Meaning of “Nothing Gold Can Stay” in the Outsiders Essay Sample

Pony introduces a Robert Frost verse form to Johnny called “Nothing Gold Can Stay” that becomes a really symbolic subject throughout the book “The Outsiders” . The verse form was ever something that stuck with Pony because he ne’er understood what it meant. Although the significance keeps evading him. he continues to do the attempt to understand it. The verse form is a mere eight lines long yet the few words speak volumes as they relate to the narrative of “The Outsiders” .

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The verse form is referenced once more at the terminal of the book when you read the missive Johnny wrote to Pony. He tells Pony that he knows what the poet means by “nothing gold can stay” . Johnny is speaking about artlessness. childhood and pureness. Johnny says that although Pony has grown in a universe that’s dirty and grimy he still managed to remain glistening and aureate and he tells him to STAY GOLD!

The verse form “Nothing gold can stay” relates to the life of Pony and Johnny throughout the narrative. Just like nil in nature can remain new and fresh and beautiful everlastingly. people can’t either. Everything alterations over clip. Nature alterations and people change.

In the first line of the verse form. “Nature’s first viridity is gold” . I think of a fresh spring where all of the visible radiation green colour and flowers shooting on the trees is beautiful. In “The Outsider’s” this is symbolic to the childhood artlessness of the male childs before battles. packs and grief were about. This was a clip when everything was aureate. or beautiful. Johnny’s life was unworried and happy until the dark he got crush up.

The verse form negotiations about how artlessness and good thing do non last. Life may look hone one minute and so it goes off. However. even though the great times come to an terminal. they will be followed by more and more great things. It means that all things are traveling to alter finally. like people. seasons and nature. I think that in “The Outsiders” . the gold referenced in Robert Frost’s verse form symbolizes the young person of the male childs. But as the verse form continues. it symbolizes that young person is really difficult to keep on to because everyone gets older. A kid will go older and lose the artlessness they have as they become an grownup and get down to make incorrect things. This is really much how Johnny and Pony’s lives were until the dark Johnny killed the soc. Bob.

The verse form continues to travel from the artlessness of young person to the realisation that they are no longer a kid and they must confront the universe on their ain. It closes with the significance that the childhood of a individual is finished and will ne’er return. In the last line. “Nothing gold can stay” means that people change and our artlessness of young person can’t stay everlastingly.

Two events in the book changed the artlessness of the male childs everlastingly. After Johnny was beat up and he killed Bob both male childs were ne’er the same. These events made them turn up fast ; happen shelter and answerability of the effects they faced. They were non kids any longer. The verse form describes nil good lasting. This is really much like Johnny’s life. Johnny’s life was somewhat good because of Pony but his life did non last.

Pony is in Johnny’s eyes “golden” . He is still immature and guiltless because he has non made the same errors as his equals. But like the verse form says. nil gold can remain. nil can remain the same forever. Pony is populating in a universe that is far from being aureate and over clip it’s traveling to rub off on him and he’s traveling lose his sheen but Johnny tells him to keep on for every bit long as he can because he’s beautiful.

“Nothing Gold Can Stay” is a verse form that Johnny and Pony in the novel can associate to and tried to understand. To me it is a verse form about the significances of life and artlessness.


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