MicroenvironmentCompany: Isuzu Motors, Philippines
Isuzu Motors is a Japanese-oriented company which focuses on manufacturing, marketing and selling commercial vehicles and diesel engines. It was first known for developing trucks, but now they are known for cars that are mostly environment-friendly.
With its technological edge over its competitors, Isuzu has established a standard in developing fuel-efficient, low-emission, and powerful diesels that are available in over 100 countries. This led Isuzu Motors, Philippines to excel over its competitors because being innovative and cost-friendly.
Isuzu Motors Philippines imports supplies from Isuzu Japan or other Isuzu franchises across the globe. If there are some constraints in their supplies, they transact with other motor vehicle companies like General Motors and Honda.Marketing Intermediaries:
Isuzu Franchises all across the globe
Guangzhou Automobile Group Bus – jv in China – buses
HICOM Automotive Manufacturers (Malaysia) – jv in Malaysia – trucks, SUVs
Jiangling Motors – jv in China – trucks, SUVs
Qingling Motors – jv in China – trucks, SUVs
SML Isuzu – jv in India, formerly Swaraj Mazda
Sollers-Isuzu – jv in Russia – trucks
Taiwan Isuzu Motors – jv in Taiwan – trucks
Thai Rung Union Car – Thailand – assembles SUVs
Zexel – Japan – auto components, now part of Bosch
Ghandhara Industries – jv in Pakistan – trucks, busesCompetitors:
Other automobile companies in the Philippines like: Nissan, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Honda, Toyota and Suzuki.
Businesses that need trucks for the transportation of their goods
Bus lines
Families, students, or anyone who wanted a car for transportation purposes.

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Financial – its stock holders and board of directors
Media Publics – Isuzu often uses the internet for their publicity (http://www.isuzu.co.jp/world/index.html) and also by word of mouth by their employees and other patron customers


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