass will be used in the dome form of the outside in an aluminum frame. Fig 2: Double Glazing

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Aluminum hypertext transfer protocol: //

Aluminum is thought to be one of the most sustainable edifice stuffs available to us. It is a extremely lasting stuff that can be manipulated into merely about any form and is extremely immune to corrode. It is an highly light weight stuff that makes transporting it easy. Aluminum can without losing any of its physical properties be recycled repeatedly and because of the big measure of its handiness of course it is finally unlimited. The aluminum will be used for the frame of the construction. Fig 3: Aluminum Frame

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To a great extent we can avoid utilizing stuffs that ca n’t be replenished of course, reused or recycled. They are readily available to utilize and it is frequently the simplest solutions for advanced designs.

Chapter 2: Sustainable Systems

Assorted systems and methods can be utilised in and around a edifice that creates a more environmentally friendly and sustainable design. Many of these systems are environmentally every bit good as economically good to the parties involved in the development.

Solar Power hypertext transfer protocol: //

In South Africa we are fortunate plenty to be located in one of the most favorable topographic points for solar power as we have about twelvemonth unit of ammunition sunlight to pull the energy from. This is finally the best sustainable energy beginning available because it does n’t make any pollution, long permanent, low care and is every bit every bit limitless as the Sun. Solar panels that generate the energy are built into frames and these can be made into usage sizes and forms of the full construction thereof. The solar panels will be placed along one side of the dome shaped edifice. Fig 4: Solar Panels

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Natural Ventilation hypertext transfer protocol: //×255.jpg

Natural airing makes usage of natural force per unit areas and air current to administer fresh air in through a edifice. This system allows cool fresh air into an gap ( Assorted gaps can be used to let air ) in the edifice and for it to the travel through the edifice warm humid air so go forthing through a 2nd gap. This system will be used alternatively of air-conditioning which is a large part to the sustainability of the edifice. Fig 5: Natural Ventilation

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Natural Light

Daylight is free and as this edifice will chiefly be used when daytime is available in copiousness it creates the perfect chance to use this resource. Therefore about the complete envelope of the edifice is glass to let visible radiation into virtually every portion of the edifice. This could make a heat job in the infinite but as the edifice will partly covered by solar panels where the Sun will reflect most straight on the edifice this is non a unsurpassable job. The solar panels will non make a solid covering, it will still let visible radiation into the edifice.

Rain Water Harvesting hypertext transfer protocol: //

Water is a cherished and dwindling resource we must utilize sanely. Rain H2O can easy be harvested through troughs. The rain H2O can so be used for assorted undertakings like irrigation and other gray H2O. In this fruit and veg store the H2O will be harvested and carefully filtered to be used for the mist chilling system that helps maintain the green goods sold in the shop fresh and maintain the infinite cool. Fig 6: Rain Reaping

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Chapter 3: Daily Sustainability

The edifices sustainability is mostly dependent on how the edifice is run and whether or non the staff and direction do everything in their power to maintain the sustainable docket integrated in day-to-day activities. Building Management Systems can be incorporated to assist command the edifices usage of energy for illuming airing and other systems that can be automatically controlled and monitored. In combination with this rigorous recycling regulations can do a large impact on the employee ‘s ultimate feeling of sustainability. One signifier of this that can easy be integrated into the edifice is the devising of compost from green goods that has passed its premier and no longer marketable. The compost can be resold to husbandmans that the green goods is bought from or used for the shops ain gardens.


I feel the research I have done proves that there is no ground for interior decorators and designers to seemingly without any other option exhaust the planets resources. The methods and stuffs I have sourced are merely the tip of the iceberg there are an virtually eternal handiness of sustainable possibilities.


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