Native American Land Rights Essay

As the Native population continues to turn and make an copiousness of resources such as casinos. the White Man has found ways to take the land needed to prolong such growing off. The Native American population ever has inhabited the land we now live on and we the Americans have come on to that land forcing them into reserves and controlled state of affairss. With the turning flow of occupants the American authorities has forced the American Indians to deracinate themselves repeatedly doing the loss of several lives. every bit good as the loss of land that they had possessed for centuries.

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Over the old ages this trial caused clash between the American Indians and the American authorities to the extent that one folk. the Sioux Indians hosted the invasion of Wounded Knee. Over the old ages the White Man has come onto Native lands and bit by bit pushed them out. utilizing the land for whatever they have need to. In the 1800’s the White Man has taken several rights from the American Indians and tried to maintain them under control under the pretense of making harmoniousness. and seting them on reserves as an act of control.

With the creative activity of the Dawes Act American Indians the American authorities gave land to the Indians on the reserves and noted it as making harmoniousness. but without the cognition of Native Americans. In the mid-1900’s with the turning populations and the go oning need the American authorities came into reserves and took youth off the reserves and placed them in places to educate and intergraded them into the civilised universe making less on the reserves to be responsible for.

With the thought of work and a new life off from the adversities of life on the reserves the authorities offered to assist incorporate them into metropolis life by giving them lodging and instruction every bit good as the chance to work. When the Indians who chose to accept this offer arrived in the large metropoliss they were surprised to happen that they would be placed with several others in rundown motel suites. They would be treated like the aliens who had come from other states. and they would hold merely every bit much fortune every bit good.

As a consequence of all the adversities caused by the American authorities and the control enforced by them. the American Indians grew progressively disquieted and chose to lift up against the authorities to take back lands originally belonging to them. After old ages of being mistreated the Sioux Indians made the determination to take back Wounded Knee site of the last American and Native war ensuing in the Siege at Wounded Knee in 1973. In the early 1800s and during the presidential term of Thomas Jefferson. America’s policy had been to let Native Americans to stay east of the Mississippi every bit long as they became assimilated or “civilized.

” [ ( Remini. 2001 ) ] The native peoples who chose non to be assimilated were forced to travel into cantonments and to fix to do the journey to the western side of the Mississippi. Congress came up with an thought to merchandise lands with the Indians from the E to the West. and so the 1s who chose non to transition into the “civilized” manner would be moved. Those who chose non to conform were taken from their places and moved to bivouac. to get down a journey to a new and different land.

This Journey would be subsequently deemed the Trail of Tears. for the 1000s upon 1000s of lives that would be uprooted from their places with nil but the apparels on their dorsums. During the journey More than two 1000 lives would be lost as a consequence of unwellness and disease. When the journey was over land was allotted to the folk. this was called the Dawes Act of 1887. As portion of this act Families would acquire 160 estates. single grownup males would acquire 80 estates. and individual bush leagues would acquire 40 estates each.

At this point Native adult females were ineligible to have land. By 1891 the Dawes act was amended to dole out the land every bit to all grownups. but in making so the sum was cut in half. About a hundred old ages subsequently after covering with the Five Civilized Tribes and ongoing jobs on the reserves the American authorities came up with the Indian resettlement Act of the 1950s and 60s. This clip the authorities came on to the reserves assuring a college instruction and work for anyone willing to go forth the reserve and come to the large metropoliss and do their lives at that place.

Several of these Natives agreed to go forth. and were put on coachs and taken topographic points such as New York and Boston. When they arrived they were placed in run down motels with several others after the same thing. What these people were non state was that they would hold merely every bit much opportunity of acquiring a occupation as any other alien coming from other continents. The gradual coup d’etat of the native young person led to the Incident at Wounded Knee. enchantress began on February 27. 1973. “Founded in 1968. the American Indian Movement ( AIM ) is an organisation dedicated to the Native American civil rights motion.

Its chief aims are the sovereignty of Native American lands and peoples ; saving of their civilization and traditions ; and enforcement of all pacts with the United States. ( Free Online Law Dictionary ) The conflict of Wounded Knee was in its ego a portion of the American Indian Movement in enchantress several tribal peoples banded together with one thing in head. The return over at historical Wounded Knee began as a peaceable coup d’etat. and ended in a 71 twenty-four hours full-on business of the country. The Sioux Indians were contending for the return of land that they belived belonged to them.

The return over was intended to raise consciousness. and made the intelligence and brought on a full dirt. Tribes from all over came to Wounded Knee to help in the support of the folks supplication to acquire their land back. The besieging was carried out much like that of the yearss of old with guns. and persons siting around policing the boundary lines on Equus caballus back. The incident began in February 1973. and represented the longest civil upset in the history of the Marshals Service [ ( United States Marshals Service ) ] .

The terminal consequence would be a long hard procedure with the loss of two lives and several wounded on both sides. all this traveling on at the same clip as the Watergate Scandal. The American authorities has been taking back the land of the Native peoples for old ages. some temporarily in trades with local folks. others for good. As stated in Wikipedia’s article on the Indian reserves. ” With the constitution of reserves. tribal districts diminished to a fraction of original countries and autochthonal customary patterns of land term of office sustained merely for a clip. and non in every case.

Alternatively. the federal authorities established ordinances that subordinated folks to the authorization. first. of the military. and so of the Bureau ( Office ) of Indian Affairs. ” So so Not merely has the authorities told Indians were they could and could non populate they have besides taken over the ownership of jurisprudence on these reserves leting for tribal Torahs to fall 2nd to the American authorities. Are Native Americans. presently populating in the same manner? In research done by Edward Blakemore of the University of Dayton School of Law. he researches the usage of land taken back from the Native American dwellers.

He states in portion of his research this. “What small part of land they’ve been permitted to populate by the US authorities is being reacquired for usage as toxic waste sites” ( Blakemore. 1998 ) . What Blakemore is seeking to state is that the land that the authorities is taking back from the Native peoples is traveling towards sites that have a negative consequence on the land. and that by making so we are taking the land that they need and basically throwing it off.

Further research with this subject states that the authorities has looked at the Native American communities as synonymous with poorness. and yet we need to be assisting the indigens Americans in their long traveling quest for self-government and sovereignty. Though America struggles to happen room for its spread outing population the Native American population seems to turn and yet the land they have seems to be diminishing. Why is it that some Americans have become so negative towards the native communities around them when they are the 1s who lived here long before us.

Through history the Native American population ahs fought with the white mand in an attempt to stay as a equal party in the rights sing land business. Through many wars and protests the people have shown that Native Pride is strong and that they will ne’er give in. these are a people with a strong cultural tie to the land that we the white adult male now occupy. and name our ain. Is it right what we have. and go on to make with the land we now reside on? Possibly. possibly non that is a inquiry for each and every person on there ain. no 1 adult male can state.

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