My Best Friends Essay

What do you believe with your best friend’s visual aspect. personality and the feeling you have they to be your friends? In my sentiment. “Friends” is truly of import for me. I can populate without computing machine and Television but I can’t unrecorded without ”friends” the individuals who is sharing my temper with me whenever I’m happy or sad and I found “Them” my truly best friends who had a. nice visual aspect. good but has a different personalities and I’m really happy that I had a best friends like them.

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My best friends are Jessica. Crizel and Hannah. When I foremost saw them or my first feeling about them is. I thought that Jessica was a pretty sapphic or a boylike 1 because she act like a adult male but deep inside she was a pure miss and so Crizel was. besides like a male child possibly because in the first topographic point they are friend tungsten Hannah which I thought that she was unkind/ rugged but in other side she’s really sort and clever.

In add-on. when we are non that so near for me Jessica was really bothersome because she’s ever shouting merely to halt our other schoolmates for doing unpleasant sound. and so before when I saw Hannah she has batch of hickey in her face and it is like overload parking batch ha-ha merely pull the leg ofing. but now it is much OK. her hickey was non that much. And in conclusion Crizel. we are non that much near and unluckily we had a misunderstandment between two of us.

What is more. for me they are so good friend and all the bad side. was so opposite when I knew there existent personality. They are the individuals who understand me good ( I think ) . They ever beside me when I’m upset listen to me and assist me every clip when I need aid. When I have job they will give me some advice’s and assist me to work out the job. Even when I don’t understand in the lesson they explained patiently for me to understand every clip. I think I’m truly lucky that I have them and I’m really happy we are friends and I think we will be friends everlastingly.

To sum up. I think they are a nice individual. They have good visual aspect. personality and I’m really happy that I can be friends with Jessica. Crizel and Hannah. And we learned so many things from each of us as. And they ever help me in everything. Finally. I think friend is truly of import for me and I hope we can be friends everlastingly.


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