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MAT 209 Week 1 Quiz(New) (2 Sets)
MAT 209 Week 2 Quiz (New) (2 Sets)
MAT 209 Week 3 Quiz (New) (2 Sets)
MAT 209 Week 4 Quiz (New) (2 Sets)
MAT 209 Final Exam (New) (2 Sets)
***********************************************************************************************MAT 209 Final Exam (New) (2 Sets)
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MAT 209 Week 5 Final Exam

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This tutorial contains 2 sets of finals with different values

1. Select the difference of (2×2-3×3) – (8×2-6×3)
2. Simplify the following expression 4(4x+1)
3. Select the product of (7x-6)(5x+8)
4. Simplify the following expression (x+8) 3
5. Select the product of (5x+7) (5x-7)
6 Select the product of (8x+7) (x2-6x+5)
7. Select the product of (-6×8) (x3y7)
8. Select the product of (9x-9)(9x-9)
9. Select the product of (3x+7)(7x-3)
10. Select the difference of (2×2-13x+7) – (-1-12x)
11. Factor the expression x2+8x+15
12. Factor the expression x2-11x+24
13. Factor the expression x2-51x+144
14. Factor the expression 21×2+37x+12
15. Factor the expression 30×2+95x+50
16. Factor the expression -14×2-29x-12
17. Factor the expression x2+2x+48
18. Factor the expression 36×2-1
19. Factor the expression y2+14xy+49×2
20. Factor the expression -216×3+1
21. Simplify the following rational expression (x2_25)/ (x2_3x-10)
22. Select the product 9/(x-1).7/(x-3)
23. Select the quotient ((x+4)/(x-1))/ ((x2+x)/(x-1))
24. Select the difference 3/(2x-1) – 5/(2x-1)
25.Select the sum x/(3x-6)+ (1/8)
26. Select the value of x that is a solution for this equation6/x=7/(x+3)
27.An object 4.2 feet tall casts a shadow that is 12.6 feet long. How long in feet would the shadow be for an object which is 15.9 feet tall?
28. Simplify the expression ?(5/64)
29. Simplify the expression v7(7-v7)+5v7
30. Simplify the expression 5/ (8+v7)
31. Solve for x in the equation x2-4x-5=0
32. Consider the…


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