1) Visit the thamel. com, shop. muncha. com. Compare the product/service offerings and online customer experience available on the site. Thamel. com is an ecommerce business to customer model operating in Nepal with a motive of providing services to millions of diaspora families living abroad and connects them with their friends and families in their home country. also known as ”The Dot Com Company “, it started its operation in the year 2000. t has been recognized as one of the successful ecommerce site in a developing country like Nepal and has been providing numerous services in the field of online remittances , ICT and development. Offering partnership with different companies and institutions, Thamel. com has been providing numerous services to facilitate its customers. Out of the various products and services available in Thamel. com mostly are the gift items categorized as special birthdays, anniversaries and different cultural occasions. The gifts items include cakes, flowers, greetings, clothing, watches, mobiles, foot wears, pets etc. ith collaboration with Kumari Bank Limited, Everest bank Limited and Citizen Bank Limited, t has been providing different money transfer facilities from different part of the world to Nepal and not excluding different loan facilities to NRNs especially from Kumari Bank Limited as the sponsor bank for this site. It has also been emphasizing on the sale of Nepalese Khukuri affiliation with Nepalese khukuri house and Tibetan Thangka paintings from Thanka House in Thamel. The visit of site is comfortable and easy. It has broadly categorized its products and services to facilitate its customers.

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With respect to these broad categories are the sub categories which include numerous products as per the choice of the customers. Munchahouse. com, established in April 2000 was later on changed to Muncha. com which is another Business to Consumer site providing variety of products and services. It has differentiated and grouped its offering on the basis of merchants and product categories. It provides the products similar to that of Thamel. com. This site has books available as well as movie ticketing which is not available in Thamel. com.

It has more offerings than Thamel. com. This site provides the service of online puja on behalf of customers as per their direction. Puja are performed by the Pandits of the respective temples as the site has established cordial relationship with them. The coverage of services is not only constrained to Kathmandu valley but also to over 120 destinations in Nepal. The objective of the site is to emphasize local electronic shopping conveniently from home. It provides almost all types of products and consumables that one person may acquire from the market. Like thamel. om, it has also affiliated its business with different merchants such as Benetton, Adidas, Nike, Bossini, Arrow and many others. Muncha. com has been a common platform for all these affiliation businesses to sell its product online. As soon as we enter the site, the products are all listed in their respective categories. Also the new arrivals are displayed in the home page so that the customer is updated with the new product offerings in the market. Since the grouping is done on the basis of merchants, the regular customer of those particular merchants has an ease in shopping for the regular purchases.


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