Media Ecology And The Matrix Film Studies Essay

This study is based on Matrix film. The Matrix film is a scientific discipline fiction-action movie which was released in America on March 31, 1999.This movie written and directed by Larry and Andy is the first portion of Matrix series, non even film besides the portion of amusing book, picture games and life. The significance of matrix is a rectangular array of matrix.

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In this film its shows there is two different lives, one is computing machine generated universe “ dream universe ” and another is existent, but all human life in dream word which is programed and none of them know. In this film “ Neo ” is a hero and he is a computing machine coder and he drawn into a rebellion against the machines. But foremost he wanted to cognize “ what is matrix ” . Morpheus is chief character of this film and he spends much clip on matrix to happen, and he besides help other to happen it. He is the caption of their squad in their starship which they called Nebuchadnezzar. They ever go to woolgather universe and come back with hacked telephone line ; it is merely the safe issue from the matrix. In other side in dream universe a group of Agent which is known as “ swat ” squad. They want to kill the full homo, so they want to catch the Morpheus. Because he is the lone individual who knows all the matrix codification to travel back to their ship throw phone. When they catch the Morpheus so Neo semen and salvage him from him.


There are few issue and theories which are applied on them are following.

Media Ecology: – The consequence of media on human being throw the perceptual experience feeling, understanding etc. and its alteration our thought feeling and behaving system. Main beginning of media are Television, movie, wireless, Mobile, books.

Issues raised in the films are: –

Movie seen: – In this film when Agent behind the Trinity to kill, so she inquire for aid from armored combat vehicle by her cell phone so Tank call on a local STD, when she picked up the phone so she reached at their existent universe from dream universe ( Programmed universe ) in signifier of matrix.

Answer: -Matrix film is to the full based on media ecology. In this film telephone is used as in the signifier of media ecology. They used it to pass on and to travel from move existent to practical or practical to existent word. Telephone decreased the manner difference between both lives and makes it a planetary small town. Virtual word is the hot media in this film because it programed universe and caring immense sum of informations and telephone is cold media.

In this film they are utilizing figure computing machine screens to read the matrix.

Script from film: -as illustration

The ship is quiet and dark. Everyone is asleep


The nucleus glows with proctor visible radiation. Cypher is in the

Operator ‘s chair as Neo cones up behind him.


Whoa! Shit, Neo, you scared me.




Midnight tickers.

Neo ‘s eyes light up as he steps closer to the screens

That seems alive with a changeless flow of informations.


It is The Matrix?

Zero is The Matrix.

Answer: -In this book you can read that neo speaking about computing machine screens to read the information, computing machine show some informations to which have their ain value which is called matrix. Computer becomes a medium for zero in this illustration and data go its information and in other words these tools make more extension for them.

Cognitive disagreement: – The uncomfortable feeling which is caused by dual minded state of affairs, and hard to decided which the individual already done is good or non.

When Neo go a portion of their squad they he start run intoing to squad members. When he meets the zero, so cypher say: –

Zero: – I know you intelligent same but I am believing.

Neo: – what I am believing?

Zero: – why I non take the blue pill, I want to travel back in dream universe and I am tired from this life ruled to the full life. But Morpheus say it our existent word.

Answer: – This theory is easy applied on Cypher, because first he decided to come in this universe but now he wants to travel back in practical ( programmed ) universe. He is dual minded and experiencing uncomfortable. In this line you can easy understand his feeling, action, behavior and beliefs are out of harmoniousness and other cause of this is his belief or exclusion is more than what he got, which is the chief ground he experiencing uncomfortable and believing he take incorrect determination and take ruddy pill.

Social incursion theory: – It is besides known as onion theory, it means it is referred in footings of breath and deepness and every bed is show the human behavior harmonizing to its comprehensiveness and deepness. For illustration, how we are close to a individual, its lessening the bed of personal information of that individual for us.

Answer: – This theory is applied on the relationship of Neo and three. First Trinity and Neo was non known to each other closely, it is same like a Onion based illustration, when she start known about Neo and get down come closer, so the interpersonal beds in start decreasing for Trinity and so she experience that he is “ the 1 ” and fall in love with Neo. Here is the book of film which shows feeling of three about Neo.


Neo, I have to state you something. I do n’t cognize what it means or even

If it matters but I feel I have to state it.

I ‘ve ne’er told anyone this before. I think I ‘ve been afraid to.

When I went to the Oracle, she told me… she told me that I would run into

A adult male. And that I would fall in


Social individuality: – At the terminal portion of film when there is a contending between Neo and agents. Agents catch the neo and kill him by gun but after some clip Neo open his eyes and stand up and get down contending once more and when once more Agents try to hit him so Neo halt all the slugs in air.

Answer: – In this portion of film when he was killed, at that motion he was contending like a normal human and was non who he is. But when he starts believing about the difference between existent human and programmed created universe and start comparison agents and him. He finds his societal individuality. His societal individuality is he is “ the 1 ” in film who can command his head the see the difference between existent and programed universe.


This film is a scientific discipline based fiction-Action film and media ecology is large portion of this film. Telephone and computing machine screen are both are the medium of beginning of information. They contact to each other through the cell phone and they travel on both universes with telephone exclusion and all the information they got similar place, manner to travel out from constructing are they got from computing machine screen in the signifier of matrix. So these are the tool of they use which are based on media ecology.

Cypher is a character of this film who feel uncomfortable because he desire to travel back in practical universe and thought he choose incorrect option so Cognitive disagreement theory is full applied on Cypher.

Harmonizing to societal incursion theory human are like the onion, they have beds one after one as comprehensiveness and deepness. It is same like how much you know a individual, bed are start lessenings and individual start to come near to you same like the character of film Trinity and Neo.

Social individuality is besides applied on Neo in this film because he finds his ain personality, who he is and he got the difference between his and agents.


Griffin, E. ( 2006 ) . A first expression at communicating theory ( 6th ed. ) . Boston, MA: McGraw-Hill.


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