music of the world semester 1 review

Module 1: The Elements of Music
Why should we care about the elements of music? because they are what give music its unique characteristics when combined with other factors
PitchThe frequency of sound, and it relates to the highness or lowness of the tone that we hear
It is composed of both the strong, accented pulses as well as the weaker, unaccented pulses.
The pattern of these pulses comprises rhythm. Some of the earliest music consisted almost entirely of rhythm, in the form of drumming or clapping.a. Beat – the basic time unit within a piece of music. b. Syncopation-placing emphasis on a normally un-emphasized beat or placing a rest on a emphasized beat.
c. In other words, syncopation involves disrupting or interrupting the expected or normal rhythm of music. d. Metronome-a device that produces regular ticks or beats according to the beats per minute
It is one way that musicians and composers can help maintain a consistent pace in the music.e. Tempo-the speed of a given piece of music
1. Largo: very slow
2. Adagio: Slow
3. Moderato: Moderate tempo
4. Allegro: Fast
5. Presto: Very fast
(These are general terms – they are dependent on how an individual decides to interpret them. A fast tempo for one individual may be slightly faster or slower than a fast tempo for another, even with the same piece of music.)Rhythmic Notation
a. Whole note: looks like a donut – receives 4 beats in 4/4 time
b. Half note: a stem (vertical line) is added to the donut. The stem can go up or down – receives 2 beats in 4/4 time
c. Quarter note: the whole note is filled in to make it solid and the stem is kept – receives 1 beat in 4/4 time
d. Eighth note: a flag is added to the stem – receives ? beat in 4/4 time
e. Sixteenth note: two flags are added to the stem – receives ? beat in 4/4 time
Dynamicsa. Fortissimo (ff):
b. Forte (f): played loudly
c. Mezzo forte (mf): played moderately loud
d. Piano (p): played…

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