Movie Social Network Review Essay Sample

The film “Social Network” tells about the narrative of Mark Zuckerberg. a computing machine programming mastermind and undergraduate pupil of Harvard University. and charts the creative activity of the phenomenally successful on-line societal networking service “facebook” .

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On the autumn dark of 2003. Mark began working on a new thought and codes the programme called “FaceMash” . In one dark. the web that he created collapsed the Harvard waiter that resulted to his six months of probation.

He was asked to come in into an understanding to develop “Harvard Connection” . a societal networking web site specifically for Harvard pupils by the Winklevoss twins and Divya Narendra.

With the funding from his friend Eduardo Saverin. he decided alternatively to develop his ain web site “thefacebook” without stating the twins and Narendra.

By the spring of 2004. thefacebook grows in popularity. and it expands to other schools in the Northeastern United States. Finally. the Winklevoss twins decided to take Mark to tribunal.

Saverin wanted to sell ad infinite to bring forth gross. while Zuckerberg didn’t want as the ads would do the site lose its “cool” factor. which made it popular. Meanwhile. enterpriser and co-founder of Napster. Sean Parker joins Mark’s venture. bit by bit taking over Eduardo’s place. Parker suggests that they drop “The” from Thefacebook to do it merely “Facebook” .
When Eduardo is tricked into cut downing his portion of the company from a 3rd to less than a ten percent of one per centum. he announced his purpose to action Mark.

Subsequently that dark. Parker. along with a figure of Facebook housemans. is arrested for ownership of cocaine during a party thrown on the juncture of Facebook’s 1 millionth member.


What was Mark Zuckerberg’s scheme to success in making Facebook?


To cognize how Mark Zuckerberg was able to alter the universe of societal media by making Facebook.

SWOT Analysis:

1. Mark Zuckerberg is a computing machine programming mastermind with a superb thought. 2. His vision was that of a more unfastened and connected universe which resulted to the creative activity of Facebook. 3. He has the ability to carry people of his ain capableness. thoughts and merchandise. and his superb intuition in placing those he needed to pull to his startup. 4. He was non afraid to take the hazard and went out from his comfort zone.

1. Mark Zuckerberg is selfish. He doesn’t desire to be overpowered by others. 2. He doesn’t want to lose the cool factor of facebook that’s why he doesn’t want to sell ad infinite to bring forth gross. 3. Mark Zuckerberg is avaricious. He tricked his friend Eduardo Saverin in cut downing his portion of the company and alleged to deliberately hold Parker and his housemans arrested due to cocaine in order to take them from the Facebook company. Opportunities

1. Through the funding of his friend Eduardo Saverin. he was able to develop the facebook. 2. Having Sean Parker joined the company ; facebook was able to spread out to other continents.

1. He was accused by the Winklevoss twins and Narendra of stealing their thought about Harvard Connection. 2. He faced cases from the Winklevoss twins and Eduardo Saverin.


For me. the Social Network film shows that the success of a concern does non get down with money but with a superb thought. Facebook was created because Mark Zuckerberg has the vision of doing the universe more unfastened and connected. He tried his vision and with the funding of his friends and spouses he was able to turn his vision into world.

Thankss to Mark Zuckerberg’s thought. Billions of people could now link and pass on with their loved 1s. friends and household wherever in the universe they may be and anytime of the twenty-four hours.


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