Modern Days Of Learning C Programming

There are so many Polytechnics, Engineering and Arts Science colleges available today at Tamilnadu, India. Due to the increased requirements of Programming knowledge in different fields of study such as Civil, Mechanical, Production, Electrical, Electronics and Communication, Bio-chemistry etc. in curriculum they have included at least one programming language such as C/C++, to give awareness to the students. Study of programming language is a must for all the students, because in future there won’t be much job opportunity without this knowledge. Hence at the time of studying this language, the candidate has to put a lot of effort, and master the programming techniques, or atleast they need to be sure, at what percentage, they are confident in programming.

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In the initial period, most of the candidates getting fear and move out of the track. They used to learn the program by memorizing and repeat it in the examination. We strongly recommend, at least to spend daily one hour for about 30 days, so that anyone can definitely write good program, if at all not able to write a creative program. There is a good video training course we found, is best to learn the training on Fundamentals of C, which not only imparts training on the core knowledge of programming, but also imparts the programming from the beginning to advanced level. Right now the video is only available in Tamil language, but the company assures to deliver the same material in English as well soon. The best part of this company is, they are in the development for the past 22 years. So their methodology of imparting the knowledge is very different. They also charging very less amount when comparing with the course content they are teaching. They are following an unique charging method called ‘Credit based learning’, you can buy credits, and spend the credits to watch video of any course. It is most interesting way of learning. Please give a try. Please have a look at their website, we recommend it very strongly. Fundamentals of C Video Training (in Tamil)


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