Motivation Is Generally Linked To Reward Management Essay

Motivation is by and large linked to honor, and it is widely considered that keeping a healthy wages system is cardinal to the ordinance of the employment relationship. The wages system varies from administration to administration, and comes in assorted signifiers, including pecuniary or non-monetary, touchable or intangible, and physical or psychological, and these are offered to the employees as compensation for the productive work they execute. ( Thinking made easy, 2009 )

Ford motor company is transnational organisation which incorporated an effectual wages system exemplified by the restructuring of its operations and its organizational concatenation of bid. The company has incorporated a team-based methodological analysis in its fabrication procedure which gives employees far better control over their duties ( 2006 ) . A Alternatively of merely following the instructions of directors, workers can straight reach the providers to speak about quality of equipment and to take attention of the merchandise defects. This is obviously one signifier of inducement for employees because the employee ‘s determinations are valued by their organisation ; they can pattern their personal judgement to do their ain determinations with respect to affairs that concern the administration they work for. A

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Ford is one of the legion administrations in the United States that use Internet to run incentive plans for employee motive and acknowledgment, award choice, award fulfillment. Online-oriented employee motive poses assorted benefits that are advantageous for employees and the administration itself. The promotional events for illustration are posted on cyberspace which reduces the usage of paper. These stuffs can be instantly and expeditiously added or removed from the Internet, based on the employees ‘ determination or judgement. A Hence, on-line inducement plans save clip, money, and even licenses greater control for the administration and employees.

Ford besides acknowledges corporate societal duty ( CSR ) which benefits the employees, consumers, traders, providers and community. Hence, Ford is able to supply a quality life to its employees and their households ( Thinking made easy, 2009 )

A Another signifier of compensation for the employees at Ford is the company ‘s programmes for Employee Involvement ( EI ) . A Some of the EI programmes are the Mutual Growth Forum ( MGF ) and the Employee Assistance Plan ( EAP ) . Through Common Growth Forum the relationship between employees and disposal is developed through a bipartisan communicating. To make this, the concerned parties conduct regular meetings to discourse affairs of common involvement, such as merchandise programs, competition, economic sciences, vacation agendas and work conditions. The Employee Involvement programme is wholly voluntary which takes attention of the workers who have wellness jobs, drug dependence and the similar. A The programme besides includes a referral technique for professional guidance, appraisal, and intervention, every bit good as health activities for wellness hazard ratings, stress direction, high blood pressure monitoring, and so on. These compensations benefits to Ford with enhanced employee creativeness, lessened absenteeism, better quality of merchandises, and improved dealingss between employees and the disposal.

Team design

Ford incorporated the Ford Production System ( FPS ) in the mid-1990s, an enterprise to reconstitute its fabrication procedure to heighten flexibleness and efficiency in its car production systems. Under FPS, mill employees form squads called “ work groups. ” ( Liker & A ; Morgan, 2011 ) .With this new format, directors of the workgroups are given the authorization to do most work determinations on their ain, which finally result in salvaging batch of clip.

In 2000, Ford concentrated its merchandise development squads into three centres of competency. Small autos developed at co-centers in Cologne, Germany and Dunton, U.K. , and large-car and truck squads are in Dearborn, Michigan. ( Wernle, 2000 )

Product Design Team:

Product design squad has a parallel attack which is manner better than a additive procedure. These squads are task-focused and the degree of communicating and determination devising is high. The undertaking squad design begins with the empowering and staffing the squad, the squad members are chosen harmonizing to the company history and dislocation of the undertaking. Then, the design applied scientists, responsible for the development of the merchandise are selected. ( Therese, 1990 )

Leadership/decision devising

Bill Ford is the president of Ford Motor Company and most of the determinations in the company are taken attention by CEO, Alan Mulally, and a board of managers. The CEO makes the bulk of the executive determinations. The function of the board is to choose and measure the CEO and other top-level executives. ( Ford Motor Company 2011 Annual Report, 2011 ) The board of managers has 17 members.

Through Ford Production System ( FPS ) work groups were formed which gave powers to the directors of the work groups to do their ain determinations. Employees were significantly involved in the decision-making procedure as they could straight reach the providers and discourse the quality of the merchandises. ( Liker & A ; Morgan, 2011 )

Human Resource System

When CEO Alan Mulally came to Ford in 2006, he developed the “ One Ford ” program. Under One Ford, all Ford workers are integrated into a system where employee sentiments are valued. ( White, 2011 ) . Since 2009, Ford has been promoting societal webs in order to enable easy communicating among employees so that employees can more easy engage clients. ( Khan & A ; Khan, 2011 )

Cross-cultural Human Resource Management at Ford

Ford is seting attempts to make diverse communities by aiming universities with higher per centum of adult females and minority groups. ( Thinking made easy, 2011 ) . Ford launched its planetary diverseness enterprise in 1994 to better diverseness and work life throughout the company. Of its 157,000 U.S. employees, 12.8 % of Officials and directors are minorities. African Americans represent 8.7 % of all top direction stations and 17.3 % of the work force overall ( Thinking made easy, 2011 ) . Ford has besides launched some plans and procedures for pull offing diverseness. This has been a cardinal lending factor to Ford Motor Company ‘s end of planetary markets and corporate efficiency.


In 1933, Henry Ford had outlined on what makes a great merchandise when he said, “ It is the type of engine and its dependability ; the construction of human body and organic structure, lastingness ; penchant given to safety factors ; the steady development of comfort, convenience and economic system. These make the auto. ” These basic rules are really closely mirrored as the Four Pillars, which Ford focuses on to today. ( Armbruster, 2011 )

The four pillars are:

Drive smart

Drive safe

Drive quality

Drive viridity

Drive smart

Ford is committed to present industry-leading engineering that enhances driving experience at a value to the client. Ford ‘s history of technological invention goes manner back from 1906 with the unitary engine and transmittal and the criterion interchangeable parts of the 1908 Model T. In 1936, Ford pioneered the alligator type goon, for its Lincoln Zephyr, which made accessing and serving the engine much easier for consumers. Ford introduced many new engineerings to their clients in 1980s such as keyless entry systems ( 1980 ) , electronic message centres ( 1980 ) , heated forepart seats ( 1984 ) and insta-clear windscreens ( 1986 ) are amongst the few. Ford added more to their engineering list in 1990s with auto-glide forepart seats ( 1993 ) which gave more comfort to the drivers of their vehicles, memory callback for place and mirror places ( 1994 ) , voice activated cell phones ( 1995 ) and change by reversal activated rearview mirrors ( 1995 ) . While some of these engineerings are no longer used today, they all demonstrate the innovative ambiance that still exists at Ford. ( Armbruster, 2011 )

Their latest engineering as portion of drive smart include

Sync- This is an award winning communicating and amusement system developed by Ford and Microsoft. Sync integrates most Bluetooth enabled nomadic phones and digital media participants. Sync Wi-Fi nomadic hot spot makes the vehicle a turn overing Wi-Fi hot spot which allows all riders to entree the cyberspace.

MyFord touch- An LCD touch screen is mounted on the splashboard which has multiple characteristics like App links, voice bid system, 911 aid etc..

Blind topographic point Information System with cross traffic qui vive system.

Rear position camera system

Parking helper and Electric power assisted maneuvering ( Technology fact sheet, 2012 )

Drive Safe

Ford has been continuously booming difficult to present new designs to maintain clients safe in its vehicles. Get downing in 1909, Ford gave an option to utilize ethyne headlights which would supply more safety during low light conditions. In 1927, Henry and Edsel Ford made the determination to put in laminated safety glass in the windscreens of the Model A, therefore diminishing the likeliness of hurt from winging glass in the event of an accident. After two old ages of research, an endoergic guidance wheel, impact-resistant door latches, padded instrument panels, forepart and rear place belts, and other characteristics, was foremost introduced in the Ford 1956 theoretical account line. They besides introduced airbag systems in the 1980s which made Ford clients of all ages much safer. ( Armbruster, 2011 )

Latest engineering as portion of Drive safe

Roll stableness control- Detectors are placed intelligently to observe vehicle axial rotation gesture and automatically prosecute steps to keep control of the vehicle.

Curve control technology- Helps driver to keep control over the vehicle while doing a speedy curve. The engineering quickly reduces the torsion and besides applies brakes to decelerate down the vehicle.

Lane maintaining engineering

Forward hit warning with brake support

Following coevals air bags for excess protection to the driver and passangers. ( Technology fact sheet, 2012 )

Drive quality

Ford offers universe category quality which is on par with the best in the industry. As Henry Ford said in 1938, “ We have had merely one chief intent… to give the people transit of the most reliable quality at the lowest possible cost. ” This focal point on quality has ever been at the nucleus of Ford ‘s concern. Henry Ford II in even launched the new “ Quality and Demand Go Hand in Hand ” run. The purpose was to construct quality into Ford merchandises from the really first measure of production, and Ford II said “ quality will find whether we lead the field in the tough competition. ” In 1981, the “ Quality is Job 1 ” plan was launched which showed Ford ‘s dedication towards keeping the quality.

Seventy-nine per centum of Ford clients who purchased 2011 theoretical account twelvemonth autos and trucks were satisfied with the quality of their vehicles, harmonizing to the 2011 full-year GQRS survey. ( Armbruster, 2011 )

Latest engineering:

Error proof manufacturing- Error cogent evidence systems are incorporated to guarantee critical-to-quality assembly procedure which allows changeless monitoring during the physique.

The new engineerings include an environment friendly anti-corrosion system that reduces the usage of H2O to half.

A 3-wet pigment engineering that reduces CO2 emanation by 15 % .

Electrical systems of the vehicles are exhaustively checked to guarantee electrically goaded characteristics operate decently. ( Technology fact sheet, 2012 )

Drive Green

Equally early as 1913, Henry Ford had started planing paradigms and experimenting with batteries as an alternate power beginning for Ford merchandises, and in 1916, experimentation with botanical beginnings of ethyl alcohol began, in an attempt to happen an cheap, renewable alternate fuel beginning. During the late sixtiess and early 1970s, emanations and safety statute law, along with the oil crisis, made fuel economic system a dominant factor in consumers purchase determinations. Ford Motor Company responded by establishing more fuel-efficient engines in smaller, lighter vehicles while besides educating consumers on how to drive smarter to accomplish better fuel economic system. ( Armbruster, 2011 )

Latest Technology:

Eco encouragement, Ford ‘s latest engineering smaller supplanting turbocharged gas engines reduces fuel ingestion by 20 % and besides reduces CO2 emanation by 15 % .

Ford is be aftering to progress transmittals to six-speed cogwheel box which improves fuel efficiency.

Ford ‘s intercrossed vehicle C-MAX energi is expected to present greater fuel efficiency than Toyota Prius

Ford ‘s first all-electric vehicle is rated by U.S environmental protection bureau as America ‘s most fuel efficient vehicle. ( Technology fact sheet, 2012 )


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