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Missed Appointment Essay
Making an appointment is the same as guaranteeing you will be somewhere at the agreed upon time. Just as you expect a provider to be there as scheduled, the provider expects you to be there as well There are reasons not to miss appointments and things that can help soldiers keep appointments. Missing an appointment not only affects the soldier that missed the appointment but other soldiers using the services and soldiers in their chain of command. Missing an appointment is a waste of time and money. The military has limited resources and limited funding. It cant afford to waste any time or money. The army schedule is hectic but even with that there is a chance to cancel or reschedule appointments 24 hours in advance. If a soldier forgets about his appointment he can always be reminded to go by his supervisor. These are some of the reasons not to miss appointments and ways to prevent missing them.
The soldiers who misses an appointment doesn’t get the care they need and this could affect them negatively. If a soldier needs something taken care of in a certain time frame and they miss the appointment it cant be taken care of properly. If they aren’t taken care of properly their issue can get worse and lead to complications with their care or their health.
Besides them missing out there’s also the people who could have had that appointment. They could have used that time and had gone in instead of having to wait longer for another opening. They’re are the same negative affects for fellow soldiers as the soldier who missed the appointment. That means two people are unable to get proper treatment when the treatment was available. That’s unfair that one persons decision makes another person miss an opportunity.

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