Mountain Dew

MOUNTAIN DEW: Selecting New Creative CASE STUDY SECTION A GROUP 5 Roll Numbers : FPM/04/005 (SUPRIYA K. K. ) PGP/14/005 (AMIT KUMAR) PGP/14/015 (ARITRA BASU ROY) PGP/14/025 (DEVARAJAN K) PGP/14/035 (KRISHNAN VR) PGP/14/045 (SAURABH MAHAJAN) PGP/14/055 (TANOY DHAR) Issues identified: 1. “Do the Dew” campaign was more than 8 years old. 2. Ads were becoming too predictable and repetitive. 3. Use of alternative sports was becoming predictable. 4. Increase in competition amongst CSD and non CSD categories. Increase in ad budgets by Competitors. Recommendations:

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Based on the analysis our recommendations for the AD’s to be selected for broadcasting at the Super Bowl are * Cheetah * Mock Opera The recommendations for broadcasting throughout the year 2000, based on the criteria listed above are, * Cheetah * Mock Opera * Showstopper Analysis: The STP Identified by the Mountain Dew Management for the financial year 2000:Objective: Expand appeal of Mountain Dew to new users while reinforcing it among current usersPositioning: To 18 year old males, who embrace excitement, adventure and fun, Mountain Dew is the great tasting carbonated soft drink that exhilarates like no other because it is energizing, hirst-quenching, and has a one-of-a-kind citrus flavor. Communication Strategy:  Symbolize that drinking Mountain Dew is an exhilarating experience. Target: Male Teens—18 year-old epicenter * Ensure appeal amongst 20-39 year olds (current users) * Drive universal appeal (white, African-American, Hispanic, and other ethnic) Product Benefits| Emotional Benefits| Personality | Energizing| Exhilaration| Irreverent| Quenching| Excitement| Daring| Great Taste| | Fun| | possible choice of ads, before Pepsico for the superbowl * Labor of Love * Cheetah Ad * Dew or Die * Mock Opera * Showstopper 3 to be chosen among the above 5 above which would enable Pepsico to project its new positioning while at the same time maintaining it existing users. Decision filters used to evaluate brand communications: 1. Market research carried out to assess brand health (KPIs) measures 2. Unofficial sources of information like websites, talk shows and other mass media 3.

Official sources like brand’s 800 number and Mountain Dew website Evaluation of 5 Ad Campaigns: Labor of Love Pros * Conveys irreverence for rules * Consistent with humorous ad image Cons * Does not conveys product benefits * Involves risk in terms of alienating the existing consumers, especially during the Super Bowl. * Target positioning not clear * Humor may be taken in bad taste especially those with kids * Inconsistent with the brand STP Cheetah Ad Pros Consistent with the Dew Dudes image of wild, athletic, young and adventurous * Conveys exhilaration, excitement, daring and fun so consistent with the new positioning adopted * Focus on overall image perception of the consumer, no specific sport highlighted * Consistent with the Super Bowl energy and excitement * Potrayal of Cheetah will convey an universal imagery of energy ,athleticism which can appeal to all sections in the youth population (African Americans, Hispanics ,Whites and other ethnic). * Brings out the product benefit, like taste Consistent with the brand STP Cons * Like extreme sporting action, almost on similar lines with previous ads. Showstopper Pros * Cashes on the retro phenomenon * BMX riders and skate boarders represent fun, wild and athletic * Consistent with the brand STP Cons * Dew Dudes image not consistent * Does not convey excitement and exhilaration Mock Opera Pros * Conveys irreverence with the parody * The athletic action relates to the present Dew image * Consistent with the brand STP Cons * Does not convey exhilaration as much as previous extreme sport ads Dew or Die Pros Consistent with Dew Dude image showcasing exhilaration, daredevilry, excitement and fun * Showcasing competitive spirit Cons * Loses on product benefit attributes * Cliched ad, low on creativity, will not appeal much to the target audience * Inconsistent with brand STP The decision filters used by us: 1. Target positioning being followed a. Universal consumer appeal across different ethnic groups b. Leveraging and developing further on the strengths of the brand image c. Ensuring brand consistency with the existing consumers 2. Consistency of the ad with the product benefits, emotional benefits and personality


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