Modern Organized Crime Groups and Gangs Essay Sample

Modern Organized Crime Groups and Gangs
The Almighty Vice Lord Nation is the 2nd largest. and one of the oldest street packs in Chicago. The pack has more than 30. 000 African America members. The pack condemnable activities consist of drug trafficking. robbery. fraud. money laundering. extortion. and slaying. The pack was founded by juveniles that was incarcerated in the Illinois State Training School for Boys. When the male child was released from the developing school they were recruited into the pack. The pack is noted for their violent behaviour. In 1960. Willie Lloyd joined the pack and became the leader of the group. He remained their leader while incarcerated for a slaying of a police officer. While under Lloyd leading there were 1000s of homicides committed by the pack ( “Almighty Vice Lord Nation” . ) .

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Latin Kings is the largest and most organized Hispanic street pack. The gang consist of 20. 000 to 40. 000 largely Latino members and are located in Chicago. New York City. and other metropoliss throughout the United States. The pack was ab initio form by Puerto Rican males but now consist of largely Mexicans. The pack activities consist of racketeering. battery weaponries. and drug trafficking. extortion. individuality papers counterfeit. robbery and slaying. The organisation construction consist of different folks and chapter across the state. This pack when compared to other street packs are said to be no comparing to the organisation of the Latin Kings ( “Latin Kings. “ . ) .

The Latin Kings and Almighty Vice Lord Nation packs differ from modern-day young person packs in that the young person packs are non as organized. The young person packs are juveniles who has for the most parts been ousted from their household. and have joined together with other young persons to do a household on their ain. They do illegal things like steal autos. monies. and sell drugs to back up themselves. The construction of young person packs could be that the 1 who started the game or the oldest is in charge and most of the members have to make an induction to go a member.

There are some packs located in the Triad country. I am non familiar with the packs but some offenses that are committed are said to be gang related. There was a instance that I sat in on in tribunal about three Latinos teens who called
themselves MS-13. and they were traveling to make a drive-by on a competition pack. The teens hitched a drive from a citizen. shooting him. and took his auto so they could make a thrust by. The teens was locked up for the incident and the drive-by did non go on because of one adolescent erroneously changeable themselves and needed medical assignment.

The causing that can take to gang being is a dysfunctional household life or poorness. Gang rank could be attracted because it gives the young person a sense of prestigiousness or position among friends. Harmonizing to Rochester survey. Thornberry ( 1998 ) states the most of import community hazard factor is the degree of societal integrating ( fond regard ) is low. Those young person who grow in societal disorganized vicinities who do ill in school and tie in himself with delinquent equals are more prone to go gang members.

In decision. there are members added to offense groups mundane and without a solution it will be ceaseless. A solution to assist command local packs is to put up something like a vicinity ticker. Most neighborhood ticker are looking out for each other to maintain their vicinities safe. This would see the same thought except travel a measure further to describe young persons that are hanging about. happen out who they are and who their parents are. This will be a solution to commanding local pack activities.

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