Me myself and I

Eyes The story about an ugly man that all who have eyes to see, laugh when they see him. He is a short man, black like coal, and with disproportioned limbs. People who saw him reminds them of hunch back of Notre Dame. He is monkey-liked animal. He is instead a mountain of ugliness. The man of ugliness named Abdulla. Abdulla lived together with his mother. His father is already dead. His mother tried him to get a bride but unfortunately his mother’s struggle to get a daughter-in-law ended in failure. Under this burden of failure his mother becomes a victim of ailments to old age. His mother never recovered, she died living him all alone. And then it happened. Abdulla met Leela. A poor girl she is young without sight. She was not good-looking, but her well proportioned body had the charm of youth. Abdulla asked her to come to his house. Leela began to come often. Then it become a habit. They talk all kinds of things. After a few days, without any representative of God to bear witness and without waiting for anybody’s recommendation, Leela and Abdulla, stood together and took a silent mutual of vow to become partners in life. Leela was going to be a mother. But Leela fell ill two months before the child is to be born. Abdulla begged to save Leela. The doctor said there is nothing serious. He can restore the eyesight of Leela by an operation. The doctor’s words shook his heart, youth and life. He said it to Leela that the doctor can cured his blindness. Leela felt happy about it. Leela gave birth to a boy. Society was embarrassed at the birth of an illegitimate child. It inherited Leela’s look and his eyes. Leela regained her health. She reminded Abdulla if they will go to the doctor to cure her eyesight. But Abdulla said that the doctor was dead because of his selfishness. One day as Abdulla returned home, he saw something heart-rending. Leela’s mother had not removed a big copper vessel from the room. Leela while rashing to the crying baby without taking…

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