Microsoft Office Licensing Essay

The 2007 Microsoft Office Suites can be purchase under different types of licences harmonizing to the demands of the buyer. These different types of licensing are Retail or Full Package Product ( FPP ) licensing. Original Equipment Manufacturer ( OEM ) licensing. Volume licensing. and Academic and Academic-Volume licensing footings ( Microsoft Office Suites. 2007 ) . When the Office Suite is purchased from a retail mercantile establishment or downloaded from the web. it comes with a retail or FPP licence.

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Retail licences are relatively expensive and come with shorter period of support from Microsoft. When the package is pre-installed in a newly-purchased computing machine system. it comes under OEM licensing. The OEM licence is bounded with the machine and can non be used in a different machine. The licence loses its cogency once the machine is non-functional or stops working.

Microsoft volume licensing plans are tailored to run into the demands of companies of different sizes get downing from companies holding every bit few as five desktops ( Volume Licensing. 2007 ) . The volume licence plans offer increasing nest eggs and other benefits with the addition in figure of computing machine systems. Volume licences are farther classified into Open License. Select License. Enterprise Agreement and Enterprise Subscription Agreement.

Microsoft Volume Licensing for educational establishments or Academic Licenses are available to educational establishments holding demands of at least five transcripts and mores. The academic licences are offered at discounted monetary values. There are four types of academic licensing: Campus Agreement for higher educational establishments. School Agreements for K-12 schools and territories and pre-schools. Academic Open for academic establishments of any size and Academic Select for medium to big academic establishments ( Education. 2007 ) .


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