Mother and Daughter Essay

Yollie from “Mother and Daughter” . by Gary Soto is singular because she has many admirable features while this narrative takes topographic point at Yollie’s house. Yollie is really intelligent. Her household is really hapless. She frequently is a jokester but has to cover with her ma badgering her dorsum. Yollie is really intelligent. hapless. a jokester. and really loveable but her ma and her battle to happen more money for them to purchase new things. Yollie shows many traits throughout the narrative. “Mother and Daughter” . In the beginning of the narrative the writer states that she is really intelligent.

She is the smartest child at her school. St. Teresa’s. Another illustration is ever a ace at the school’s monthly spelling bee. These two illustrations show she is really intelligent. While Yollie and her ma were watching a chilling film. Yollie was tired from playing association football with her neighbours ; she couldn’t maintain her eyes open so she woke up and said “Mom can you wake me up after the film is over so I can travel to bed. ” ( p. 110 ) Yollie’s ma didn’t aftermath her up so Yollie went to the kitchen and poured a glass of H2O and set it on her mom’s nightstand next to her dismay clock.

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Another of Yollie’s gags was the following forenoon she woke up to do breakfast. She burnt her mom’s toast “accidentally” . These were illustrations demoing how Yollie is a jokester. In the center of the narrative. the writer states that Yollie and her ma are really hapless. This doesn’t mean that they live in the streets imploring for money but it means they merely have really small money that they need to salvage to pay for house measures or to salvage for college. One illustration is when they merely spent one hundred dollars on their dented Chevy Nova.

Another illustration is when Yollie needed a new outfit for the 8th class autumn dance but they don’t have the money to purchase a new outfit. The ground why they didn’t have adequate money because Yollie’s ma had small money stashed off for Yollie to travel to college. All Yollie’s ma could afford was to purchase black places with velvet bows and black cloth dye to dye Yollie’s white summer frock black. This shows that Yollie and her ma don’t have any excess money to pass on new things.


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