My Plans For The Future Essay

Time to go an grownup has come. Having an independent life has some happy and hard minutes. However. these state of affairss improve our life in several enriching ways. At this point in the life we have to specify our ends and get down working for them. When we become an grownup we have two picks. and you can take the 1 that could take you to the top. or you can take the easiest one and be merely another individual of the common people. On December first 2012. I arrived to New York State. At my 20 old ages old. I had to go forth my fatherland and I was responsible for my life and my ain determinations everything was new for me. It was like leaping into the H2O non cognizing how to swim. Now. I am working with my uncle in his ain concern. I ne’er thought that I am traveling to be involved in this sort of concern.

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We sell and fix autos. I learned every bit fast as I could and now I can state that I have some cognition about autos. On the other manus. I am go toing at college ; I want to acquire in the concern major but I am still taking ESL categories because every twenty-four hours as a foreign pupil I need to larn more English as I can. I feel glad that I can talk English and understand it more than before this manner I can carry through my end which is finish my instruction in other linguistic communication. in a other state and by my ain attempt.

To complete my short debut. I would wish to stress that this is one of the most important experiences of my life because I have learned how import is our household and sometimes we do non appreciate that when they are with us. I am turning as a individual and as a professional. but I know all of this attempt that I am doing it deserving. I hope that I can carry through all my ends that I have I my head. but I know that I will with the God’s approval we can make whatever we want.


I'm Heather

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